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03 11

Happy Sunday, boos! I don’t know about you, but it’s my favorite day of the week. NO Sunday scaries over here. A typical Sunday for me looks like this: coffee run with Luke, watch country music video, make brunch, watch my KC Chiefs if they are playing , food prep for the week and of course, some ME time. I carve out at least 30 minutes to an hour for some self-care. I typically do it in the late afternoon before I make dinner. I either take a bath or shower, put on comfy clothes and then do an eye, face and lip mask. I love giving my skin some TLC before the week starts.

Today I want to share my ALL-time favorite eye patches and hydrating lip mask along with a bunch of different face mask options. FYI – I keep all of these product in my beauty mini fridge located in my bedroom. This alleviates me walking to the kitchen AND helps to cool all of my products, working better! I have rounded up my favorite fridges under $50 below. Ok, Let me break them down…

After getting all squeaky clean, I place cool eye patches on my skin. I wear them for about 20 minutes while I get dressed and prep my at-home spa. I then remove patches and pick one of the 5 masks I write about below depending on how my skin is feeling. Once the mask is on, I also lather up my pout with my favorite lip mask! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and let the ingredients work their magic. I typically sit on my bed and chill or watch a little reality TV… a.k.a my guilty pleasure, Real Housewives. Hello, ME time!!

Favorite Mask Details

Eye Patches – Alright, y’all… these Peter Thomas Roth 24K gold patches are the holy grail! I’ve been raving about these for over a year and if you haven’t tried them yet, it’s TIME! They come in a container of 60 and last a long time. I keep them in my beauty mini fridge (under $50!) in my bedroom. This keeps them cool and packs a little more punch to fight the under eye puff when I put them on! You can wear them either way, but I prefer larger side under my eye, and wing tip on my crows feet. My ish is PUFFINESS so the more I can target that area, the better! If I’m looking a bit tired during the week, I also pop these on in the morning while I wake up and have a cup of coffee. I ALWAYS have these on hand! 😉

Lip Mask – I can NOT live with out this product! I apply it during days when my lippies are feeling super dry, BUT also every night before I go to bed. This Laneige mask is meant to be worn while you sleep, moisturizing your lips and waking up with a smooth pout. I highly recommend this product and especially during the dry winter months. I have both the berry and vanilla scents. The good news is a jar is $20 and last 6+ months!

Charcoal Face Mask – I’ve been using this mask on the reg thanks to my girl @thebeautynurse. She sent me this gem of a product a la One Love Organics last month and I’m obsessed! The mask is “clean”, pregnancy safe and feels SO good on the skin. It works to clarify your complexion and extract dirt and debris as well as nourishing and boosting skin’s resilience. YAS please!

Prebiotic Face Mask – This mask helps alleviate dullness and uneven texture, pores, and dryness. It rebalances, detoxifies, and hydrates the skin with prebiotic and probiotic, leaving your skin feeling healthy. Needless to say, this mask from ALGENIST is great if you suffer from ACNE like moi! I use it when I have and/or feel a breakout coming on. It really helps to calm the skin.

Hydrating Face Mask – If you’re looking for something for winter and/or you suffer from DRY skin, this is your winner! The Jet Lag Mask targets dull and dry skin with its hydrating ingredients. It leaves the skin with a dewy, radiant complexion. I often travel with this mask, using it at night, specifically under my eyes. The great things about the jet lag mask, is you don’t need to wash it off. For extra hydration, let is absorb into your skin over night!

De-stress Face Mask – If you’ve had a late night or a long day, this beaut is for you! The de-stress mask ingredients include coconut and caffeine to tone and help fight redness and puffiness. Oh ya, sign me up! This mask from Pacifica is 100% vegan and only $4!! Stock up on these bad boys! I pop one on during the week if I’ve had a rough day. 😉

Brightening Face Mask – If you’re one that is a bit weird about sheet mask consistency, this rubber gem is for you! I LOVE how it feels on my skin. It instantly cools and calms my skin. This mask from Dr. Jart comes in 4 different options, but I love the brightening option. It is packed with vitamin A, B, C and E to help brighten the skin and support collagen. I’m here for it! If you’re wanting to do a mask before an event, use this one!

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Sephora Gift Card Giveaway

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I wanted to do a little giveaway for y’all!! I’m gifting TWO $50 Sephora gift cards! All you need to do to enter is, leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite beauty product. It’s that easy! I will be selecting the winners at random on Thursday, November 7th, 2019. If you win, I will email you with the details. You have 24 hours to respond. If you do not, I will select another winner. GOOD LUCK, babes!

*Please note entrant must be 18+ and reside in the contiguous U.S.  This giveaway has no association with Sephora.

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  1. I want to try the products you posted for dry skin! My skin has been so dry lately and I need a good hydrating mask. My favorite product is Bobbie Brown repair cream. I lather my face in it at night and it helps keep my dry skin moisturized.

  2. Currently loving more natural products like the Pacifica Coconut Essence Hydro Mist and Lime Crime Lip Blaze!!

  3. My favorite beauty products is the Tula probiotic cleanser, I have very oily acne prone skin and I love this facial cleanser. Also the Palmers face oil, definitely my two must haves at the moment.

  4. Love a good face mask! Whether it’s to help with acne or a good moisturizing mask they are game changers!!

  5. Love love love a good eye patch! I always need something to keep this momma looking awake after long nights up with the babies!!

  6. Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Palette, Laura Mercier Highlighter and Setting Powder!….I need to refill all of my products haha

  7. I am loving anything by Drunk Elephant right now, in particular the littles from Sephora because you get to try out the cleanser and moisturizer. The best news, it’s pregnancy safe! So it’s been my new jam! Now I definitely want to try the lip mask you recommend.

  8. My favorite beauty find is the rose quartz roller and the ice roller you suggested! I love them and use them all the time! ❤️

  9. Favorite beauty product – LeGrande Lash Serum! I love the look of eyelash extensions, but hate the hassle! Sooo…natural lashes that are long and voluminous, sign me up!

  10. One evening my girlfriend and I had an at home Sunday spa day and she brought over those Peter Thomas Roth eye patches and the were absolutely amazing. After that I’ve alway want to buy them couldn’t bring myself to doing it because of the price but hands down the best eye patches EVER!

    Ps. I love your blog/instagram and you style. I’m from Boise, Id and would go to SV all the time. I live in Seattle now but love to watching your Instagram story so I can see a piece of home.

  11. Hello!

    My favorite product to buy at Sephora is the Estée Lauder advance Night Repair serum.🙋🏻‍♀️
    I’m currently 🤰🏻 27 weeks pregnant and I have enjoyed your pregnancy tips and pregnancy friendly Friday finds. Thanks!

  12. Just one favorite?? Ooo it’s a toss up- I rely on the bare minerals cc cream with 30 spf in birch… but love the Laneige lip mask for the perfectly hydrated lips!!

  13. My favorite beauty products are masks! There’s something about a “ritual” of putting a mask on and chillaxing for 15-20mins! Favorite mask is Kiehl’s rare earth deep pore cleansing mask.

  14. Basically any moisturizer for your face.. love taking my make up off and have that clean, glowy feel! XOXO

  15. I LOVE a good face mask! My favorite is a brightening face mask! Just such a perfect treat to make me feel so good!

  16. I LOVE THE LANEIGE LIP MASK thanks to your recommendation! You are a true beauty! Thank you for sharing all your secrets!! ❤️

  17. Hello from PA!

    I’m loving the Algenist Prebiotic Balancing Mask (from your recommendation!) And, I’ve also been enjoying the Herbivore Blue Tansy Clarity Mask!

    Thanks for all the awesome tips you tricks 🥰

  18. My favorite product is Drunk Elephant’s Sukari Baby Facial….I have noticed such a HUGE difference in my skin. It’s so soft, much more even skin tone. Spendy but so worth it😘

  19. I love the Laneige lip mask!! It saves my lips from the long, dry winter weather in New England. The smell is delicious too! Love love love it 🙂

  20. My most recent obsession is Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil! It is heaven and lures to sleep every night. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  21. I absolutely love facemask but my favorite products are from drunk elephant!! Talk about amazing products that are good for The environment too.

  22. Really love this round-up. I love the peach perfect two faced powder. It is so fine and light and smells heavenly! Would definitely give it a try!

  23. Hi there,
    Thank you for your recommendations. Im a huge fan of laneige lip sleeping mask and algenist products but really looking forward to try Peter ThomasRoth 24k gold eye patches and the charcoal mask..already in my sephora basket, so excited!!!

  24. Ok, the origins eye cream is the! I’ve never tried the Dr. jart products but will love to try! Thank you for the information and your opinion ❤️

  25. I think I would love to try the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches. As a Momma and nurse, sleep is often missed and any help is appreciated. Lol My favorite item I ever bought from Sephora was my Clarisonic Mia.

  26. Thank you for sharing! Just bought the lip mask and loving it! Also bought an overnight face mask from the same brand and trying it tonight 🙂

    *last post had incorrect email so reposting!

  27. Thank you for sharing! Just bought the lip mask and loving it! Also bought an overnight face mask from the same brand and trying it tonight 🙂

  28. I love love the jet lag mask ! It is such a lifesaver for great skin, fast !! I love your honest good taste! Keep it up 💞❤️

  29. Pretty much everything Drunk Elephant right now. I need try the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches. Your eyes are always bomb and no puff.

  30. For my self care Sunday I am obsessed with masks eye masks, lip masks, whatever! I want to start using the jade roller as well

  31. I love the Lanaeige lip mask it’s so good! I recently got really into my skincare when my skin was angry at me and I couldn’t figure out why and I found the most amazing gel moisturizer! The Biossance sqaulene and probiotic gel!

  32. Hard to just pick one beauty item! I love a fun face mask, I need all the under eye bag help I can get, and I love my Aveeno Face Cleanser!

  33. Obsessed with Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Refining Toic, it has made my pores almost nonexistent!! ❤️

  34. Laneige lip mask!! Great for dry winters in Wyoming or Idaho!

    Do you have any hand or body moisturizers you love?

  35. I love those gold eye patches! But I have been wanting you try the lip mask that you have. My lips can be real try and hard to stay moistened, I haven’t looked into any lips cream just because O never think about it. I usually just throw on lots of chapstick which I feel makes it worse. I love your skin care posts! I’m new to it all so you’re helping introduce me to new things!

  36. Omg if you haven’t tried them already, you NEED to try Samaya Organics facial oils! You can find them on Etsy, they’re incredible! They were a recommendation by TheBeautyNurse =)

  37. I LOVE the One Love Organics cleansing oil. It smells divine and helps my skin to not feel so stripped of everything. Fave product!

  38. I Have incorporated the Sunday self care and I must say I love it ! I can’t wait to try the airbrush foundation. Thanks for all your advice and tips !!

  39. Want to try the PTR 24 k gold eye mask! I’ve been looking TIRED lately… you know, just growing a human here! 🤣 and they are a part of your suggested pregnancy am routine! Can’t wait to splurge on them!

  40. I love the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches, they are so good! PTR has really great masks too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Love all your recos and especially the face masks! I’d have to say my favorite beauty product is a bit boring but I love a nourishing face oil that doesn’t break me out.

  42. 💙since I’m pregnant I’ve been using …Mama Knows Best Vanishing Stretch Mark Cream 💙💙💙 day and night routine. Rub that all over the belly 🥰💙



  43. It’s hard to choose my favorite beauty product because every time you post something you like, I buy it! But one of my all time favs is the Lune and Aster CC cream! I got all my GFs wearing it now!!!

  44. My favorite Sephora products are anything peterthomasross and my all time favorite/go to foundation George Armani Luminious Silk!! Shade 3! So obsessed with everything you! And congrats again on becoming a mom!

  45. Lovin lovin anything by Peter Roth. I have recently started a Sunday self care day ! You totally Inspired me ! Thank you. So I’m looking forward to trying more products. Thank u so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. Love following you! I have and love that same lip mask! Another of my fave beauty products is the urban decay all nighter setting spray!

  47. One love organics charcoal face mask works great and smells good too. I also got it thanks to @thebeautynurse recommendation 💜

  48. My favorite self care product is Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant. I swear by it! It keeps my skin luminous and dewy and works well with my sensitive skin. I have never used a product that exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. I can’t recommend enough times!

  49. I’m in love with the charcoal face mask!!! And I would love to try the brightening face mask!✨🌞🌼💛

  50. My go to holy grail never gonna be without it product is 2 things (I just couldn’t pick one) Kiehls Ultra Facial cream WITH spf (it HAS TO be the one with spf because the texture and glowiness factor is better than the one without spf) and the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treament with Avocado!! Cannot live without those 2 products!

  51. I am just starting to see aging lines so I’ve been experimenting with various overnight creams to see which I prefer. I’ve been hooked on Burt’s Bees renewal firming night cream as of recent!

  52. Peter thomas roth banana eye cream!!! Keeps the under eye bags and discoloration away! Also amazing underneath concealer for smooth application

  53. The Laneige lip mask is probably my number one fav of all time. I’ve been using it for about a year. I hope it is never discontinued. It has saved my year round chronic dry lips. I also love the Laneige Water Sleeping mask. I would love to try the Algenist mask and the Charcoal mask as well!

  54. Love all your product recs!!! I’m a big PTR fan too and their Potent-C Vitamin C serum is the best I’ve ever tried!! It actually brightens quickly and doesn’t break me out. So amazing.

  55. My favorite product right now is from Wander Beauty. The Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask. It dries quickly and leaves your skin looking radiant afterwards.

  56. That Jet Lag mask is calling my name!! We moved to a new state and my skin changed from oily to super dry 🤷🏻‍♀️

  57. I have just started following you…and to be honest have not taken the time to make a self care routine. I am now going to make the time… and Sunday is perfect. Would love to try the eye masks, so I’m gonna order. I love the Ordinary caffeine solution

  58. Love self care Sunday’s! Looking forward to trying some of these products. The mini fridge is a great Xmas gift!

  59. I’ve always wondered about those eye patches and if they’re worth it…I’m definitely going to give them a try!! I struggle with puffiness too 😫

  60. The Laneige lip mask is my favorite! It’s perfect especially this time of year. I look forward to trying the other masks you recommend too. Thank you for sharing these great finds!!

  61. I am almost thirty and after adding over 20 girls on Instagram I have learned so much about about self care and fashion!! I am so excited to get some of these when pay day comes!!

  62. LOVE ❤️ that you put all this info together for us in this post & that you’re offering a giveaway – so sweet ☺️! My fav beauty product is the Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial. Gives my skin the best glow & so soft. Can’t live without it – must try!

  63. I recently bought the jet lag mask and am seriously in love, love self care time!! Thanks for all the great reccomendations

  64. I love my Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm! Smells sooo good and easily removes my makeup and makes my skin so soft! Also love that it’s clean and has all natural ingredients! I can’t wait to try the Laneige lip mask after reading your blog! Xx

  65. This year I have been experiencing the worst dry skin EVER! I can’t seem so find a product that works with my sensitive skin so I am looking forward to trying your jet lag mask suggestion. Thank you for sharing!!

  66. I have never tried the Pacifica masks but it sounds like I need to! Thank you:) I love moisturizers and eye creams and recently started using the Beauty Counter CounterTime line and I’m obsessed! So good!

  67. I am new to your blog post! I am excited to try some of your favorite masks. Thank you for educating me on your beauty finds.

  68. I’m so debating trying he Peter Thomas Roth eye patches… eek do I pull the trigger! I may try with the sale coming:)

  69. Hi! My favorite Beauty product at this time is the Urban Decay Smokey Palette. I know it has been around for a few years, but I have similar coloring to you and this works well with my dark hair and green eyes. Love your blog!!.

  70. I’ve been meaning to buy these lip mask! I can’t wait to try it. I’ve never used a sheet mask but I think you just inspired me to indulge in some self care! Currently my fav beauty product is Sunday Riley Good Genes.

  71. Honestly, I don’t have a fav! I need to up my Sunday self care game BIG time! I am into face masks though & can’t wait to try your recs!

  72. I love to do self care on Thursday just before the weekend. I have a teen daughter so we lock ourselves in the master do masks , nails & movie . Girls only since I a hubby and 3 boys. Mama & daughter

  73. My current favorite product is the Tula rose glow eye balm. It’s so refreshing and gives a nice dewy glow.

  74. Thanks for all the info, can’t wait to try the Laneige lip mask and Thomas Roth eye patches, right now I am loving the Dennis Gross extra strength pads

  75. I have major bags under my eyes and insanely dry lips… so I JUST ordered your eye patches and lip mask. I’m so excited to try these out!! Nothing has worked for me so far… so I can’t wait to see how these do!

  76. Loving this post. Self care Sunday’s are the absolute best! My favorite skin care product right now would have to be the OleHenriksen cool plunge pore mask and banana bright eye cream!

  77. Ugh! Having me pick ONE favorite is torture, lol. I am a HUGE fan of Laura Mercier’s Hydrating Foundation Primer. It works wonders on my dry skin. Okay okay, I have to name another! Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting in GREEN. It SERIOUSLY reduces any and all redness before foundation. It even covers tattoos, it’s that amazing. So much love and positive energy to you and your growing family! ♥️

  78. Oh wow!! I can’t wait to try these products- especially the Laneige Lip Mask!! Would make a super cute Christmas gift for my girl friends 😉😘

  79. I could seriously use all of these products! I am seeing wrinkles and fine lines and I need them to be gone! Don’t even get me started on the under eye bags I have on the daily!

  80. Been using Mario Badescu cellufirm drops and also just picked up the Laniege mask and can’t wait to start using throughout the winter
    Months! Definitely need to try the Dr. Jart masks, thanks for the recs!!

  81. Hi Kasey!

    My favorite product is Soy Face Wash from Fresh! Gets all make up off, gentle, and a clean product!

  82. My favorite beauty product currently is the exuviance detox mud treatment. I have been wanting to try out this lip mask that you post about. I think I’ll go tomorrow 🙂 and I love that you dedicate a day of the week for self care! Great idea. I shall start this tonight!!!

  83. So so hard but I’d have to say the Thayers Witch Hazel (cucumber 🥒one of course!). It never fails me. I use it for toning, refreshing dull skin and to remove stubborn eye makeup! I feel so good knowing it’s made from simple ingredients that I can pronounce without phonics 😩😆😆

  84. Sadly I don’t have a favorite product as I’ve never spent a ton of money on myself. But as I’m getting older, it’s time but I never know where to start so these all sound amazing and might have to put them on my Christmas list! Thanks for the chance!

  85. My favorite beauty product is tretinoin (retin a), but that’s by Rx. My favorite purchased over the counter is Dr. Brandt’s DNA Beauty Sleep Serum.

  86. The Laneige lip mask is my absolute favorite. my next purchase is definitely the Jet Lag mask. Always look forward to your posts!

  87. I definitely prefer a face mask and I enjoy reading your post. I’ll have to buy some of your recommendations and make it part of my weekly routine. Thanks for the tips!

  88. My all time favorite product is an eye cream called Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream by Caudalie. My skin is ultra sensitive – I have to contend with Rosacea, allergies and dry eye. This product is soothing and moisturizing without leaving a greasy feeling. Reasonably priced and a little goes a long way. I’ve tried many eye creams in my lifetime and this one is my all time favorite!!

  89. I have never used eye patches or at home masks! Loving your picks and will have to try them! Thanks for sharing!

  90. Not gonna lie… I didn’t know that lip mask was a thing until right now, but now that I know about it I definitely need it in my life! Especially during winter time when my lips get sooooo dry. Love this blog!

  91. Self care Sunday masks is the only way to do a Sunday, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing these recos! Need to try the prebiotic mask!! Happy Sunday xx

  92. Laneige lip mask is my new favorite! I had the worst lips (mostly because I love my AC down to 64 when I sleep 😝. LOL!) Now my lips are great and I never have to worry about them!

  93. I am obsessed with the Laniege lip mask!! I was in a bad burn accident as a teen and have had issues with my lips ever since- I have used countless prescriptions and nothing has ever come CLOSE to the success I have had using the Laniege lip mask 🙌🏻

  94. I am currently loving the Drunk Elephant line! Excited to try the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches though… Thanks for sharing!

  95. I’m loving my new Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion, I use it twice a week! I’ve also been doing masks on Sunday night thanks to you… loving it!

  96. I haven’t tried any of the recommendations in this post but would love to win!! I put a lot of items in my cart. Right now I’m
    Loving my thrive mascara!!!!

  97. My favorite beauty product is Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer – it covers all the things! Can’t wait to try those eye patches, I’ve tried the Cloud PTR patches and they are also bomb!

  98. Laneige mask is my lip fav! I try to use a Tri-Luma cream or Retin-A during the fall and winter months and it dries my lips out so bad so this is a go to! Hope you’re feeling well, mama!

  99. Sundays are the best for relaxation and prep for a week ahead! I’m always looking for mask recommendations and love the ones you suggested. Definitely going to try the prebiotic make! Thanks for all your insight as always! 🤗

  100. Absolutely love anything Pacifica. I started using their face wash when you shared it and I love it! Definitely going to have to try the face mask. Thanks for sharing!

  101. You are the cutest mama to be! My favorite beauty product right now is the IT cosmetics cc cream foundation. It’s light and smooth, yet has great coverage. I actually ran out last week and saw this post so I’m crossing my fingers! I have a 2 year old son and this mama can use some new makeup in her life!

    Thanks for all that you do and keep making great post!

  102. Hi,

    Thank you so much for all your recommendations ❤️ I want to try everything you talk about. I’m definitely sharing this with my daughters and social media. I enjoy your post all about decor and skin care too. Best of luck with all your new endeavors and family.


    Virginia 💕

  103. I love dr jart ceramidin line. It’s so hydrating this time of year. Also the youth to the people overnight hydrating mask. Necessary for winter!

  104. I love the One Love mask and use it weekly. Its now my go-to as a gift for loved ones.
    Happy Self Care Sunday and thank you for sharing!

  105. I love all of your beauty recommendations! Winter messes with my skin so much so I’m definitely going to be giving some of these a try.

    My favorite product is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

  106. I love all of your beauty recommendations! Winter messes with my skin so much so I’m definitely going to be giving some of these a try.

  107. Olay Total Effects 7-In-One Tone Correcting Moisturizer is my budg friendly fave go to on the daily.

    ♥️ happy Sunday ♥️

  108. My favorite is the Giorgio Armani foundation that I’ve started using since I’ve been following you.

    I get so much inspo from you so thank you for sharing all that you do! !

    A Sephora giftcard would be amazing to win right now!

  109. Would love to try the eye patches and lip mask! Trying to incorporate more self care on the weekends. Thanks for the recommendations❤️

  110. I love Health priority vitamin E oil off of Amazon and I also just recently purchased Palmers coconut oil sugar face scrub off Amazon and I’m loving it.

  111. Recently I have been more into skincare than makeup during my pregnancy. I’m at the finish line and the “glowing” phase was mostly just my favorite illuminating eye patches by Patchology. You’re recommended sheet masks will be life savers once the newborn gets here within the next 2 weeks to help mask the “Mombie” look! Love following your blog and insta!

  112. Love Dr. Jart products! Leaves my skin plump and refreshed! Definitely going to indulge in a self care Sunday myself!

  113. Jasön vitamin e serum! It’s amazing for your skin. Gives my face a natural health glow and it works MAGIC on my stretch marks and overall postpartum skin . Highly recommend for all the moms out there!!

  114. Thank you for sharing your favorites. I always want to try new products but get overwhelmed with trying to choose products that are highly quality. Hope to try these soon!

  115. Love the Dr. Jart mask!!! Just started self care Sundays 🤗 Thank you for all the great recommendations!!

  116. Love a Sunday mask day and I def feel overwhelmed choosing between them all. Thx for the cheat sheet!!💗😉

  117. You’re a doll! I look forward to new beauty advice and hearing about new products I’ve not come across. Thank you for dedicating your time and sharing your knowledge with us!

  118. I love the Laniege Lip Mask, too, but my newest obsession is the Glow Recipe Avocado Retinol Overnight Mask – safe and effective!

  119. I’ve never done “self care”. My lips are always chapped during the winter. Ordering the lip mask to start my self care now!

  120. I love prepping on Sunday’s too, but need to do better with me time and following your lead. Every woman needs that. Love your content and sharing so many great ideas, recipes and Friday finds.

    • I use the under eye elixir and overnight cream every Night. Definitely need to be better at using the masks and wow does the lip mask sound Amazing!

  121. Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask is definitely my go to beauty product. Makeup days (great as a primer), no makeup days (dewy clean skin); the best all around hydration period.

  122. I currently have the 24k eye patches on as I am reading this!
    I also love the Lune and Aster cc cream, SO good!
    Thanks for all of the awesome tips!!! 🙂

  123. Masks are an area that took me awhile to get into. But once I did, I never looked back! 😉 Thank you for all the info. There are so many I sometimes struggle with what one is best for me. ❤️

  124. My absolute favorites are the Sara Happ Lip Slip and Mask, Philosophy Purity, and Agenist Overnight Restorative Cream!

    • Thanks for sharing these! Just started doing research on face products since my skin gets all crazy postpartum, so perfect timing!

    • Love love love the Dr Dennis gross peel pads! I have very sensitive skin and they work so well without being harsh!

  125. Love all these product recommendations, I’ve purchase the lip mask and also your night collagen. Love want to try some of these other gems.

  126. Laniege lip mask and Shape Tape! Can’t live without either. I want to try those Pacifica masks you’re always talking about. Xo

    • Fave beauty product is neocutis glycolic face wash !!! Leaves your skin clean and feeling brand new …

    • You know what I love and use religiously is BioOil (ever since I got pregnant with my twins and even now after!) and a good face mask (right now I’m on a charcoal face scrub kick 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • My favorite product is the Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot And Area Treatment. This product really comes to the rescue when you feel a pimple coming on. It does have a strong sulfur smell so I recommend applying it at night before bed.

      • My fav. Is my make-up forever HD Foundation stick. I always come back to it. Its a winner for sure! Love the dewey-ness and the finish. Its perf!

    • Jasön vitamin e serum!!! It’s a game changer for my skin! I use it on my face and it gives me a natural glow (also works magic on burns, scars and for all the moms out there; postpartum stretch marks !! I highly recommend for stretch marks, it’s AMAZING!)

    • This detailed blog post was so helpful! I love reading about everyone’s self-care routines. My absolute favorite self-care product at the moment is the Laneige lip mask. It is on the pricey side but totally worth the splurge! My lips have never been more soft and smooth! Thanks for sharing your routine Kasey, I will definitely incorporate some of your tips into my current routine. Lots of love, xo