My Favorite Health & Wellness Podcast Episodes to Date

31 07

Hey there, guys! I mentioned on a few of my latest wellness posts that I would be sharing a list of my favorite podcast episodes. Today’s the day! I went through the last year-ish and pulled out my standouts to share with y’all.

I have a deep love for podcasts and have found so much value and knowledge in them. I listen almost daily and get it in whenever I can – while I’m getting ready, running to the grocery store or on a walk. My favorite shows in general for health and wellness are: The Wellness Mama, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, Huberman Lab, The Blonde Files, Found My Fitness, Meaningfull Living and Ben Greenfield Life.

You’ll notice many of the episodes I have found of major interest, are those on hormones, longevity and how to live a healthy life. Enjoy listening! xx

Podcast Episode List

The Blonde Files: Understanding Hormones & How to Support Our Bodies with Dr. Aviva Romm

The Blonde Files: The Gut, Mind Skin Connection w/ Dr. Whitney Bowe

Wellness Mama: Kristin Weitzel on Women’s Health, Fitness, Recovery, Ice Baths & Supplements

Wellness Mama: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum, and Avoiding Mom Burnout w/ Midwife Diana Spalding

Wellness Mama: Ari Whitten on Fighting Fatigue with Sauna, Sun & Sweating

The Skinny Confidential: Everything To Know About Being Pregnant, Healthy Pregnancy, Supplements, Hospital Vs Home Births, & Hospital BTS Ft. MariMikel Potter

The Skinny Confidential: Andrew Huberman Pt. 1 On Mastering Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Hormones & Improving Eyesight for Optimal Health

The Skinny Confidential: Andrew Huberman Pt. 2 On Optimal Supplements, Fitness Routines, Cold/Hot Therapy, Biohacks & Hormone Levels

The Skinny Confidential: Hormone Regulation, NAD Therapy, Peptides, & Next Level Health & Fitness Tactics Fr. Dr. Craig Koniver & Dr. Keli Koniver

The Skinny Confidential: How Strength Training For Women & Men Can Be The Unlock To Longevity, Mental Clarity, Weight Management, & Balance Hormones With Brent Hruska

The Skinny Confidential: Wellness Practices That Will Enhance Your Life, Essential Supplements & Nutritional Gaps Ft. Chervin Jafariah Founder of Cymbiotika

The Skinny Confidential: Vanessa Fitzgerald On Adderall Addiction & Detox, Hormone Management, Holistic Healing & Getting Your Wellness Dialed In

The Skinny Confidential: Lauryn & Michael’s Specific Health, Wellness, Sleep, & Fitness Routines in Detail

Huberman Lab: Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Micronutrients for Health & Longevity

Huberman Lab: Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health & Performance

Huberman Lab: The Science & Health Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure

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