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Hey guys! Even before we were quarantined, I have been working on putting my home gym together. And when I say home “gym”, I mean the corner of our guest bedroom. You don’t need a lot of space! In our old house, I had this setup in the garage.

As a new mom, working out at home is essential, and having a few accessories helps to make it possible. Since we are all at home now, and trying to stay active, I thought it would be the perfect time to show you guys my favorite equipment. I’m sharing everything from the best weights and yoga mats to a great full-length mirror and bike. And GOOD news, all the items I’v rounded up for you are great price-points. Trust me, you don’t have to spend a lot of moolah to get the job done at home!

I also wanted to share a little gym hack with y’all!! We have a Peloton bike and love it, but I’m well aware it’s very expensive. Since Luke and I like working out together, we added another stationary bike to our setup a few months ago. I found it on Amazon for a great DEAL! If one of us is riding the Peloton, the other can follow along on the basic bike. Y’all have asked me how I like it… to be honest, it’s not as good as the Peloton bike, BUT you still get a great workout! If you’re looking for a more budg option, order a bike on Amazon and use the Peloton app! It’s currently FREE for the next 90 days – check it out here. I linked a similar bike in my roundup (only $299!) as the bike we have sold out.

Below I’ve created two shops: [1] everything I currently have in my home gym and [2] more equipment picks. I just ordered the ankle weights and a bosu ball – can’t wait!

Now there’s NO excuse not to get that bod moving at home!! Let’s do it!

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