Malibu Travel Guide

17 09
malibu travel guide

In LA we call Malibu, The ‘Bu… Ya, we’re cool like that 🙂 hehe

If you’re heading out to Malibu for a day-trip or a lil’ weekend getaway, let me help you w/ a few recommendations!   Living in Los Angeles, I go out to the ‘Bu frequently.  Even if it’s just for a dinner, it is a great lil’ escape from the city.  It is absolutely gorgeous, with views of the pacific everywhere you go!


One of the most iconic and very “Malibu” spots to venture to is, The Malibu Pier.  It is home to  Malibu Farm restaurant and cafe.  The cafe is my fave lil’ spot, situated on the end of the pier.  It has DELICIOUS food, with their salads being my favorite (see pic below).  The view is spectacular as you can see all of the surfers riding the break to the North and THE scene at Nobu and Soho House to the South.  It’s perfect for brunch or lunch when in Malibu!

If you are looking for a spot to have a fancy-fun dinner I would say Nobu is your BEST bet.  Not only is it the most delish sushi in all of LA, but the views are breathtaking and the modern Japanese interiors are on point.  Other spots I love to eat at around Malibu are:

Taverna Tony – best Greek food.  Get the hummus… it’s life changing!

Malibu Seafood – best fish… get it fried!

Sunlife Organics – aciá bowls and smoothies

Malibu Kitchen – sweets


If you are looking at places to stay in Malibu, the options are slim.  I would opt for an Airbnb or HomeAway situation.  My husband and I rented a lil’ beach house last month and let me tell you, it was perfection!


The most obvious is… go to the BEACH and relax! 😉  BUT there are more things to do when in Malibu – my two favorites are shopping around the Malibu Country Mart and sipping vino at Malibu Wines.  Forewarning, get ready to spend some moolah if you’re heading to the Country Mart, the shops can be quite expensive!  If you’re not wanting to spend the do-re-mi, pack up a picnic and head to Malibu Wines.  It’s one of my favorite spots in all of the LA-area.  Trust me, you’ll love it!  I’m really good at buying pretty things and drinking so you could say I REALLY enjoy Malibu 🙂 hehe

If you’re wanting to be active take a HIKE in the ‘Bu.  Malibu is surrounded by a national recreation area with numerous trails.  My favorite is Sandstone Peak, which is an intermediate hike through the beautiful mountains.  When you reach the end of the trail, views of the ocean are breathtaking!  Here’s a list of all of the hike’s around the area.

Happy Malibu-ing!

malibu travel guide
malibu travel guide
malibu travel guide
malibu travel guide
malibu travel guide

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