Top 10 Travel & Packing Essentials

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top 10 travel essentials

Travel & Packing Essential Details

Hi there traveling, babes! Are you going somewhere this summer? I have been non-stop traveling as it’s my favorite thing to do. I think Luke and I have been to about 15 countries in the past 2 years and not to mention all over the United States. Am I a professional traveler you ask? Yes, I’m pretty sure I am! 😉 Today I want to share my top 10 essentials for travel. These items help to keep you organized and make bopping around easier!

See my shop below as well as a bit more detail about each one of my fave items. I also want to point out many of these items are budg-friendly so you can get ready for your next vacay without spending a lot of moolah! Fee free to leave a comment with any questions you may have.

Happy trails!

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[1] Travel Mirror – Let’s just say… game changer! I had a good blogger babe friend of mine, Sabrina (@gypsytan), show me the way with this travel mirror. I’ve been on the hunt for one since so many hotel rooms have terrible lighting!! I have definitely walked out of a hotel after applying my makeup and into the natural light to take a pic, and legit, scared myself!! LOL! Having good lighting is everyyyyything! This gem folds up, is two sided with different magnifications and lights up! I can’t say enough good things about this mirror!

[2] Cosmetic Case – If you’re like me and travel with a lot of skincare goodies, having a separate makeup bag is important. I love this nude beauty by Beis. It is a newer brand with a great selection of bags at medium price-points. The finish of the bag is perfect as you can wipe it off easily so it always look nice! It is the perfect size to travel with your normal makeup items – foundation, eyeshadow palettes, etc. The inside has a built in space for brushes. Its functional and cute!

[3] Jewelry Organizer – I have been looking for a good bauble organizer that would fit all of my gems. Ya’ll, I finally found it! Oh and it’s under $22!! It was very important that the case was big enough and had a mix of different zippers, pockets, etc. for each type of jewel. All of the above are true with this bag! I can hang my dainty necklaces, put my stud earrings in the small zipper as to not lose them and stack my rings. Everything is organized and ready to travel.

[4] Packing Cubes – Looking for a spot for you underwear, socks, bathing suits, bras, belts, headbands, etc?? Packing cubes are where it’s at! They are a great way to organize your smaller fashion items and accessories within your suit case. No more digging in your bag! Now all of your items have a “home”. 🙂

[5] Shoe Bags – These little bags are a must-have when traveling. They ensure all of your other items don’t get dirty as well as your shoes not getting scuffed! Everyone wins! A set of 10 from Amazon is under $10. Note: I prefer the option that is clear on the bottom. This way you can see what shoes are in which bag.

[6] Tech Organizer – Not only is this case great for travel but also for a work bag. I keep mine in my backpack at all times. I love that I can have my different types of head phones, chargers, cords, screen wipes and more all in one zip up organizer! Ya’ll need this in your life.

[7] Toiletry Case – In my opinion, this is one of the most important travel essentials. I like a well designed bag that has multiple pockets and zipper for different shaped/sized items. This by far is my favorite case a la Target. I can hold everything – skincare, toothbrush, grooming accessories, body lotions, hair accessories and even fit my makeup if I want to travel with one case. Note: My bag is from last season having a different print than the one I linked. However it is the same bag.

[8] Mini Steamer – Let’s be honest, clothes don’t alway come out wrinkle free after packing. Even tees need a little steam. Pack this mini steamer to no longer have wrinkley clothes on vacay. It small and so easy to use.

[9] Backpack – I highly recommend a backpack over a tote. If you’re like me and pack your life into it, give your shoulders a break and opt for a backpack! I love this Marc Jacobs design as it has multiple zippers and pockets to organize allllll the things!

[10] Hard Case Carryon – No questions, boos, you need a hard case carryon (22″) roller in your life. I’m a big fan of my CALPAK set. I have traveled with it all year long with no issues. I use my carryon to pack the following: hats on one side so they don’t get squashed, jewelry, a change of clothes, valuables (i.e. luxe handbag) and tech equipment (i.e. camera). It’s so important not to put these items in your check luggage. Things get stolen and lost alllll the time. It’s happened to me and I’ve learned my lesson!

10 travel essentials

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