Halloween Bats & Pumpkins

18 09

Bat & Pumpkin Details

It’s getting SPOOKY around my house and I’m here for it!! My obsession for Halloween is REAL! Muahaha! It’s So fun to be in a different house this year and decorate new spaces. Today I want to show y’all how I use bats and pumpkins for Halloween in my home.

First things first, BATS! I’ve used them the past 3 years and they’re prob one of my favorite decorations. You can style them in a lot of different spaces. I’ve stuck them on a fire place and in entryways. I have also seen them with a bar cart. Super cute! This year I decided to use them in one of my entryway areas. If you have a mirror on a wall it’s always a great place to put bats. To apply, I place a piece of rolled up PACKING tape (not scotch) on the back of the bat, and press onto the wall. I’ve had NO issues with the tape ripping up my paint. I start small and apply them on the wall in a cone shape. I love how I made these ones look like they are flying off of the wall!

Next up, I wanted to style my pumpkins a bit different this year. Our current home has A LOT of stairs. I’m NOT a fan typically, however they are perfect for pumpkin placement!! THE one time I actually don’t mind the stairs! LOL Again I started small like the bats and put more and more on each step. Anddddd you might have noticed they’re only black and white… ya, that’s on purpose. I’m not an orange lover, so you won’t see any in my home. Surprise, surprise! HA!

See below to shop my bats and a whole lot o’ pumpkins!! Happy decorating!

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halloween bats and pumpkins
halloween bats
halloween pumpkins

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