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12 04

HOME GOODS under 100_apr_sbk


Another edition of Home Goods under $100 is here!!  I’m always on the hunt for a good deal and NOT just with fashions.  I love me a decor goodie for less!  If you know me you know I’m obsessed with HOME GOODS but unfortunately they don’t have an e-commerce website 🙁  If you’re feeling up to it, head to your local Home Goods and see what you find!  I must note, YOU NEED TO BE IN THE MOOD TO DIG… y’all know what I’m talking about.  At places like Forever 21 and Home Goods one MUST be in a good head-space to find GEMS! 🙂 haha  BUT if that’s not you OR you don’t have time, I can do ALL the hunting for you!

I’ve posted some of my favorite GOLD and metallic items above – you could say there’s a theme 🙂  Pretty much anything marble or metallic, I’m on board! One gem I must point out is the rose gold bubble letter!!  I found it on Nordstrom.com for $18 a few weeks ago… may I repeat, $18!!  I LOVE to personalize things and the ‘K’ was a great addition to my casa.  Pssssst… it would be a great GIFT! 🙂  Mother’s Day is coming up next month – wink, wink 😉  I’m also obsessed with door mats so when I find a good one, I most often then not, buy it… or share it with you!  I think my husband will kill me if I come home with another one! haha  This ‘SUP‘ gem is just too cute, right?! If I could, I would change my door mat out every day depending on my mood… kinda like my wardrobe!

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  1. Just wanted you to know—after commenting on your Instagram a thousand times about how I’m so obsessed with your office decor…I FINALLY bought the dang balloon letter because I love it and it was on sale. Also, I bought it after I clicked on it through your RS link. (;


    • Thank you for the kind words, Elle! Yay – I’m so glad you got the balloon letter – it’s the best!!