The Daily Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

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Today I want to share many of the healthy habits I’ve incorporated into my daily routine that have changed my life. All of these things have opened me up to a better version of myself. None are mind-blowing, however the compilation of these habits combined with the daily consistency has truly made a difference.

I think it’s important to be curious, explore and do what works for you. For example, Luke (my husband) has been doing cold/hot exposure for years now. I always thought it wasn’t for me until this year. I mean, who wants to sit in FREEZING cold water?!! I get it, however I recently felt like my body needed it. SO, I started to educate myself on the science behind it by listening to podcasts, talking with other and now taking the “plunge” for myself. 🙂 I’ve incorporated it into my weekly routine. We have decided to put a cold plunge and sauna in our home – more coming on this topic. My point in sharing this is we are all on our own journeys and the navigations will most likely look different for everyone. There is no road map. I’ve learned to meet myself where I’m at – not where I/society thinks I “should” be. I used to say I need to “fix” or “figure out” whatever was going on in my life. NOW I accept it, feel it, move through it and let it go. Many of the habits I discuss on this post have helped me get to this place.

Since having kiddos, I’ve been on a journey to understand my new experience in life… as a mom, a partner, how-to navigate work and take time for myself. After West was born my anxiety began to increase. Like, to the point where I started having panic attacks and my body began to have physical issues. MORE about this coming to the blog later this month. I’m sharing this to give y’all a bit of context. I was at a turning point where I needed to SLOW down and understand what I was experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically. Being still used to be VERY hard for me and now I truly enjoy it. I was always that gal that had her shit together and kept extremely “busy”. This meant I wasn’t taking the time to check in to see how I was really feeling. I found tools to help clear my head, take care of myself and focus inward. These are what I will discuss today.

I used to do a few things pre kids for a “morning” routine but it’s turned into something much more. AND I’m very intentional with what I do. I don’t always have a free morning with kiddos waking up, so I make it a priority to fit it in where I can. This means I reprioritized my days with less screen time, scrolling on social media and mindless TV and more things to take care of ME – i.e. journaling, meditating, walking. I have noticed an increase in my overall joy and creativity! It may seem hard or feel uncomfortable at first, but after you decide to take the time and put yourself FIRST, you will feel the difference.

I also like to habit stack, meaning doing multiple habits at once. For example, I can wear my heated neck wrap and eye patches will I meditate OR listen to a podcast and drink my lemon water while I walk.

Below I’m going to list all of my healthy habits, details about each one and a roundup of my favorite products I use. Happy healthy living!

Healthy Habits

Hydration – I always start my day with HYDRATION. In the morning I add a lemon to my water because it helps with overall hydration and aids in digestion. Throughout the day I fill up my insulated cup with QUALITY water – so important! If you don’t have good water/filter, I suggest Mountain Valley Spring Water. They have an in-home delivery service. Here is a link to my favorite bottle that’s always by my side.

Daily Greens – I have been taking Athletic Greens for years and paired with my lemon water. I start my day VERY hydrated, while getting all my daily vitamins. It is expensive however very worth it my opinion. You only have one body – take care of it!

Meditation – I started dabbling with meditation years ago. At that time I was not ready to commit. Now it’s a daily ritual that I look forward to. Sometimes I do guided and other times I sit in stillness. I started with 10 minutes a day and do more when I can. These are the meditation apps/people I like: Calm, Mindful Living & Sarah Hall.

Prayer – I find through prayer, I open up my spirit to a deeper connection with the world around me as well as feeling grounded in my experience. Before I get out of bed each morning I pray, express gratitude for where I’m at in life and send light to others around me. Starting my day doing this has truly been a gift.

Journaling – My journal is around me at all times. After I meditate, sit in stillness or go on a walk I tend to have thoughts I want to write down. When I was a child I used to write all the time whether it be to express something emotional or my creativity. I find it very therapeutic and calming for my Type A/anxious brain. The physical act of writing also helps me release whatever I’m feeling. I HIGHLY recommend this!

Grounding – YES that’s right, I get outside and put my feet on the earth! I take a moment of gratitude for this planet and feel the energy it provides to all of us. I’ve started to take my littles with me. Teaching them to be grateful for each day and feel rooted. I also recommend meditating outside if you can!

Rose Oil Water – I’m very into energy and rose oil can be a good protector of one’s space if you will. It is known to strengthen and balance the heart chakra, promoting spiritual growth. I spray is on me throughout the day. Also a good reminder to stay present/calm.

Lavender Oil Roller – I roll this on the tip of my nose when I wake up or am feeling anxious. Lavender is a natural calming aroma. This is a simple healthy habit to add to your day – pop one in your purse! Link here.

Eye Patches – Y’all know I’m about self-care so little skincare habits I can fit in during the day is definitely happening. I’m big fan of masking, specifically the under eye area, and these hydrating patches are my favorite. Pop them on in the morning to wake your eyes up!

Ice Roller – If you watch my Instagram stories you know I don’t go anywhere without this gem of an ice roller. It’s design is perfection, staying cool FOREVER and has a great heavy-duty weight to it. Worth every penny – link here! I typically roll out my face while I have coffee and get the kiddos breakfast ready. It’s easy to remember as it’s in the freezer. This is legit a magical de-puffer!

Eating a Nutritious Breakfast – Pre kids I did intermittent fasting, not eating until around 11/12. As I mentioned above, I’ve experience a lot of anxiety postpartum and I’ve come to realize, not eating in the morning has been an added elevation of this. I started tuning into what my body needed and found I felt better when I ate a nutritious meal around 8AM. This gave me the energy I needed to get through the morning and focus on the kids/work/life. Find what works for you!

Stretching – Being mindful of how my physical body has never been as present in my life as it has during postpartum. After being pregnant, birthing and caring for two babies close together, my body needed a TIME OUT! I’m an active person and have always pushed through most physical things in my life. However, I started having major neck/shoulder pain that turned into nerve issues in my head. I finally acknowledged something was up and I needed to SLOW down. This was extremely hard for me to do, having two large babies to care for. I mean, how do you tell a mom not to pick up her kids?? With that said, I went to a chiropractor, acupuncturist and started daily stretching. I began asking for more help from Luke with the physical duties of our kids. I can’t do it all and that’s OK. Stretching when I wake up and in the evening as well as being SO much more mindful of the way I move/hold my kids has been crucial.

Walking – This is my favorite thing to do whether it be alone or as a family. I do at least one walk a day and it has changed my life. Not only am I moving my body and staying active but it’s a time to talk with Luke and connect or listen to a podcast and let my mind be creative.

Podcasts – I have a DEEP love for podcasts and how much information you can discover, topics to educate yourself on and conversations that inspire. I have decided to do an entire blog post specifically on my favorite episodes I’ve listened to from this past year. Coming soon! Here are a few of my favorite shows, mostly focused on health and wellness, that I listen to each week: The Wellness Mama, Huberman Lab, TSC Him & Her, Meaning-full Living & Ben Greenfield Life.

Epsom Salt Baths – I don’t do this everyday but I do weekly baths when I’m feeling like I need to relax mentally and physically. Epsom salt (magnesium) is wonderful for muscle relaxation. As I noted above, with having neck issues and a constant tired back from picking up kiddos, this is a life saver!

Heated Neck Wrap – My mom gifted me this wrap for Mother’s Day and it was life changing! At the time I was suffering from extreme neck/nerve pain. I pop this in the microwave after the kids went to sleep, sip on my tea and put this round my neck. I also like that it is weighted and has aromatherapy. Great way to calm your body before bed. Here’s the link to the one I have.

Tea – I was never a tea person until I found this specific brand – Pique Life (ginger & mint). Love the flavors and that it’s a powder – no toxic tea bags! When the kids go to sleep, Luke and I have made it a ritual (habit) to make tea, relax and chat. Little or no phone time and no TV. It’s become a great time for us to connect over tea!

Cold/Hot Exposure (weekly) – I briefly mentioned this in the intro to this post. I just began incorporating this into my weekly routine (about 3 months) and already see the benefits. So much so we’ve decided to put a cold plunge and sauna in our home. This is a topic I want to discuss more as well as share our setup once it’s complete. There’s a lot of information out there on hot/cold exposure. If you are interested in more information I suggest listening to these two podcasts: Cold – Huberman Lab and Hot – Wellness Mama as well as exploring more!

Limited to No Social Media – Ya ya, I know it’s hard to say “no” social media when part of your job is an “Influencer”. However I’ve learned that I can set healthy boundaries around this. I don’t need to be on 24/7 and take on all the energy of people around me digitally. This is something I was not very mindful of the past 5 years and since having kids I’m very sensitive to the phone. I don’t have a huge desire to be “ON” all the time like I once did. My priorities and how I want to spend my time has shifted. I have days where I don’t get on at all and others where I am much more intentional with what I am sharing, and how I want to experience social media in my life. Being mindful of this has changed my relationship with my phone for the better!

No Blue Light (before bed) – Light is another big topic I’ve been learning/hearing a lot about lately. Quality sleep is probably the most important thing, and light plays a big role in this, as it triggers hormones (melatonin) in our body. I have found staying OFF my phone at least an hour or two before bed aids in much better sleep. I can actually tell a difference because I’ve had the Oura ring for the past 6 months, which tracks my sleeps. More about this ring soon!

daily habits that changed my life
daily habits that changed my life

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  1. Like you, I started with a simpler approach, using just one app, Medito. It’s been effective for me so far. Do you think relying on a single app like Medito is sufficient, or should I explore others like Calm and Mindful Living as well? Great post btw

    • I think you should do whatever works for you. My meditations have evolved over time and now I use/listen to many different people/types.

  2. Love this!! Can you please share more about how you changed your relationship with your phone and set boundaries. Thank you!!!

  3. I love that you shared all these! I do about 90% of what you posted! What a great idea to combine things such a smartie! Excited to start the grounding!!!