Why I Love My Oura Ring + All of the details

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I have had my Oura Ring (AKA smart ring) for just over a year. At this point I feel like I can give y’all feedback on my experience, details about how it works and why I love it for my overall health. In addition, I will be answering many of your questions I’ve received on Instagram throughout this post.

Prior to ordering, Oura sent me a ring sizing kit to find my exact size. It’s important the ring fits well to ensure the most accurate information. Once I received my ring, it is fairly easy to setup: charge, download the app and input my basic health information. I wear my ring 24/7 and have had zero issues with it. The charge lasts about 4ish days, and I simply plug it in for about an hour for a full charge.

In addition to the ring purchase, I have the monthly membership ($5.99/mo) so I can see all of my health data. The Oura app is what I use daily to see all of my bio feedback. It is very straightforward, easy to navigate and puts the data into the three buckets: readiness, sleep and activity.

Each morning I receive a score out of 100 for each of the categories. This is based on many health factors: resting heart rate, HRV balance, body temperature, sleep quality, the previous days activity and more. My scores have been a great way for me to understand what is going on with my body and how to go about the day ahead. i.e. do I need rest, can I really go for it in a workout or am I about to start my period. Below I’m going to go into each of the three categories so you can better understand what the ring is tracking…

Readiness – measures: resting heart rate, HRV balance, body temperature, recovery index, sleep, sleep balance, previous day activity and activity balance.

The compilation of all of these metrics give me my daily readiness score. Most of the time when my body isn’t recovering, my resting heart rate is higher and my HRV is low. The app literally tells me to rest. For someone who is go, go, go all the time, this has been VERY good for me. Allowing my body to have rest days has improved my overall health. I’ve started to understand how I sleep, the ways in which different workouts push my body, what happens when I’m sick, the affects of drinking wine or eating to late as well as my period cycle. It’s SO wonderful to have all of my heath data at my finger tips.

Sleep – measures: total sleep, efficiency, restfulness, REM sleep, deep sleep, latency (how long it take you to fall asleep), timing, blood oxygen levelsand breathing.

After tracking my sleep for quite some time, I can now confirm it is my super power!! LOL I always felt like I got quality z’s, but now I have the data to back it up. This is why I feel good 99% of the time and have a lot of energy! I go to sleep at the same time every night, understanding my circadian rhythm. I fall asleep quickly, have little to no movement and a great amount of REM and deep. The app will prompt for the best bed time range – very cool!

Activity – measures: daily movement, calorie burn goal for the day, total burn, heart rate, walking equivalency, steps, stay active tracker, move every hour, meet daily goals, training frequency, training volume and recovery time.

I love that it automatically tracks all of my movement throughout the day. The app will prompt me if it thinks I’ve done a workout. It’s easy to manually add activities plus it pulls in workouts from the Peleton app which is a plus! Essentially Oura tells me if I’m reaching my activity goals in addition to letting me know if my body needs to recover. As I mentioned above, this is super important for me as I tend to over do it.

I highly recommend the Oura ring if you’re wanting to understand your overall health as well as take better take care of your body. Check out the new ring style here – comes in 5 color options. Wishing y’all the best on your health and wellness journey!

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  1. Hi! Loved your post! My husband gifted me this ring (yay!!) in the gold. I plan on wearing it everyday and was wondering if you noticed it becoming tarnished or discolored?? Any tips on keeping it in good condition! Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Elise – I’ve had mine for about a year and a half now. It has definitely discolored with wear/tear. I wish I new of a tip to keep it looking nice!

  2. Hi. My husband got me the ring for Christmas. It was the one gift I wanted most. When I opened the box it came completely empty. Since Christmas he has been reaching out to them on their email and no one has gotten back to him. Any advice on how to reach them? Thank you.

    • hi Deborah! Oh no – I’m sure they’re busy with the holidays and will get back to you. Did he already get your ring sized?

  3. I don’t use Oura, but I purchased a Whoop and it’s the best investment I’ve made as it is my personal health coach. It’s amazing to see how 2 drinks can impact your sleep and recovery!