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modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Details

Hey, y’all!  Today I’m happy to say, I am sharing my favorite room in the new house, my modern farmhouse kitchen.  From faucets, hardware and fixtures to paint colors, tile selection and decor, I’m giving you boos all the deets! 🙂  Check out my IGTV over on Instagram for a video tour of this space!  See below for links to everything.

The Kitchen by far is the space I get asked about the most, especially the countertops and island paint.  Let’s get to those babies ASAP!  Although the island looks a bit navy in pictures, it’s actually black.  I selected Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black” for not only the kitchen but the barn doors and front door as well.  I wanted black to be an accent “color” throughout the home. And yes, I’m well aware black isn’t technically a “color”, but ya know what I mean! 😉

One of the hardest choices to make for me was countertop materials.  I wanted the kitchen to be simple and clean and that meant I was on the hunt for white stone.  I didn’t want to use marble as it is not durable and stains easily.  This is NO lie.  If I could give any advice for kitchen counters, steer clear of marble!!  You will not be happy.  I looked at numerous granites, not liking any of the designs and coloring.  I finally got to the conclusion, I was going to need to use quartz.  It is non-porous so it resists staining and there are numerous white options I liked.  I was still struggling as I felt quartz looked a little too modern for the farmhouse style I was after.  I decided to go to one more slab yard to take a peek, and this is where I discovered quartzite… I found a beautiful white stone with little blackish streaks – legit, perfect!  I was warned that since the stone was so strong, it would be much harder to work with.  I took a chance, and I’m happy to say we found a great sub that installed it beautifully!  They took the 2cm quartzite and mitered the edge so the face/lip of the counters where 2″.  This is a way to make the slab appear thicker.  Genius! 🙂

As I mentioned above, the overall style of the kitchen (and house,) is modern farmhouse.  This means I took rustic elements like reclaimed wood beams, barn doors, shiplap walls and subway tile and mixed it with modern touches of brushed brass hardware and white countertops.  I’ve linked everything I used below as well as my fun kitchen items and decor.  If you scroll down (I posted A LOT of pics), you will get to the back kitchen where we have our bar area, another sink and the pantry.  This design is my favorite detail of the house.  We love to entertain and having another area, separate from the main kitchen space, was important.  Everyone always hangs out around the island and not seeing food prep or dirty dishes was important to me!  Ya, I’m a neat freak thanks to my Type A personality 😉  If you head over to my IGTV Kitchen Tour video, it will give you a better idea of how the space is laid out.

Please comment below with any questions.  Always happy to help!


Countertops: Quartzite “Mont Blanc”  ||  Island Paint: Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black”  ||  Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Simply White”  ||  Faucet: Newport Brass  ||  Light Fixtures: Large Whitman Pendant  ||  Farmhouse Sink: Shaws  ||  Appliances: 60″ Range, Refrigerator/Freezer, Wine Fridge, Small Beverage Fridge, Mircrowave, Dishwasher   ||  Cabinet Pulls: Lew’s Hardware  ||  Cabinet Knobs:  Lew’s Hardware  ||  Backsplash Tile: 4″x8″ Porcelain Subway Tile  ||  Wood Floors: 8″ White Oak  ||  Ceiling Beams: Reclaimed Wood  ||  Pantry Barn Door: Taylor Woodworks  ||  Barn Door Hardware: Rustica

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farmhouse kitchen deocr
farmhouse kitchen
farmhouse kitchen
farmhouse kitchen decor
farmhouse kitchen
farmhouse kitchen deocr
farmhouse kitchen

Back Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen
farmhouse kitchen

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  1. Hi there! We fell in love with a slab of mont blanc quartzite but concerned about it being one of the more soft quartzites which could make it more pourous. How are you liking your mont blanc? Any advice we should know?

    • Hi Jen! I didn’t have any issues with my quartzite. Since it is the natural stone, it should be much stronger than other options.

  2. Hi! I tried to look before I asked.

    Your barn doors for pantry.

    Where did you get them from? Love them.

  3. What are your kitchen dimensions, to include the back kitchen? Do you have a floor plan you could post as a photo perhaps? Thank you. Its very beautiful. Trying to work through ideas for our own remodel.

  4. Hi!

    i am not sure if anyone has asked this before i tried to read over the comments to check before asking the same question but did not see it.

    Your small beverage fridge, how did you add it to make it a built in look i love that and would love to do that with mine and also our dishwasher, can i just call a cabinet builder and they will know how to achieve that?

    • Hi Candace. Yes – our woodworker knew how to make it look “built-in”. I wanted the fridge, wine fridge, beverage fridge and dishwashers to look like part of the design. He essentially covered all of the stainless steel.

  5. Ahh, loving this pantry so much. I think I have the space in my house to do something similar! Is it possible to share the depth and length?? My main concern is if ill have enough space for the doors! Because mine will abut a wall on one side.

  6. Hi there! Can you tel me if you used 6 or 8 inch shiplap for your hood vent and for the bathroom?

    Thank you!!

  7. Obsessed! It’s gorgeous. Thank you for all the color and sizing info, too! Funny question but I HAVE to ask—where’s your microwave? I want to put ours in the island in our remodel but I’m afraid I’m going to end up blocking work space or sacrificing seating (a problem in our current kitchen—ugh) and I’m wondering if yours is hiding in your back kitchen, maybe??

    • Thank you, Bethany! Our microwave is “hidden” to the left of the sink in the back kitchen. It was built into the cabinetry. I did NOT want it on the counter. SO much better!

  8. Love your kitchen!! What stain color did you use on your wood floors? I read 8″ Oak above. True hardwood, correct?

  9. What counter overhang depth is your island for your chairs? Appears to be different depth on the side vs the back? Also, what size posts did you use. Thanks so much, we really like this look!

  10. Hello! Your kitchen island design is exactly what we’re looking for and I’d love to provide more detailed spec’s to our builder/designer. (Our entire new house design is hinging on the kitchen island design.) Could you provide the width x depth dimensions as well as overhang depth (for knees)? Also, are those 4×4 posts? <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!

  11. Do you know the overall kitchen dimensions? We are planning ours at the moment and would love to see if we could do something like this

    Also when you said the island was hand painted, do you know how? Roller or paint brush etc? I’ve tried and tried to not have brush marks but no success yet. Would love your input.

    • Hi Jenny! The kitchen is about 19ft by 21ft. Our island is hand painted with a brush. Let me know if you have any other questions! xo

  12. Hey girl…. back again with more questions! sorry! Curious what your ceiling heights are in your kitchen/sitting tv area and also what brand you have for your cast iron sinks. We have Kohler currently and I haven’t been that impressed but we also have well water so its a beeotch to keep clean! Thanks so much as always!!

  13. Hi Kasey,

    Could you please share if the island was painted black using a spray gun? And did you put any finish on top or left it matte? Thanks!

    • Hi Jana!
      We made custom shades for all of the windows. The pantry shade is a roman shade. The local company we used was: Fox Creek Interiors in Sun Valley, ID.

  14. Love your house! It is amazing!! What paint finish do you have on your island? I’m thinking of doing the same color for our new home.

      • Thank you! I’m going to be annoying and ask what color white you went with on the cabinets. I’m having a hard time because I also want to paint the walls white, do they need to be the same white? 🤷🏼‍♀️