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Hey there, guys! I hope you are having a great week so far! I wanted to get this post up ASAP as many of you have requested more details about how I food prep for the week.

Each Sunday I take about 15 minutes and plan out the following week. I figure out how many nights I’m cooking, look up recipes to inspire me and make a list. I typically cook 4-5 nights of the week, going out or having a social engagement a few of the evenings. After I have my plan, I make a list of course!! On one side I write my weekly healthy food I always buy for easy breakfast/lunches/snacks along with specific items I need for recipes. On the flip side I note my dinner selections I’ll be cooking… just so I don’t forget them during the week.

I also cook some food on Sunday to make it easier during the week. I typically make a big batch of my cauliflower rice to use for lunches and/or dinners, hard boil a dozen eggs, roast veggies (usually in fall/winter) and crockpot chicken to have easy protein for the week.

Since I make almost all of our meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, I find food prep to be very helpful. It alleviates anxiety and keep me eating clean so I’m not picking up unhealthy options. It has been a game changer to stay on my healthy eating journey and allowed me to try new recipes and really enjoy cooking during the week. I look forward to it!

If you’re on the hunt for some healthy and easy dinner recipes for summer, check out a few of mine:

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Healthy Greek Salad {paleo & gluten free}

Salmon Bowl {paleo & gluten free}

Paleo Power Bowl {paleo & gluten free}

Healthy Taco Salad {paleo & gluten free}

Below I’ve posted my basic weekly food list and what I use it for.

Weekly List

Eggs – I purchase 2 dozen eggs and hard boil 12 for quick and easy snacks. I keep the remaining dozen for scrambled eggs throughout the week. I sometimes even do breakfast bowls or tacos for a simple and delicious dinner. 🙂

Almond Milk – I don’t do a lot of dairy so almond is my milk substitute. I make sure to get unsweetened vanilla (no added sugar). I use it for my morning coffee/matcha and for smoothies.

Lettuce – Each week I buy a mix as I love to make salads for lunch and dinner. I usually purchase romaine, arugula and a big tub of spinach because I also use it in smoothies.

Veggies – I select an array of veggies depending on the season and what sounds good for the week. My typical items are carrots, english cucumbers, celery, cherry tomatoes, sweet onion and red peppers. All of these are great for snacking and/or for salad toppings. Depending on my dinner plan, I typically end up purchasing more items for roasting or specific recipes.

Cauliflower – One specific veggie item I’m sure to get each week is a bag or two of shredded cauliflower. I make my rice almost every week to use in lunch/dinner recipes, mainly bowls. Here is the recipe!

Fruit – I’ve been craving A LOT of fruit because I’m pregnant so you can better believe my fridge is stocked! I also love this time of year because many berries, watermelon and stone fruits are in season. Each week I purchase nectarines, watermelon, apples, bananas and berries. I use a lot of fruit as oatmeal toppings or for a little sweet snack!

Protein – I usually always buy chicken and/or ground turkey to cook on Sunday to have available during the week. All other proteins are dictated by the recipes I select for dinner.

Fresh Salsa – I cook a lot with salsa. Meaning I use it in the crockpot and/or pressure cooker for chicken, put it in ground meat or use it for dip. I purchase a fresh local pico de gallo. It helps to give protein a fresh flavor and stay moist. I know we love that word, ladies!! But seriously, who wants dry meat?! NO thank you!

Hummus – I purchase a local Idaho hummus or make a batch if I have extra time on Sunday. I love my friend, Gaby’s, recipe. Check it out here. I use hummus with veggies for a great snack or in a wrap for lunch. This is one of Luke’s favorites!

Grain-free Tortillas and Chips – If y’all have watched my Insta stories, you’ve seen me talk about the brand, Siete. I LOVE them! They have so many great grain-free chips and tortillas. Perfect for healthy snacking and/or a great option to use for wraps and my taco salad! If you don’t have them in your local grocery store, you can buy them online here.

Sourdough Bread – We have a local bakery here that makes delish sourdough so I’m very lucky. I’ve also just tried Bread Srsly that many of you told me about on Instagram. It’s highly fermented sourdough and free of many bad ingredients. It’s also gluten free!! Check them out here. I use sourdough rather than regular bread for the main reason that it is gluten free and won’t spike my glucose levels. I make my basic bitch avocado toast on the reg and LOVE it! 😉 Since being preggers, all I want are carbs, so ya, I’m going through sourdough pretty fast these days!! LOL 🙂

Items that I always have in my kitchen but don’t necessarily get on a weekly basis are: almond butter, garlic, dijon mustard, pickles, hot sauce, olive oil, coconut oil, honey, chicken broth, oats, almonds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, coconut shreds, canned tuna fish, chicken noodle soup, frozen cauliflower pizza crust and frozen fruit. I use many of these items in daily cooking!

As always leave a comment below with any questions.

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