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19 07
outdoor barcart

Summer Bart Cart Details

Hello, Friday! I hope you guys are having a great summer so far. I’m pretty sure it’s about to get better. 😉 It is time to setup a summer bar cart!

I got my galvanized gem, perfect for outside, a few weeks ago. When it arrived I was SO excited to put it together and style it out for summer. This bar cart is perfect for my farmhouse style and is under $100!! If you are entertaining during the summer, this is a great way to setup your cocktails/drinks station.

I decided to utilize my bar for of course, my drink of choice (when I’m not pregnant), boozie!! If y’all don’t know what boozie is or haven’t heard me talk about it on Instagram, let me tell you. It is my company of clean cocktails in a can! We currently have three vodka flavors and are coming out with tequila soon. The great thing about boozie is it’s all-natural, using farm-to-can ingredients, made right here in Idaho! If you are interested in more info or want to find it near you, click here!

The second best drink for warm weather is, Rosé. Many people even call it summer “water” and I understand why! 😉 I set up a little station of different types of Rosé with pretty gold glasses. If you are looking for some fun flutes, these are for you! A set of 4 are under $25!

Next up I added in a sweet treat station. Since it’s summer and we have a fire pit, what better dessert is there than s’mores?! Amiright?! I used large mason jars for the marshmallows and sticks, a smaller bowl for graham crackers and set out the chocolate bars. One of my decor mottos… when in doubt, use a mason jar! 🙂 It always adds a country touch.

I also utilized the following decor items to style out my bar cart: flowers, vases, more glasses, a fun sign and always, cute cocktail napkins. Whatever your style, there are plenty of fun gems for your cart! See below to shop mine.

Cheers to summer, y’all!

Shop My Summer Bar Cart

Home Giveaway

I’ve decided my JULY giveaway will be two $100 Pottery Barn gift cards! Yahtzeeeeee! The winners can get my same galvanized bar cart I have or choose whatever they want! Here’s how to enter:

[1] Leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite summer activity and your email! That’s it!

I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday, July 22nd, 2019! Good luck, boos!

*Please note entrant must be 18+ and reside in the contiguous U.S.   I will select the winners at random and announce it on my Instagram on Monday, July 22nd, 2019.  The winners have 24 hours to accept their prize or another winner will be selected.

outdoor barcart
outdoor barcart

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  1. My favorite summer activity is definitely the beach, catching up with friends, and reading as much as I can! Being pregnant this summer has definitely been a change of pace from past summers (no rose…boo!) but it’s been amazing all the same!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blogs and IG stories etc!! My fav summer activity is lounging at the beach and doing beach bonfires !!

  3. My fave summer time activity is vacationing with friends and family, deleting my work email account from my phone, and soaking up memories with loved ones!

  4. Ohh I love Idaho summers! I love to head to the cabin in Garden Valley, hiking and adventuring with my husband and two Littles! ❤️⛰ 🌲 ☀️

  5. My favorite summer activity has to be spending quality time with friends and family at the beach and cookouts!!!

  6. LOVE this set up, how cute! Thanks for the inspiration. In summer I love going to the beach or hiking in the mountains!

  7. My favorite part of summer is the option to do nothing at all or jam it full of full things to do with the kids. Anything outside and cheap we are all game! Did someone say farmers market?!?

  8. Favorite summer activity is definitely going to the lake / river with friends and family & disconnecting / unplugging from social media!

  9. My favorite part about summer is road-tripping to a new spot on the map with my husband and our 2 dogs – of course with the windows down, blaring a new summer playlist. ☀️ Nothing beats a new summer weekend adventure with the hubs and pups!

  10. My favorite part about summer is road-tripping to a new spot on the map with my husband and our 2 dogs – of course with the windows down, blaring a new summer playlist. ☀️ Nothing beats a new summer weekend adventure with the hubs and pups!

  11. High key obsessed with your entire home and can’t get enough!! Beautiful as always and can’t beat Sun Valley summers!

  12. Obsessed with how you styled this space!! I love chilly summer nights with a little bonfire going, some tunes playing & friends hangin… that’s the dream!

  13. My favorite part of summer is going to the lake and enjoying the outdoors. Can’t forget about camp fires and s’mores too 🤗

  14. My favorite summertime activities include hiking (especially when it’s still cold up in the Rockies) and hanging out with friends. Anything that enables me to unwind and laugh after a rough work week!

  15. My favorite summer activity is flying into the Idaho backcountry early in the morning with my hubby and daughter to eat an amazing breakfast and enjoy God’s beautiful country he has given us! ✈️ ☀️ 🌲 🏔

  16. Our fav summer activity is pool days/evenings with our one year old. She’s so fun at this age & loves the water!! Nothing like a summer evening 🥳☀️

  17. My favorite summer is tagging along with my daughter’s field trips. I’m not able to attend many of them bc I work but anytime I can I’m there.

  18. My current summer activity is remodeling/renovating my condo I bought last year! If I’m not there in the chaos then I am out on the river with friends and family enjoying the sunshine !!

  19. It’s almost impossible to pick just one. However, if I must, my fave all-time summer activity is mountain vacay with the fam! Hiking, fishing, biking, porch sitting, s’mores making, music listening, repeat!❤️

    [email protected]

  20. I seriously love your home! Who knew all of that was in Idaho?! I go to Vail Valley nearly every year and lovvvve hiking, but your home in ID is making me reconsider the next vacay!

    Thanks for all the inspo 🙂

  21. My favorite summer activity is road-tripping to a new place we’ve never been before- of course with our 2 dogs and the windows down, listening to a new summer playlist. Nothing beats a new, spontaneous adventure with just hubby, me, and the dogs!

  22. Getting married this December and would LOVE to start accessorizing with a pottery barn goodness! 🖤 #LoveYourStyle

  23. Love the bar cart and pretty much anything you post. You’ve inspired so many looks for my home and wardrobe. And even recipes. My favorite summer activities are yoga, biking, and spending time with family and friends at the pool or around a bonfire. I live in Beautiful Huntington West Virginia and have Chrysten Lee Salon here if you ever visit.

  24. Love your bar cart!! My favorite summer activity is playing at the pool with my kiddos. I also like that we can sleep late and don’t have to set an alarm for school!! Woo goo!

  25. I’m a teacher so my favorite summer activity is sleeping without setting an alarm and staying in my PJ’s and having my coffee in the morning.

  26. Poolside shenanigans, beach book reads, travel/adventures to new places, and get togethers with friends😎💗

  27. Nothing beats quality family time around a bonfire with great conversations and obviously s’mores 😉🙌🏼💕 Love your outdoor final look- no surprise you killed the game yet again!

  28. I built a pool in my house 2 years ago so entertaining and lounging by the pool has been my favorite summer activity!! Makes me so happy I have a home to bring my family together!

  29. I have the same bar cart but have never styled it/used it!!! Thanks for the I spoke, I’m rolling it out this week!
    Favorite summer activity is definitely eating outdoors. Using the grill to cook every meal and relaxing in the sun.
    [email protected]

  30. I’m renovating and you’re my inspiration!!! Sorry bout all of the questions 🙃 I need you/this lol!! Thanks for all the help 🤗 love your blogs/post. Keep them coming 😘

  31. In the summer, we love hosting bbq’s with our friends and family and simply enjoying the weather and laughter!! Since we just purchased our townhouse, we’re getting all new stuff to entertain with everyone!

  32. So dang cute! As for summer how can I choose just one! I live for the long nights and watching thunderstorms. Also super lucky to live super close to Lake Tahoe so I’d have to say anything outdoors!

  33. My favorite summer activity is watching morning shows while sipping my fave coffee! It’s the little things! Lol

  34. In the sunmer I enjoy spending time with the family and hosting! I have little ones so I try to make it fun and safe for all without leaving out my mixed drinks so this cart would oh so come in handy.

  35. In the summer we swim, swim and swim! We love spending time together at home in our pool and staying cool when it’s 113 out.

  36. My favorite summer activity is being outside with my 5 year old he loves playing in the dirt. We go to Barnes and noble, the water park. We just bought our home and we are working on renovating the yard. We want to add a sand box for him and an in ground trampoline. We are also adding a fire pit so we can sit outside and make s’mores. So hopefully everything is done before summer ends so we can build new memories.

  37. Fav summer activity is spending all day, every day with my 3 kiddos!

    Obsessed with your amazing style! Thanks for all the amazing tips and finds!

  38. My favorite thing to do in the summer is anything and everything outdoors, wether it’s getting drinks at a patio for happy hour or going on a nature walk!! I also love your style SO much!!

  39. Hiking, rafting, paddle boarding, bonfires, sippin’ rose, backyard parties, summer weddings, and fixing up my lil modern farmhouse!

  40. My all time favorite summer activity is sitting on the dock after sunset at dusk. It is so peaceful!

  41. VACATION!!! The hubs and I just took out girls to a place that I swear was right out of a Disney movie! I felt like we were at a family summer camp! 😂😂 but it had a beach, pool, s’mores at night and a movie on the lawn every night! Amazing! Love making these summer memories with family!

  42. The best part of summer is summer cooking for us! We love all the fresh ingredients you can find at the farmers market and plus, who doesn’t LOVE fresh huckleberry mojitos ❤️

  43. Best part of summer is reading everything on your blog for design inspiration! Hoping to purchase a new home soon and I love your style!

  44. My hometown puts on a summer bowl music festival every summer. It’s so fun to see all of the entertainment every Tuesday and Friday!

  45. Favorite summer activity is hosting bbqs and grilling out with friends over. We love hosting people at our house all summer long! Love the bar cart idea. I have something similar that’s farmhouse style in my house, I like that idea of having an outside one though! Pregnant with our first so most of our bbqs are more inside than not because of the heat this time around!

  46. First of all you are my favorite blogger! You’re so funny and have amazing taste! My favorite summer activity is heading out to the beach with my kiddos. Hope i win! 🤞🏽🤞🏽

    [email protected]

  47. Summer Sand Jams ( beach dance party!) with my family followed by a sunset swim, pizza and wine. Also, fireworks!!!

  48. There’s nothing better in the summer than sitting out on the porch, listening to music and having a drink with friends! Oh, and gardening, I love gardening!

  49. Fav summer activity- we just put in a stock tank pool in our backyard..yay! Chillin in there is definitely my favorite activity!!!😘

  50. My favorite summer activity is evening drinks, when the sun is setting and it’s comfortable to sit outside and have cocktails with friends!

  51. My boy and I make a point to take either sunset or sunrise walks on the beach every weekend. It’s the best part of the summer! Love & nature 💜 What’s better than that?

  52. My favorite summer activity is just getting to spend as much time as I can with my husband and little one, since we don’t get to stop working during the summer lol. Thank you so much for the giveaway I’m so happy I started following you on Instagram you are awesome! [email protected]

  53. Love love love going to the lake and riding around on the boat!! And love going for hikes with the fiancé! 🙂

  54. Going to the lake and enjoying a cup of coffee in the mornings on the porch swing looking over the water is hands down my favorite summer activity. And Ofcourse being on the boat with friends and family(:

  55. Favorite summer activity is hiking and getting outside with friends and family! Moving into a new house this week so unpacking boxes and setting up my new house will be this summers activity😊

  56. My husband travels a lot for work, so my favorite summer activity is just anything that we can do together. Mostly just enjoying sunsets on our deck with our dog. Thank you so much for the consideration! (:

  57. Such an amazing setup! Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favorite summer activity is swimming and being by a pool

  58. My fav summer activity is having friend over and eating and drinking everything that isn’t nailed down so that when September comes, I have to starve myself to get ahead of the holiday food binge fest. Real talk. Yay, summer! ☀️ 🎉🐷

  59. My favorite summer activity is walking barefoot in the grass and anything that involves the beach or lake!!! #CountryGirlVibes

  60. Sitting on the back porch after a day of swimming and hanging out with family. Catching up with family while my mom makes homemade ice cream. We still do it today!!!!

  61. Cali girl here! 😎 Favorite summer activity is being with family in Laguna! LOVE being by the ocean, hearing the waves, toes in sand and feeling the sunshine! 🌞⛱

  62. My favorite summer activity has been enjoying the sunset every night. It’s so peaceful and calming. And I may or may not be enjoying a cocktail too. hee hee

  63. I love anything that gets me near water! Also drinks on patios. Have to take advantage of the sunshine!

  64. Reading my favorite book on a beach with the sound of the beach waves and my daughter giggling in the background

  65. My favorite summer activity is ..We try to have alot of get togethers with family and friends at our house and have cookouts and enjoy the pool. And just sit and catch up with everyone and enjoy watching the kids play and swim. We also play corn hole, horseshoe and build a big bonfire and the kids love it also. Just love making memories with family and friends. Email is [email protected]

  66. Hi Kasey! I’m living for this bar cart!!! My fav activity for summer is just lounging in the pool w friends and fam. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  67. My favorite activity is going to bonfires with friends! Absolutely love just sitting around the fire and making s’mores on a summer night!

  68. I’d have to say my favorite summer activity/event is that I get to go home to Michigan to visit my family and friends. We are a coast guard family so we don’t live close to anyone. So we plan our big vacation for the year as a week to go home and visit.

  69. In the summer, I love getting together with my nephews and nieces and playing with them at the pool! Such joy with the little ones!!!

    • We got married this summer! So that was definitely my favorite summer activity.. If that counts lol! But everything about summer is my fav, except for the Houston 100 degree heat. Love your style and #housegoals forsure!

  70. I love gardening and floating the river! Haven’t been able to do much of either with an almost 5 month old.

  71. Relaxing outside with family and friends! Looking forward to getting our backyard set up at our new house!!!

  72. My favorite summer activity is going to Saratoga Race Track. It’s been a tradition with my parents all my life … we picnic in the sunshine and place bets on the horse races of course!

    Absolutely love this bar cart and would be perfect for my farmhouse that my husband and I️ moved into last summer and have yet to buy much outdoor decor for!

    Cheers Kasey!!

  73. I’ve been loving taking my daughters to the lake to swim this summer! So many fun memories being made with them! 😊

  74. The bar cart is perfect…pretty and functional.
    Also love the way it’s styled Summer decor at it’s finist!
    Fav summertime pastime fun in the sun! Swimming and sunning

    • My favorite summer activity is family time doing anything outdoor and adventurous! Huge plus if there is water involved
      Love everything about that cart!!

  75. Love this bar cart! My favorite summer activity is walking on the beach and pit stops for ice cream😉

  76. Absolutely love your style, such an inspiration for home decor and life!!! my favorite summer time activity is definitely spending the day at the beach and then heading to NYC at night for dinner/ drinks at a rooftop to admire the views! xoxo

  77. Moved from CA to AZ a few years ago so we don’t get to do this as much as we used to, but the best summer days for me are laying on the beach and then bobbing in the waves for hours to cool down. BBQing dinner afterwards with friends, sipping sav blanc, feeling sun-kissed and so relaxed 🙌🏻. Heaven! I’m due around the same time as you, missing that sav blanc amirighttt?

  78. Love love the s’mores! We love them so much they were part of the dessert at our wedding. My favorite summer activity is making them sitting around the fire with red wine. The best!

    • I love having friends and family over for grilling out and hanging at the pool. Also planting flowers and working in my yard are some other things I enjoy! Thank you for all that you share, I always look forward to seeing your posts!

  79. My favorite activity is boating on the river with my hubs and dog! This summer will be a little different since I’m due to have a little one just next Wednesday! I 💗 following u! And congrats to you!!

  80. Favorite summer activity sitting on the patio with my babe a blanket and a cocktail watching the summer monsoon rains come in..Just glorious the smell and the lighting shows🙌

  81. My favorite summer activity is swimming with my baby. I love having a little fishy! You’re going to love it XO

    • I live in Miami, Fl so it’s like it’s summer all year long 🙈 however, I love the ocean so going out boating and fishing in the summer is my favorite thing and best time to do it !

  82. All time favorite summertime activity is boating in the Keys but then again I am from Miami so this a year round activity!

    We don’t get seasons:(

  83. We live in the city so every summer we go to Mt.Hood with a big group of friends and camp for a week! It’s so nice unwinding with zero cell phone service, no agenda or anywhere to be. The dogs gets to run and play and we just chill by the lake/bonfire and catch up with friends. We’ve done it for 7 years now and it’s the best part of summer!

  84. My all time favorite summer activity is sitting around a campfire blowing out the kids flaming marshmallows lol

  85. What great style you have! Love the bar cart decor. My favorite summer activity is going to the beach!

  86. Hello Kasey! This summer what I’m enjoying is to renovate my home and de clutter everything and making it look in top shape! (You’re my inspiration)!

    • So glad I came across your Instagram page!! You’re just darling and have great taste!!!
      I love the warm weather and being able to exercise outside.

  87. Love this little bar cart setup! My fave summer activity is hiking. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    • Love this setup! My favorite summertime activity is anything on the water, boating, tubing, you name it, I’m there!

    • Favorite activity is going to the beach or lake with my husband and 2 daughters. Always nice to get out of town for the day!

      • Late summer evenings are my favorite. The weather and the company of my friend and family is always priceless. But I wouldn’t mind having the bar cart ☺️

    • Favorite summer activities with my littles.. an early show at the theaters since all the good movies come out in the summer, then afterwards, a day at the beach, either frolicking in the sand or walking the little shops to find some treasures!

      • Our family loves to go to Lake Powell and stay on a houseboat during the summer. Powell is such a beautiful place that has many hidden coves that you can explore.