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Park City, UT, Sun Valley, ID, Jackson Hole, WY Kasey

Mountain Town Road Trip Details

If you know me you know I’m quite the TRAVEL BUG… no, seriously I have an issue!!  Like if I could explore and travel 24/7, I would!!  In June my hubs and I decided to take three weeks and do a lil’ mountain town road trip!  We started in Utah and made our way up to Idaho and then over to Wyoming.  Let me tell you, it sure was purrrrrdy!  You might have noticed all of my country-inspired outfits and epic scenery I’ve been posting lately.  Well, now it’s time to give y’all a guide to the hot spots… where to stay, eat, drink and of course SHOP!!

We stopped at three different towns: Park City, UT, Sun Valley, ID and Jackson Hole, WY.  See below for my guide to each! Yehawwwwwww!


Park City, UT, Sun Valley, ID, Jackson Hole, WY Kasey

Park City Travel Details

If you are looking for a mountain town with all of the bells and whistles, this is the place for you!  The surrounding area has numerous 5-star resorts, 3 mountains, great restaurants, boutique shopping and every January hosts the famous Sundance Film Festival.  It’s also fairly easy to get to, only a 30 minute drive from the Salt Lake City airport.  I’ve been to Park City/Deer Valley numerous times and always have a great adventure!  Below are my top recommendations on where to sleep, eat, drink and shop!

I MUST point out the epic Montage Deer Valley Resort.  If you are in the area it’s worth a visit even if you are not staying there.  Once you lay your eyes on the vast property you will know exactly what I mean.  It sits 8,300 feet up in the Deer Valley mountain overlooking Park City below.  The view is unreal!  Not only is the service incredible, but the hotel has SO many activities: hiking, biking, swimming, archery, yoga, and most importantly a S’MORE bar every night around the firepit!   The spa alone is on another level!  I’m pretty sure I got lost in it 🙂 haha If you are looking for a place to be pampered, the Montage is for you!  My hubs and I did our mini-moon here after we got married and it was perfection.  See below for a link to the Montage!

SLEEP: Montage Deer Valley

EAT: Riverhorse on MainHigh West Distillery

DRINK: No Name Saloon

SHOP: Prospect, Cake Boutique


Park City, UT, Sun Valley, ID, Jackson Hole, WY Kasey

Sun Valley Travel Details

Oh Sun Valley… this is the most magical place on the planet 😉  Can you tell I have a soft spot in my heart for this lil’ mountain town?! hehe  My husband and I brought together our families and friends two years ago and said I DO here.  You could say it’s pretty special to us!  I’ve grown up coming to SV and have seen this charming town stay pretty much the same over the last 20 years.  It’s quaint, beautiful and has some of the best skiing, hiking and restaurants around. Fun fact: Sun Valley is known to many as America’s first ski resort.  How cool is that?! Let’s be honest, it’s THE perfect getaway!

If you want to stay in a cute boutique hotel, Knob Hill Inn is for you.  It looks like a cozy German chalet and has the coziest rooms at great price-points.  We may or may not have gotten married there 😉  Another great place to stay is the Sun Valley Lodge.  It’s classic Idaho and has been around since 1936 and hosted some of hollywood’s A-list celebs.  The activities are endless at the resort: biking, golfing, tennis, swimming and I can’t forget to mention the giant ice skating rink.  Another fun fact: My husband ask me to marry him on the ice rink 🙂 Love that!

Like I mentioned, the food is surprisingly incredible for as small of a town as it is.  Many of the restaurants use local produce and grass feed meats.  Sun Valley’s go-to spot is the Pioneer and known to the locals as “The Pio”.  It is THE place to get a great steak and let’s not forget about the Idaho POTATO.  Yup, it’s literally the size of your head so you better be hungry!  Oh, and get ready to wait and hour or two.  No matter what the day, it’s always packed and let’s be honest, does NOT take reservations.. it’s Idaho!  See below for a few more of my favorite eateries.

Now that your tummy is full, let’s go for a drink!  Not only are there SO many restaurants but there a lot of great bars too. You have to hit up Grumpy’s if you are in town and enjoy a nice BIG scooner… like it’s 32 ounces!!  Get ready to drink some beer!  If you are looking for some live music, hit up Whiskey Jacques.  All in all, you can’t go wrong!

Ok, ok… on to some shopping spots!  My favorite vintage store resides in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Who knew!?  Deja Vu is an amazing gem right in downtown. It has everything from vintage cowboy boots to chic Chanel costume jewelry.  Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.  If you are looking for some classic mountain gear give Silver Creek Outfitters a try.  You are sure to find some beauties.  I’ve also posted some of my favorite home stores below which I can’t say enough good things about.

As you can probably tell, I am pretty pretty pretty OBSESSED with Sun Valley!  If you get the chance to go, DO it!!  You’re welcome in advance 🙂

SLEEP: Knob Hill Inn, Sun Valley Lodge

EAT: Pioneer, Cristina’s, Enotecca, Despo’s

DRINK: Grumpy’s, Whiskey Jacques, The Cellar Pub


SHOP FASHION: Deja Vu, Silver Creek Outfitters

SHOP HOME: Huck & Paddle, My House Furnishings, Bellissimo, The Farmer’s Daughter


Park City, UT, Sun Valley, ID, Jackson Hole, WY Kasey 800pxx800px-03

Jackson Hole Travel Details

Our last and final stop on the road trip was Jackson Hole!  This was my very first time here and it was quite the adventure.  Once we drove over the Idaho border into Wyoming I immediately knew why so many have ventured this way.  The wide open field, wild flowers, animals and let’s not forget the Teton mountain range!!  I meannnnnn… have you guys seen those things!?  They are absolutely breathtaking!

I love going to new cities and exploring.  I did a bit of research before going so I knew some places I wanted to hit up.  We decided to stay in a cute little cabin situation at Fireside Resort.  Each cabin has a small kitchens, living room, fire pit and lets not forget the rustic decor! Yes pleaseeeeee!  It was very affordable and in a great locations between the ski hill and town.

We ate out at a lot of great places but below I’ve posted our favorite.  We hit up Lotus Cafe a few mornings for breakfast or if you are a coffee/pastry person, they’ve got your covered!  Our favorite meal was at Trio – an american bistro with some italian flare.  We had the most amazing wood-fired pizza situation and most definitely paired it with a glass of vino.  I was in heaven!!  There are so many spots in Jackson Hole, you can’t really go wrong.  As for the bar situation – The Silver Dollar Bar is a must see!  The bar alone is quite the site, lined entirely in silver dollars.  This cowboy bar is a local staple!

Lastly the town is filled with art galleries and cowboy attire shops.  I came across Beaver Creek Hat & Leather Shop and knew a cowboy hat was in my future.  My hubs and I had quite the experience, trying on tons and tons of hats.  It was SO fun and in the end we both found our perfect match.  I shot my beauty while up in the beautiful mountains – check out the post here!  See below for links to all my fave spots.

SLEEP: Fireside Resort

EAT: Lotus Cafe (breakfast), Local, Hatch, Trio

DRINK: The Silver Dollar Bar, Snake River Brewing

SHOP: Beaver Creek Hats & Leather Shop



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