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Haircare Routine Details

Hi babes! I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my hair lately, so I wanted to write a post about the 5 things I use regularly. Below I’m giving you details on each. Continue scrolling for a fun giveaway!

Shampoo/Conditioner – When I became pregnant last year I did a deep dive into beauty products and ingredients. I switched everything I was using to a “clean” option including my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve now been washing my locks with Rahua for about a year. It’s rich in active antioxidants known to protect and promote hair growth AND has a blend of natural oils that moisturizes, strengthens, and adds shine! YAS please! As far as the cadence in which I wash, I do 3-4 times a week. Also the conditioner is just applied on my tips to keep them soft and healthy. If I apply it on or close to the scalp my hair gets greasy, fast! Since it is a “clean” product, it has a natural smell. I’m here for it but just want to point that out.

Oils – Hair oils are amazing for softer, stronger hair with increased shine and less frizz. I’ve used Moroccanoil, OUAI and Reverie. Another added benefit of hair oils is that they help protect again heat! Apply oil to semi-dry or dry hair. I use a few drops on my tips and work it up my hair about one inch toward my scalp. Make sure you don’t apply oil on or near your scalp – it will get greasy. I typically use an oil 3 times a week to keep my locks looking freshhhhhh.

Straightener – Many of you have asked how I achieve a sleek look. In addition to a great shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, it’s all about your hot tools! I have been using my CROC for about 2 years, and love it! SO worth the investment. I am a huge fan of all of their products! I specifically have this flat iron. The titanium plates lock in moisture and reduce static while the negative ions reduce and close cuticles to increase shine. Sign me up!

Brush – Ok, I finally caved and bought the Mason Pearson Popular brush! Ya, ya, it’s $240 BUT totally worth it! These brushes are designed to strengthen and protect the hair, causing less breakage. Trust me, this holy grail of a product will keep you locks looking SO healthy!!

Silk Pillow – This pillow is such a gem!! Not only does this silk pillowcase help maintain healthy hair, BUT it also is great for your skin, maintaining optimal product absorption and keeps wrinkles away. Oh, and one other added benefit, the signature midnight black color negates light for deeper, more restorative sleep. I’ve had this beauty for over a year and legit can’t sleep without it. I truly believe this has been my secret weapon for maintaining my hair-DO and shine for multiple days. I don’t know if y’all are like me, but I use to wake up with my hair looking cray AF! Well, NO more of that! It saves me SO much time as I’m not re-doing my locks on the daily. My hair looks great every morning thanks to my Discover Night Pillow. It is definitely a splurge worthy item!

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Silk Pillow Giveaway!

I’m also hosting a fun GIVEAWAY here on the blog!  I’ve partnered with Discover Night to give one of y’all one of their NIGHT Pillows.   WOOHOO!  Here’s how to enter: leave a comment below with your favorite haircare product/item! Good luck !

*Giveaway closes Sunday, January 26th, 2020 at 12PM MST.  Please note entrant must be 18+ and reside in the U.S.   I will select the winner at random and announce it on my Instagram on Monday, January 27th, 2020.  The winner has 24 hours to accept their prize or another winner will be selected.


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  1. I love a good hair mask! I have never been a huge fan of dry shampoo and I wash my hair almost everyday, so I like to do a deep conditioning as often as I can. Right now I am using a banana and Brazil nut oil mask. I would love to try a silk pillow case though!

  2. Wow love it all. I’d love to try the blow dry spray. Well if I’m being honest I’d like to try all the goods. The pillow case etc

  3. I love AG Hair Balance Shampoo! Keeps my hair healthy and is 98% plant based and sulfate free. Doesn’t bother my sensitive skin!!

  4. My absolute fav is Royal Blowout by Oribe! I have thick wavy hair that I usually blow dry straight and this product makes it sleek and shiny without weighing down! It’s expensive but I can usually find it for less at TJMaxx online!

  5. Right now it would probably be the Revlon volumizing hair brush. I was so skeptic of it but decided to give it a shot and it has definitely cut my drying/styling time in half. I love it!

  6. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3, it’s the best at home treatment that leaves my hair feeling silky soft and nourished.

  7. My favorite hair care product is my coconut curl cream. I have really curly hair and it’s the only product that tames my curls and has my curls looking soft and bouncy!

  8. I am obsessed with all product and tools made by Drybar. I have used and tried everything under the sun and these products work the best for my crazy curly unruly hair. Thanks for your very helpful tips and tricks.

  9. I love the Tresemme Moisture Rich range of shampoo and conditioner! Never fails to leave my hair feeling silky soft and like I just left the salon. Also, those 2 dollar hair masks at Walmart!😀

  10. I love my Dyson dryer, but I am
    Turning 55 and everything is changing, I so need this pillow for my hair my skin and a goodnight sleep

  11. Definitely the olaplex conditioner! I NEED this pillow case for my pre-wedding regimen 🙌🏼 Thanks for always sharing the best!

  12. Rusk W8less hairspray! Holds my waves and gives body where I want without looking like I’m wearing hairspray!

  13. 12 Benefits Instant Healthy hair I use it before blow drying on wet hair and it always leaves my hair super soft and easy to work with

  14. My favorite hair care product is my Silkening Oil Mist by Your Hair Assistant “Davines” it smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft.

  15. My FAV hair product is Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo by Living Proof!!! It’s pricey but it is seriously da best! I’ve tired SO many and this one just takes the “make my stanky hair look clean” cake if you know what I mean!!! Love your recommendations! My Mason Pearson brush is one of the best investments I’ve ever made! I’ve had it for at least 5 years and it’s still going strong!!! Would LOVE to try the pillowcase!

  16. I love the Moroccanoil as well! However I usually apply it to damp hair right before I blow dry! Perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong all these years!! Yikes!

  17. My favorite hair product will have to be Rahua shampoo you recommend a few months back and I must say I love it !! I am going to try the oils next

  18. Hey there! I love me some Triple Sec by Drybar it’s a combo of texture and dry shampoo. It’s perfect for days 2 and 3 after a blow out. Xoxo

  19. I have used so many products, with menopause and loosing hair it has been challenging to find a good hair routine. Eager to try your suggestions! #needmorehair

  20. I adore using Olaplex to keep my hair healthy with all the coloring I do. It’s a game changer for sure! Love following you on Instagram. Congrats on beautiful babe Ford!

  21. My favorite hair care product is the finishing mist by nexxus! I use it when I want to add volume to my pin straight hair!

  22. Beauty by Earth Organic Dry Shampoo Powder is THE BEST! Keeps hair looking just washed for days without the stiffness of spray dry shampoos. And clean ingredients for pregnancy! 🙂

  23. I love the Briogeo farewell frizz and heat protectant cream. It really helps tame my wild mane and it’s a clean product!

  24. So far, I’m loving L’ange’s wide vented brush for my knots and distribution of oils on my scalp and the dry shampoo so I can get 5-7 days of no washing!

  25. I LOVE my stain hair blow dryer. Total game changer! My hair was so damaged from competing in swimming my entire life, but this tool help me salvage it for sure!

  26. Hi there! I love all of these products! My special fav is the rahua volumizing shampoo and conditioner, use it all the time!!

    Xo Elyse

  27. Currently loving my Living Proof- Restore Dry Scalp Treatment! Winters in the Mitten are no joke! 🧖🏻‍♀️

  28. My fav haircare product is the Briogeo 15 minute hair mask. It’s a lifesaver after using heat styling products.

  29. Love Aveda Clove Conditioner…I use it every few shampoos…it keeps my color fresh between visits to the salon. Only a little is needed and I make sure work it through the layers…including my roots. I usually only have my roots touched up every 6 weeks!

  30. My favorite hair care product is Prose customizable shampoo + conditioner! It has completely changed my hair. Item wise, I love my tangle teezer. It is perfect for on the go whenever I need a quick touch up!

  31. Kasey, you have to give Aveda’s Invati a try. It’s my fave. Shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment 🙌🏻

  32. My favorite hairs product is Olaplex leave in conditioner. I am trying so hard to keep my hair healthy. I am currently dealing with some pretty awful hair loss due to Hashimoto’s disease. It’s miserable! I’d love any tips. Anyways, can’t wait to see your celebratory post next Sunday night! We are HUGE Chiefs fans! Go Chiefs!!

    • My name is Leslie. I am the Chiefs fan. I gave you the wrong email. I tried to stop the comment, but it was too late 🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope this works!

  33. I love my Biossance pure squalene oil! I use it on my face and hair and I actually have added it to bath water! Can’t have enough moisture!!

  34. Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner. Been using it for years as me and all my girls have fine hair. It makes it easy to comb through after the shower with minimal breakage and tangles!

  35. I need this! I’m having SUCH bad breakage! Fav product is living proof dry shampoo..hopefully there’s no correlation 😂

  36. Love me some Olaplex. Trying your recommendations though! Need that pillow for sure. Love you, keep up the awesome feed and Let’s Go CHIEFS!!!!!!

  37. My favorite product is homemade dry shampoo using arrowroot powder with a few drops of lavender. Use a makeup brush to brush it into your roots and it’s fresher again!

  38. Currently researching new hair products. My hair started thinning dramatically so looking for a whole new routine. As of yet no favorites but hoping I’ll find something soon to help me with regrowth and strengthening 😉

  39. Love love my Overtone coloring conditioiner. I’ve been using it to darken my brown hair, and it leaves it oh so soft!

  40. I absolutely love Davines products from Italy – my favorite is the Oi shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Honestly the best smelling thing that makes my hair softer than ever.

  41. My favorite is my wet brush! I have such fine hair but so much of it so it tangles soooo easy! I swear by those brushes!

  42. My daughter has curly hair and I love using Devacurl Supercream, it makes her hair super soft and controls her curls. I have straight hair and love moroccanoil! ☺️

  43. My favorite hair product is my DryBar Prep Rally and Prime which not only detangles but is a heat protectant! My hair is always soo tangly when I wake up and I do think it’s partially my pillow so I toss and turn ALL THE TIME!

  44. Oh my gosh it’s so hard to choose! I think I’d have to choose the Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo – I have fine, oily hair and it keeps my hair shiny, blends easily and is clean too!

  45. My favorite products are Moroccan Oil and my USmooth flatiron. Also love the Paul Mitchell curling wand! Would love to try this pillow.

  46. My favorite hair product is Dove Fullness Dry Shampoo! I absolutely love the smell and not washing my hair everyday 🙂

  47. I have curly, frizzy hair that I dry straight with a large and in charge bristle round brush and I can’t make it shiny and healthy looking without my it’s a 10 leave in conditioner. The one that comes with keratin works the best for me!! A silk pillowcase would be a Godsend with baby no 3 on the way!!

  48. I love these tips. I think the pillowcase is what I need in my life. My hair is CRAZY in the AM. My favorite product is a hair mask 1x week

  49. My favorite hair product is the LHuile Légère Bi-Phase Oil spray! It makes my hair smelling and feeling so good.

    I would kill for one of your pillows. This would def get me through getting some good rest as I finish my masters program this semester. + an awesome graduation gift 🎁 🥰👩🏽‍🎓💞

  50. My favorite hot tool is my ghd straightener! I just replaced it after 8 years! BTW your hair and skin are goals! 😍

  51. My fave hair care product is my kerastase nutritive hair mask. Been using it for 15 years…try new ones..but always come back to it!!

  52. Living proof dry shampoo is my all time fave but Hask charcoal dry shampoo is my fave when I’m sticking to my budget 💯😂

    • Dry shampoo has been a godsend! Don’t know how I lived without it!

      Thanks for sharing – I love finding new haircare products!

  53. My favorite hair product is my revlon hair dryer that was recommended by so many bloggers

    I would love to win the sleep pillow case!! 🙌

  54. My current favorite are the planked shampoo and conditioner. I’d LOVE to win this pillow!! It sounds amazing and would help this tired mama get some quality sleep!!

  55. I’ve heard amazing things from my friends regarding a silk pillow! 🙂 Thanks for your feedback.
    My favorite hair products are ColorProof and Kevin Murphy shampoos and conditioners. It’s so much easier to use quality products and only have to wash my hair a few times a week.

  56. Hi, you have beautiful hair! Thank you for sharing your favs! I love my Oribe Mousse. I have fine hair and it really helps to give it extra body.

  57. It’s not necessarily a hair care item, but I LOVE my halo hair extension clip in. It’s helping me through the annoying length during grow out!

  58. My hair is fine, but there is a lot of it so davines conditioner has saved my hair from ripping the knots out after a shower or in the mornings. I used to love my wet brush… until I broke 2 just brushing hair after shower. Gotta love having long, fine hair 🙂

  59. Ohhhhh my !!!! My favorite hair care product is KIRKLAND brand shampoo and conditioner from COSTCO sulfate free of course my hair is healthy and the product is luxurious… hair is so soft and smells great ! And I love Oleplex oil … thank girl !
    PS I voted 🤗

  60. I love my silk scrunchie! I use it almost nightly to keep my hair and face oils from getting in each other’s turf!

  61. So excited for this giveaway! I’ve had my eye on this since you first posted about it! ❤️ My fav hair product is Moroccan oil – works wonders to tame frizz.

  62. Kerastase Resistance Length Strengthening shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using both for about 6 months, and my hair has never been better…long, strong and healthy, even though I color every 5 weeks! It smells great, too!

  63. Loved reading about your hair products!! One of my faves is the briogio hair mask or the olaplex no. 3 hair protector!

    • I love using Macadamia Natural Oil deep repair masque. It makes such a difference in my dry hair and smells so good.

  64. I love hair masks! Put one on in the morning when I’m going to be home all day and leave it until the next morning!

    • Thank you so much for the hair tips! My two favorite go to hair products are Living Proof Perfect hair day and Living Proof Full dry volume blast

  65. I love a good dry shampoo since I don’t prefer to wash my hair every day, I love the one by R & Co! And then my newest obsession is the Tassi hair holder/head wrap! It holds your hair back when you wash your face or do your makeup and doesn’t flatten your hair or leave creases in it! LOVE!

    • I’m clueless about hair products and need so much help. I just started coloring my grey hairs that have sprouted up (first time ever coloring my hair) and I’m in dire need of something to help my hair feel back to the soft it was before my pregnancy!