Why I Decided to do BLW & Purées w/ Both Babies + FAQs

19 03

Hey there, mamas! I’ve received a lot of questions about West’s current eating situation – when did he start solids, what program did we follow, what is he eating, etc. Today I’m going to discuss what I did/am currently doing with Ford and West and answer some of your FAQs. This is what worked for us! There is NO right answer when it comes to feeding your little. It’s important to figure out what works for you and your family.

Let me first start out by saying, when you begin to feed your baby solids, it’s terrifying!! At least it was in my case. The thought of them choking is SO scary. If you feel this way, you’re not alone! However, now that I’ve been through it twice, it will be OK, mamas! Babies have an insane gag reflux. It may be alarming at first, but it’s natural and a good thing. ALSO it’s messy AF, so be prepared! I love these mats to put under the highchair for a much easier cleanup.

With all of this said, starting the solid journey with Ford was a bit challenging. I say this because of my own trepidation. I first took the Feeding Littles course on BLW (baby lead weaning). This taught me the basics of the concept and gave me ideas on what to feed him. I began BLW BUT I was still a bit scared. Like, you really want me to give him a giant piece of food?!! This is when I decided to do a combo of BLW and purées. My thought was if I/baby could get comfortable with swallowing softer foods first, then we could transition to bigger items. This worked for us! Little by little I would give Ford/West different items to try each day: applesauce, yogurt, veggie packs, whole strawberries, oatmeal, and then transition to finger size pieces of soft sweet potato, zucchini, banana, avocado, eggs, broccoli, etc. With BLW they aren’t actually chewing/swallowing at the beginning, rather sucking the food. We both became more comfortable and the boys really thrived! Overall the feeding journey just takes TIME.

An incredible resource for BLW and food ideas is Solids Starts. I highly recommend it and they have a food database where you can look up anything. It tells you when they can eat it, how-to cut/serve it, if it’s a common allergen, video with babies eating it at different ages and more. SO helpful!

In a few weeks I will be posting meal/food ideas for baby – stay tuned!

Eating FAQs

When did baby start eating solids?

Around 6 months for both boys. They were interested in food (grabbing for things) and able to sit up on their own. Ask your pediatrician.

What baby lead weaning course did you take?

Feedling Littles – it was a great program to learn the basics.

What is West’s current eating schedule?

At 6 months I would feed him solids one time a day – mid morning. I’d suggest giving them foods to try when they are actually hungry – not right after a bottle. I quickly moved to twice a day when he became more interested – morning and night. Now at almost 10 months it’s 3 times a day. He is no longer drinking as much milk and that’s the point! He has a bottle when he wakes up, a few smaller ones during the day and a large one before bed. Here’s what a typical day look like:

6:30 AM large bottle

8:00AM breakfast

9:30AM small bottle

11:30AM lunch

12:30PM small bottle

3:30PM small bottle

5:30PM dinner

7PM large bottle

What High Chair do you use for the boys?

We use two: OXO Tot Sprout – heavy duty & Stokke Clikk – smaller. For a portable/travel option we use this: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

What spoon did you start with?

Started out with this pre-spoon by NumNum & an infant spoon from ezpz.

What pouches do you give your babies?

I’m very particular about what I give my boys. The only pouches I LOVE because of there clean ingedient and no added sugar are Serenity Kids. They are SO good! Check them out here and receive 15% off with the code: SBK15.

What are your favorite bibs?

We’ve always used Baprons. They are beyond easy to clean, waterproof/stainproof and last FOREVER!

Did/do you meal prep?

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  1. Besides for serenity, did you use any other brand for fruits? They don’t really carry a lot of fruit options. I’m having the hardest time because I’m starting my baby on solids in a few weeks and there is nothing healthy on the shelves anymore it’s sad.