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Spring Decor Details

Hiya guys! If you’re like me, come the new year and spring, it’s time to start giving your home a little refresh. I like to do this by moving things around in my home as well as adding a few new items. AND I’d prefer them to be affordable! Ya feel me?!

Today I wanted to roundup my current favorite home items for spring. From faux stems/plants to pillows and even a few furniture items. All are amazing deals! Note the collage above is clickable OR scroll down to see my shop roundup.

Happy spring decorating!

My top 5 favorites I have in my home…

[1] Two-toned Blanket Ladders – I ordered these beauties for a blank wall in my room and they look fab! Scroll down to see. If you’re looking to add some height and texture to a space, this is a great way. The ladder set is only $108!

[2] Muted Runner – My current rug obsession is with Ruggable. They are machine washable… say what?!! Yes, you can peel off the thin rug from the pad and throw it in the wash! I purchased the muted runner for my kitchen as it’s a high traffic area and gets dirty frequently. Once I saw the quality, I ordered 3 more for my home! I wasn’t kidding about my love for this brand. I have two in the entryway areas of my home and just received one for Ford’s play room. PERFECT for kids!! There are numerous patterns/sizes so it’s easy to find one that fits the style of your home.

[3] Personalized Door Mat – Give your front door a little refresh this spring! I do this with door mats. I just ordered this personalized beauty and can’t wait to get it! Stay tuned for more front door decor…

[4] Oversized Round Wood Tray – I’m all about trays for the foundation of a styling AND functional moment in your home. I use them mostly in entryways, bathrooms and living rooms. This oversized wood option is the perfect addition to my coffee table. I styled it with a neutral coffee table book, coasters, candle and it’s where I keep my TV remotes. Can’t beat the $39 price tag! See below for a pic in my house!

[5] Dried Pampas – The love I have for pampas is real! If y’all have followed me for awhile, you know 🙂 My home is very neutral with A LOT of texture and these stems are just that! I currently have them in my master bedroom, entryway and bathroom. Here’s one of my favorite Etsy shops to purchase them. Give a space an update with some dried grasses this spring!

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