Postpartum Self-Care Kit for a New Mom

09 07

Looking for THE best gifts to give a new mom?! Today I’m sharing all of my favorite self-care items I used during my postpartum period. Many of these items are great for hydration, nourishment and comfort! And any new mom can attest that 20 minutes alone to soak in an epsom salt bath or ice roll their face is life changing 🙂

Put a few or all of them in a basket for mama – pop in some flower and you’re good to go! It’s SO important to take care of women post birth! I am 13 months postpartum and still use these EVERY SINGLE WEEK (if not every day). Moving forward on my motherhood journey, I am prioritizing my own self-care. If I’m in a good head space and feeling well, everyone else will benefit. Give the gift of wellness to a new mom OR yourself!

PJs \ Insulated Water Bottle \ Epsom Salt \ Ice Roller \ Heated Neck Wrap \ Face Oil \ Body Oil \ Robe \ Eye Patches \ Lip Mask \ Hydration Packs \ Slippers

postpartum self care kit for new mom

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