Ford’s Most Used Baby Items in Year One

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Baby Item Details

Hey there mamas or moms-to-be! Excited to share this post today as I wish I had it going into baby number one! Like many, you’re asking yourself, what do you ACTUALLY need and will USE on a daily basis during the first year?! Today I wanted to round up exactly those things! I broke it into 5 categories: Play, Sleep, Chilling, On the Go and Food.

Of course I had other things I used during different phases however these items I used ALL THE TIME! Please note the items I rounded up are all worth the moolah!! Again, I used them daily.

FYI – The above collage is clickable and will take you directly to the product details. Below I’ve gone into a bit more detail about each item. Please leave a comment with any questions you have!


Play Mat – This non-toxic mat has been used SO much, that I now I have two. One in his room and one in the basement/playroom. It comes in numerous patterns and is the perf place for your baby to roll around on.

Personalized Teether – Could this be any cuter? Not only can you personalize it, but they actually use it/play with it frequently. This is a great thing to take with you in the car and/or stroller.

Ball Pit – BEST. TOY. EVER. Ford is obsessed with his ball pit. Once he was moving a bit better, he was all about it and still is. He spends so much time playing with the balls.

Cups – We are a big fan of cups. From a young age and up, Ford is still playing with them. Now we use them a lot during bath time.

Activity Jumper – Once your baby is big enough and on the move, a jumper is a great way to get their energy out AND contain them! LOL Ford has now grown out of it (he’s a little too heavy), BUT this was a lifesaver while I made dinner every night. He would play and jump about!


Baby Monitor – I tried another monitor first and hated it. The battery would die SO quickly!! I then got this one and LOVE it! NO issues. It has a long battery life, good camera, night vision, zoom and thermal monitor.

Sleep Sack – After transitioning out of the swaddle we went right to the sleep sack. This happened pretty early as Ford was starting to roll. He loves his sack and when we put it on, he knows it’s bed time!

Noise Maker – I’m all about white noise ever since he was an infant. We have one in his nursery for nap/sleep time as well as an extra one for when we are on the go. I prefer this maker as you can control the volume to different levels.

Lovey – Ford LOVES his lovey. It “lives” in the crib so like his sleep slack, it is a sign that it’s shut eye time. The vendor I linked here makes all different animal options.


Boppy Lounger – We used this boppy ALL the time pre baby on the move. He was in it 24/7 when he was chilling. I highly recommend it as it’s a bit more upright than the dock-a-tot for example. He could be awake and see his surroundings in it.

Bouncer – After he grew out of the lounger we moved on to the bouncer. I want to note Ford did not like this as an infant, but when he had more mobility, he LOVED it and still does. It’s a great thing to put your baby in when you need both hands to do things: fold clothes, cook, etc.

Carrier – SO… we tried a few different carriers and wraps but Ford was just too heavy! LOL The wrap lasted about a month due to his size. I ended up getting the Ergobaby carrier and we love it. We used it around the house, running errands and even hiking/snowshoeing. It has great support for your baby!

On The Go

Stroller – We went for it with the expensive UPPAbaby Vista stroller and I’m so glad we did! We’ve used it almost daily since he was born. I love that it comes with a bassinet and regular seat. It’s so easy to put together and switch the seats. I also want to point out we live in a very wintery climate and have had NO issue with snow! The wheels are great! I highly recommend this beauty!

Car Seat – I did a lot of research and ended up going with the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna because of the safety ratings. Note this seat does not fit into the UPPAbaby stroller I have. I did not find this out until after I had both however it wasn’t a big deal for us. We loved the seat and just purchased the Nuna Rava convertible seat now that Ford’s bigger.

Travel Crib – I can’t say enough good things about the Nuna Sena Travel Crib! We used it SO much during our Airstream trips this past summer and the month we spent in San Diego. It’s about the easiest thing to assemble and Ford slept like a baby no matter where we were!

Diaper Backpack – This backpack has worked out perfectly this past year. I didn’t want a bag as it can get heavy and stress the shoulder, so I opted for a backpack. It’s hands-free, has all the compartments, a great price and stylish. Luke will even wear it 😉 LOL


High Chair – His high chair is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. We have two which I love, however I want to share the OXO Tot option as it’s more sturdy/larger, so your baby can grow into it. This chair is also is easy to clean! Very important, mamas!

Bib – These Babpron bibs are amazing!! Literally you can get anything on them and it will come off. The bibs are super easy to clean and dry very fast. They come in many cute pattern options.

Spoons – You’d call these pre-spoons. They are great for when your baby is starting to eat real food. I was recommended these during the Feeding Littles course I took.

Suction Plate – Yes guys… this plate actually sticks to the high chair!! Hallelujah! I love this line of bamboo baby wear. I legit use it multiple times a day and it has worn wonderfully.

Bottles – We tried two different brands of bottle in the beginning and Ford ended up liking Avent. I believe it was easier for him to control the flow of milk. Just remember to get the right nipple size based on your baby’s age! I figured that out a bit later… LOL

Food Steamer – When your baby starts to eat REAL food, this food steamer/whipper is amazing! It’s so easy. I literally throw in whatever I have and cook it. In the beginning of his eating journey I would purée it and now I just like the foods cooked – i.e. softening up carrots, squash, apples, etc.

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  1. Hi Kasey!
    What worked well for sleeping when Ford was a newborn? Did you have a bassinet or snoo in your room before transferring to crib?

    • Hi Brooke! I tried a bassinet and we didn’t like it. I ended up putting him in his crib and sleeping in his room in the beginning.