Fishtail Braid Video Tutorial

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Fishtail Hair Details

Happy Friday, babes! Y’all have been asking for a fishtail tutorial so I whipped one together for you. It is quick and super easy to do!

Since I now have extensions, I can actually braid my hair and create fun DOs. A fishtail braid is one of my favorite styles that looks complicated to create, but is actually, very easy. Rather than using three sections of your hair like a traditional braid, you use two. Essentially you are taking a small clump of hair from the outside of one section, crossing it over and adding it to the other section. Ya, I know it sounds cray BUT give the video a watch. It will make more sense!

I also show you a few tricks about how to make your braids looks thicker and fuller. Enjoy the video and leave a comment below with any questions.

Happy braiding!

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fishtail braid tutorial

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