Nighttime Skincare Routine + Video Tutorial

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Nighttime Skincare Details

Hi babes! The day has finally come where I’m showing y’all my NIGHTTIME skincare routine. I shared my morning routine a few months ago and y’all LOVED it. If you missed it, check it out here!

Watch my video tutorial above as I walk you through how and what I use in the evening. Below is my step-by-step list of products I use and deets about each one!

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Nighttime Skincare Steps

[1] Face Wash – This is my go-to face wash that I use morning and night. I love it because it doesn’t dry out my skin and deep cleans my skin, removing makeup SO well!

[2] Micellar Water – I go the extra mile and make sure everything is off of my face using this water! I put a little bit on a cotton pad, wipe my skin and remove the remaining makeup. This product has helped SO much in reducing my acne and especially, the little bumps I would get around my chin.

[3] Power Pad – I use these gems 2-3 times a week. They help keep my acne under control with the sysilic acid… ya, I said ACNE!! It sucks to have issues in my 30’s, but I’m happy to say, I have finally found things that really work. I highly recommend in you have acne prone skin.

[4] Serum – I’m all about a repairing serum at night. This beaut from True Botanicals is an overnight anti-inflammatory treatment that reverses damage caused by sun exposure and the natural aging process. This hydrating product improves skin’s ability to retain moisture… ya, I’m here for that! I use a pea size amount and pat into my skin until absorbed.

[5] Moisturizer – This cream is one of my favorite finds in the past 6 months. It smells clean, feels light on the skin and has hydrating magic! I use it in the morning and evening. It’s that good! Like my serum, I use a pea size amount and pat onto my face.

[6] Eye Cream – I’ve tried SO many creams for the under-eye area and I have 3 I love. At night I wear Tata Harper’s because it’s heavier and I’m not wearing any makeup over it. I put a little amount on my ring fingers and tap into my skin. I let it treat my eyes as I snooze!

[7] Sleeping Mask – This product is pure GOLD for skin nourishment! If you struggle with dryness, this product is for you! I liberally apply the sleeping cream all over my face and neck. I wake up in the morning with smooth, dewy skin! Trust me, y’all need this in your life.

[8] Lip Mask – We can’t forget about your lippies, boos! I LOVE to use a mask at night to plump and hydrate my pout. I have been using Laniege for about a year and I’m hooked! It helps with fine lines and dryness – YAS please! If you get one new thing to add to your nighttime routine, this is it!!!

nighttime skincare routine

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  1. Love this so much!! Totally agree with it! My nightly routine is lacking the sleep and lip mask! Shopping for it now! Thanks boo for the tips! You’re the best!! ❤️😘

  2. Your skin… GOALS! I would try anything you recommend. Especially since I also have those pesky problem spots. Thank you for sharing! Xoxo

  3. I’ll definitely be going shopping for some new products after reading this post! Love watching your insta stories everyday. I love your style!

  4. Yes! Thank you for doing this!! I need all the help I can get for my skin. I’ve referred to your morning routine and I’ll be referring to this!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your insight into skincare! Your skin looks absolutely AMAZING! I am looking to revamp my skincare routine, and I love hearing what works for you. I will have to check some of these products out!

  6. Can’t wait to try the dermalogica products! Thank you so much for all of your recommendations😬

  7. Thank you for sharing these insights! Your skin looks AMAZING, and I have been trying to revamp my skincare routine, so these tips are so helpful 💗

  8. I love all of the Langiene lip flavors! I got a lot from Amazon that had apple, vanilla, and grapefruit! Every single night!

  9. I use that lip mask every night! No more peeling lips in this dry Arizona sun! Loved this routine!

  10. Love this skincare routine! Hopefully can get skin like yours, it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing and always being so transparent! ❤️

  11. You skin routine is amazinnggg! I love your toner you use and I’m pretty much obsessed with the CC cream! I also love my quartz roller and the dabbing technique when you are using creams to help absorb them into your skin better!!!! You’re THE BEST! 🥰

  12. Ok, i use some of these products and I don’t look half as good as you! 😊 Thanks for all of your beauty tips/suggestions and I absolutely loooove your IG lives!

  13. Ok, I use some of these same products and I don’t look nearly as good as you! 😊 thanks for showing us all your beauty tips and looooove your IG lives.

  14. I loved this! I have to admit though… I love your lives to the point were I look forward to them. When I catch them live, I get giggly haha love your content! 🖤 Hi from Guatemala

  15. Your skin is absolutely flawless! I love the fact that I can message you with my skin care questions and you actually answer me back. That’s a true blogger that cares about her followers!!!!

  16. You have such beautiful skin! I will have to give some of these a try! I’m in CO so we have pretty dry winters and summers here like ID! I feel like I can’t hyrdrate my skin and lips enough 😅 Thanks for sharing this with us! ❤️

  17. Your skin tips and products are my fav! I wish I could find something like your cc cream with SPF-I’m allergic but live the way it looks like it applies. Thanks for all your tutorials such a life saver!

  18. Love your blog. I recently started following and i have found so many tips and new products I want to try ! Xoxo Fromm california

  19. I seriously can’t live without that lip mask! The Skinny Confidential suggests wearing it during the day for extra shine, such a good tip!!

  20. Skin goals for sure !!!! Love reading about how you nurture your skin and prevent aging !!! Will for sure be trying out a few of this products to hopefully achieve your glow!

  21. That lip mask is a game changer. Thanks for sharing! Your skin always looks so flawless so, it’s good to learn from you!

  22. Your skin is absolute perfection 😘. I cannot wait to try some of these products on mine!! I’ve always been the wash and moisturize only type, not knowing what I am doing and what’s out there, and have learned soo much from you! Thank you!! 💕💕

  23. Your skin is flawless! Thanks for the routine, I will be implementing some of these products into my nightly routine ASAP.

  24. Your skin is flawless, just like everything else 😉 I must point that your blog post are always on point! They are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are organized, well written, humorous, and so educational. You got it down to a science! Have you ever considered teaching a blogging class?

  25. I’ve been struggling with skin issues since high school so whenever people do skincare suggestions, I immediately buy everything 😂❤️ Your skin looks flawless and I hope someday mine will too!! Thank you for all your hard work💓

  26. Absolutely gorgeous luminous skin! Beauty that truly radiates from within… not to mention those naturally glistening eyelids 😉❤️ Skin of a goddess💫…

  27. I wish i can have a skin as radiant and glowy as yours. Thanks for the amazing tips and recommendations ❤

  28. Yes!!! Love this!! I’ve been looking for new products to get my skin glowing more, and will definitely try this routine!

  29. Thank you for sharing! I love how simple this routine is (my husband always says I take way too long getting ready for bed)! Lol Question! Do the acne wipes ever seem to dry your skin out, or do the other products seem to prevent that from even happening?! Thanks!

  30. Love finding new skincare products to use, especially clean ones! All of these seem awesome! Can’t wait to try! Thanks for the video

  31. I love watching your lives your bedroom is absolutely freaking perfect! Along with your flawless skin!! You are one of my favorite bloggers to watch and I can’t wait to go out and purchase some of your skin care products!❤️

  32. Thanks so much for sharing, I have been patiently waiting for this post. I am definitely going to try the cleanser and the serum. I struggle with brown spots caused by sun damage and just hoping to find something that actually works.

  33. The lip mask is everything!! You have beautiful skin – traveled to Sun Valley a month ago and that dry mountain air ain’t playing!

  34. I’ve been looking forward to this post! I also use a micellar water and love it. I started adding some essential oils to it and that has really helped to even out my skin tone. Thanks for sharing!! 😍

  35. I use to use Dermalogica face wash years ago and don’t know why I stopped. I have such sensitive skin and it was one of the few that worked for me. You have inspired me to order it again!

  36. I’m totally going to try the eye cream! I’ve been looking for a good one! My sister loves that lip masks! It work so well! Thanks Kasey! 😘

  37. Thank you so much for all of the awesome information! I struggled with acne as a pre-teen and teenage years. Once I entered college it all went away completely but now after having my son I feel like I’m begining to get some adult acne just as I thought I was over it! It’s so refreshing to hear (or read) someone else talk about their personal struggles and open up about how they face it and give off amazing information! Your skin looks so beautiful!

  38. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been using the Laneige facial sleep mask and love it – gotta try the lip one, too!

  39. This is super helpful & I will definitely be trying the eye cream out! Thank you so much for sharing 💕

  40. Great skincare routine (house, clothes,etc) I too love all things Dermalogica. Thank you for sharing so much of you with followers like myself. I’ll be purchasing a facial roller soon. Keep the posts coming I’m forever thankful.


  41. Love seeing your bright and flawless face on my feed! You’ve quickly become a style and beauty inspo for me (and Lawd, I needed it). Wishing you all the best!

  42. I love all your recommendations kasey!! Obsessed everything you blog is the bomb and a must have !! Xo❤️

  43. Love these tips… I find when the seasons change, I have to work a little harder to keep my skin moisturized until the temperature regulates. I’ve incorporated your suggestion of sleeping with a silk pillowcase, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made with my hair!

  44. If Kasey recommends it, you know I’m trying it! Thank you so much for all your time & hard work. I appreciate you more than you can imagine. You have helped change my skin.

  45. Miceller water is absolutely life changing!!! You also got me insanely hooked on Sara Happ Lip Slip so I’m thinking I really need order this lip mask immediately!!

  46. The laneige lip mask saved my lips over the winter!! I can’t live without it now. I’ve been interested in trying Tata Harper for some time now and due to your glowing review (and GLOWING skin!), I think I’m finally ready to bite the bullet!!

    Thank you for sharing your routine with us! <3

  47. Girl, do I need a good moisturizer and some goodies! Love what you share! I look forward to viewing your stories and going through the website every night! That’s my daily routine haha!

  48. I love watching your skin care routines! I bought the crystal roller and watched your video on how to use it and absolutely LOVE it! I have been trying to save up the money for the CC cream you always talk about in your stories!

  49. I have really dry skin during the winter. Even though it’s spring, it hasn’t quite gone away yet. Maybe the sleeping mask is what I need to try!

  50.!! I watch your IG stories daily and my husband has started to too. Hehe. He’s obsessed with yalls house/kitchen.. especially yalls badass oven. Lol.

  51. You are always my go-to for these things! Meals, makeup, skincare, etc.! Thank you for sharing!

  52. Hi I’m a skin care fanatic .. I have So many gadgets I use On my face . I’m loving the products your using .. going to try the lip mask !! Your face looks amazing 😉.. thanks for sharing all the products I’m obsessed going to buy all of them .. I’m 51 and have never done any Botox nor fillers my gadgets have made my face look 20 years younger .. no one believes my age .. Every morning and night I have A skin routine .. xoxo

  53. You’re always the cutest & realest! I love Glo products & that lip mask! I need to try that eye cream!!

  54. Your skin looks gorgeous always! You’re just the cutest! Can’t wait for your different lives on Wednesday’s! xoxo 💋

  55. Thanks so much for these recommendations! I use the lip mask already and love it. I’m so glad I stumbled across your account on insta a couple weeks ago! I appreciate all of your advice, from beauty & fashion to home decor and healthy living. You’re one of the few that really can do ‘all the things’ well!

  56. Your skin looks gorgeous always! You’re just the cutest! Can’t wait for your different lives on Wednesday’s!

  57. So excited about the face mask! I, too, live in ID and definitely benefit from some additional hydration. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Just bought Lune + Aster CC cream all because of that beautiful face of yours. Already obsessed! My skin looks soft and dewy with the perfect amount of coverage. Now on to the nighttime skin rountine.
    Love your posts lady! Keep it coming 😘

  59. Oh my gosh! I started working to take better care of my skin and love how you break it all down! Thanks for being so transparent about the laser sessions, I’ve always been curious about them but super nervous to try!

  60. Love this! I have really bad acne sometimes and I have a hard time trying to find the right products. I will try these for sure, your skin is glowing!

  61. Inner beauty is great.. but a little mascara never hurt! 😘😘.. thanks for all the great skincare tips, beauty products.. and of course the clothes!!


  62. I can’t wait to try some of these !!! Looking for a new night mask situation 🙂 thank u !

  63. I absolutely love following you. You have the most amazing dewy, beautiful skin. Such an inspiration to all babes trying to better themselves.

  64. Your skin is so gorgeous and I just love your personality, style, advice, etc. Thank you for being awesome! ❤️ Thanks to you I have been fortunate to try and love some great products (buxom, cc cream, dermalogica, etc.) I’m very excited to try some of the products from the nighttime routine as well!

  65. Your skin is just beautiful! I am loving that lip mask and using it every night 💞💞💞

  66. I bought the lip mask this winter and I love it! It is great for these dry Idaho days, thanks for th me recommendation!

  67. I have been so obsessed with skincare lately so I love hearing everything that’s working for you!

  68. You have such beautiful skin! I’m going to look into the night serum, I think that’s what I am missing from my routine. Thanks for the info!

  69. I have been struggling with acne for several years now, and it’s been hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So love hearing your story, and the products you use. Skin goals!!

  70. Your skin is gorgeous! Talk about #skingoals! I’m def going to have to invest in that eye cream!

  71. I love reading what other people do with their skincare. I’m obsessed with the Lip mask. One of the best things I’ve gotten from Sephora in the past 6 months.

  72. Right after I watched this video I went onto Sephora’s website and bought a toner! I didn’t realize how much gunk was still on your face after cleansing. So excited to add that to my routine. Thanks for the tips girl. Love you and your IG & blog! Fellow paleo eater over here so keep up those recipe posts as well, love them!

  73. Eeek! I’ve been waiting patiently for this blog post! I started using the Dermalogica face soap after you recommended it with your morning skincare post and I love it! I also love the lip mask and thats what I use every night! I may have to add the Algenist sleep mask now! That sounds heavenly! Thanks for sharing with us what you use. Your skin is goals! ps, would love to be entered into the giveaway 🙂

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Amanda! The face wash and lip mask are legit!! Trust me, you NEED the Algenist mask in YO life!!
      You are entered in the giveaway – good luck! xo

  74. Love your content always! I’ve been wanting to try out micellar water so badly, thanks for the rec 🙂

  75. I have been using the Drunk Elephant line and really liking it and want to try just about you have listed next! Those power pads sound perfect for my teenage son. Your skin always looks so youthful and glowy and who doesnt want that 🙋🏽‍♀️.

  76. These are awesome! Definitely trying the lip mask and sleep mask. I’ve been having some peeling lately and hope these help!

  77. Thanks for sharing! This is so helpful as it can be so overwhelming to find the right products 🙂

    • Of course! I totally know what you mean – there are SO many products out on the market. Glad I can help! xo

  78. You are gorgeous! 💖 Thank you for your video and listing all the products that you use. Cannot wait to try your routine!

  79. Absolutely love this post! Your skin looks amazing! My skin has become such a focus over last year, I appreciate you sharing great products for us all! Excited to try Tata Harper line💕

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