Idaho House Update

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idaho home build

Idaho House Update

What a week it’s been in Idaho!!  So many decisions have been made on the house and I’m feeling great!  If you’re not already following along on my Instagram Stories (AKA, videos), you should!  I’ve been sharing SO much of the house progress, especially this week.  Head over to your Instagram account, follow me, and you will see a Highlight Story called “ID HOME” in my bio page, click it and you can see all of the videos I’m referring to – YAY!

I first posted about my Idaho home when we were just starting to get it off the ground.  If you missed it – check it out here – I talk about 5 tips that will help you if you are starting a remodel and/or building from scratch.  We’ve come a long way in the past 5 months, so I thought I’d give y’all an update!

Garage Doors

The exterior has been 80% complete for the past 3 months – we have been waiting on garage doors and our metal roof.  This week the garage doors arrived and the team has started to put the X’s on (see pic below).  We opted to buy generic doors (cheaper) and have our guys build the design on top on-site – much more cost effective.  Another BIG item happening this week is our gem of a black roof.  Since it’s been a mild winter, the roofer is able to start ASAP.  It’s going on any day now!  Stay tuned for pics and video.

idaho home build

Tile Selection

The bulk of this trip was to discuss and finalized most of the interior details – Bathrooms being a huge item: tile selection, placement of tiles, shower niche design, fixture locations, vanity stains and more.  All of the bathrooms in our home are very different yet fit in with the Modern Farmhouse theme.  To learn more about my bathrooms and 5 tips to achieve a Farmhouse look, check out my blog post here!  See below for our final tile selections.  I’m very visual (obvi), so rounding up all of the bathroom tiles and seeing them grouped together, was important to see the continuity.  Seeing tile in-person and discussing all of the details with our ‘Tile Guy’ has made me SO excited and ready for it to be done – haha!  Literally counting down the minutes…

idaho home build

Beams & Wood Floor Stains

Another grouping of big decisions this week was interior and exterior wood items – floor stain, beams, vanity finishes, tongue & groove walls and exterior wood stain color.  If you saw my first Idaho Home post, you’ve seen a few renderings of the interior/exterior of the house, including A LOT wood.  We started out the week by first selecting our rustic wood beam/columns for the house.  We decided on a more gray wood w/ a hint of brown – not too dark and not white washed.   Once we did that, it was much easier for the painter to determine a few stain options for our floors, which is THE biggest WOOD component in the house other than the exterior.  It was very important to have the beams and floors work well together.  You can see our beam selection with the 3 floor stain options below.  We choose our floors a few weeks ago – 8″ White Oak – but it was very helpful to see the stain options in-person before making the decision.  I did a poll on my Instagram Story and 85% of my followers said #2!  And guess what, that’s what we are going with!!  I’m just making decisions left and right with your help! 🙂

idaho home build

Wood Vanity Stain Options & Wood Wall Treatment

We were also able to see vanity stains for the master bathroom and guest room.  Even though the stain options are very similar it was still nice to see the final finish in person – images below: gray – Master, lighter brown – Guest.  Another fun detail of the house being installed this week were all of the tongue and groove walls.  They are just SO purrrrrdy!  We have them going on a few accent walls and in most bathrooms.  See an image below for an image of a wall going into Luke’s office – note: it is not fully painted yet.  We decided on a horizontal wall treatment as it felt more Farmhousey… as yes, I made that word up 😉

vanity stains
shiplap wall

Exterior Wood Stains Options – Round 1

Our final WOOD decision of the week was the exterior stain of the house.  I currently LOVE the natural wood on the home but functionally we need to seal it with either a clear coat and/or stain to help with the wood’s longevity.  See below for the first round of stain options.  I don’t think we are there yet BUT we are seeing more options later today – stay tuned!!

exterior wood options

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