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Hello, babes!  I know it’s been a LONG time coming.  Luke and I went to Japan this January and my first video is finally ready to share!  Stop number one on our Japanese adventure was Tokyo, which after going, is one of my top 5 cities I’ve ever visited.

Please enjoy the video!  Below I’m breaking down all of my Tokyo tips, favorite things to do and of course, EAT!

Tokyo is a magical mix of organized chaos with it’s 9.2 million people, A+ public transportation system, highest quality food, gracious people, colorful neighborhoods and the cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever seen.  For being the largest city in the world, Tokyo has figured out how to make it all work seamlessly.  What to do there?  Walk, walk and walk some more.  Like many large cities, Tokyo has numerous neighborhoods with each a different vibe and character of it’s own.  From Euro-like alley ways of Harajuku to vibrant Las Vegas-esq lights of Akihabara.  There is something for everyone.  And remember, it’s very safe – so get lost and wander…

Top 5 in Tokyo:

1. Fish Market (experience)

2. Shopping in boutiques in Harajuku (shopping)

3. Traditional Japanese breakfast (tradition)

4. Golden Gai – mini bar district (drinks)

5. Roppongi Inakaya West (dinner)


Westin – we stayed using our SPG points for the first few nights – basic.

Aman – most incredible city hotel I’ve ever experienced.  A view of the entire city (pictured above).  The service, food, rooms, spa, gym were impeccable – SPLURGE-worhty!  I had a massage at the spa and it was not only a great treatment but there was also a spiritual element to it – V cool!


Fish Market – my most favorite thing we did in Tokyo! Eat everything! We had THE best sushi in an alley (seen in video)… sounds sketch BUT was amazing. 

Bills Omotesando (breakfast/lunch) – great healthy place from Australia.  They are known for their Ricotta Hotcakes 😉 

Gonpachi (dinner) – We went here on our first night in Tokyo.  It is yakatori style, meaning “skewered food”, you cook your meat in front of you.  We had a cool table where you took your shoes off and sat on the floor! One of my fave meals and ambiance in Tokyo.  (Fun fact – it’s the restaurant form Kill Bill)

Sushi Tsu (dinner) – If you’re looking for a traditional omakase sushi meal, this is it!  WARNING… it’s V expensive but THE freshest fish I’ve ever had!

Roppongi Inakaya West (dinner) – This was by far THE most fun and lively dinner we had.  It is called Robata style.  You sit around a ‘U’ shaped stove, maybe seating about 25 people, where two chefs sit and cook in front of you.  All of the fresh ingredients are laid out in front of the stove and you select the food you’d like to be grilled  There is a ton of veggies, fish and meat to pick from.  It is fresh AF to say the least and the coolest experience. 

Whiskey Library (drinks) – The ambiance is incredible.  It literally looks like a chic old library but rather than books lining the walls, it’s bottles of Japanese whiskey.  It’s SO amazing. Must go for a drink! 

Golden Gai (drinks) – mini bar district – I suggest going for a drink after dinner.  It’s the coolest experience.  The neighborhood Alleyways are lined with mini bars, seating maybe 8-10 people total.  We met so many cool locals – and used the translation app (I refer to it below), after a couple drinks! 🙂  

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House (lunch/tea) – This is the most beautiful setting, with the tea house in the back of a flower shop. It’s legit feels like you’re sitting inside a garden.  The teas are incredible – I got orange blossom and I’m pretty sure it was the best tea of my life!  


Airport Transfers – click here for company.

Subway – the BEST public transportation I’ve ever used. All of the signs in Japanese AND English. Download the Tokyo Metro app and cross reference w/ Google Maps Subway layer so you know what stop to get off at.  It sounds confusing BUT It will make sense once you do it 😉 

Cabs – easy to get them from your hotel or on the street.  They are V clean and respectful – they legit wear white gloves. 


Google translate app – talk into app in english and it will translate back in Japanese. 

Tech – Hot Spot

If you want to have wi-fi when you’re out and about, you NEED to order a hot spot in advance.  We had it delivered to our hotel prior to our arrival.  Click here to see where we purchased ours.

My Travels Through Pictures…

Fish Market

tokyo fish market

Sushi Tsu

sushi tokyo

Nezu Shrine

tokyo shrine

Akihabara (tech neighborhood)

tokyo cotton candy

Fish Market – Octopus

tokyo fish market

Aman Hotel – Japanese Breakfast

tokyo travel blog

Fish Market – Strawberry Mochi

tokyo mochi

Fish Market – Alley Sushi


Roppongi Inakaya West (appetizers)


Fish Market

tokyo fish market

Aoyama Flower Market & Tea House

tea house



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  1. Love reading your posts every week! I’m not a traveler, but this post is by far one of my favs! I love learning about other ppls traveling experiences! And Japan is such an intriguing country. Thanks girl 💗

    • Thanks, Kristy! So glad you like – Japan was truly magical! Hope you’re having a great week! xoxo