Combating Puffy Eyes 3 Ways + Video

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Combating Puffy Eyes Video & Details

Well my friends, the day has come to finally combat the under eye PUFF!  It has always been my ishhh!  Like, no matter if I drink a billion glasses of water a day, eat healthy AF or have a night filled with drinking and eating salty goodness, I’m still a puff ball!!  Sometimes I look like I’ve been legit, punched in the face… it’s a struggle – ya feel me?!  I’ve tried every contraption, eye cream, not eating any salt and the list goes on and on.  I’ve finally found some things that actually work – hallelujah!!

I’ve put a little video tutorial together (watch above) to go through the THREE things I do to help de-PUFF.  Give it a watch and shop all of the goodies I use below!  It’s time to say buhhhhhh bye to tired-looking eyes and hello to a fresh face!

Here’s a little more detail about each item I use…

[1] Eye Patches – I wear these first thing in the morning – about 5 times a week depending on the puffy situation.  I keep these in my mini beauty fridge in my room.  This keeps them v v cool, work even better and is pretty much the best thing in all of the land – shop it here!  I pop them on immediately when I wake up and wear them for about 30 minutes while I do my morning routine and have a cup of coffee.  You can place these patches two ways but I prefer the smaller side up – see image below.  Having the fatter side under my eyes targets more of the bag/puffiness area.  Not only are these amazing for combating puffy eyes, but they also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The patches are super hydrating and a plus if you live in a dry climate or use during winter months! YAS please!

[2] Ice Roller – This is my new obsession… If you’ve put ice cubes on your face before you know what a mess that can be.  That is why the ice roller is genius!  Not only do you get the cooling effect of the tip but you are rolling out your face at the same time.  Essentially you’re giving yourself an ice face massage.  This helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness.  I do it over my entire face but you can target your eyes as well. See my video for a closer look.  Remember – keep your ice roller in the freezer for optimum results and always roll in an upward motion on your face. 😉  I do this 3-5 times a week depending on the puff.

[3] Eye Cream + Rose Quartz Roller – Wearing an eye cream morning and night is SO important.  As we start to age the under eye can become a little scary!  The skin is thin, ages fast and need to be cared for.  I have tried numerous eye creams and found some real standouts – linked my faves below.  I’m currently using Tata Harper’s. Restorative Eye Créme.  Every morning after applying my serum, face lotion and finally eye cream, I use a rose quartz roller.  This helps with absorption of all of my products into my skin as well as lymphatic drainage, which main goal is to decrease inflammation/puffiness.  I keep mine in my mini beauty fridge so I get the added benefit of it being cold, helping to de-puff faster.  Like the ice roller, you roll in an upward motion on your face – see video.  I try to use a roller everyday.

As I mentioned in the video, I sometimes just do the patches in the morning and other times, do all three.  You can do them together or individually depending on how puffy you are and what works for your skin!  Give ’em a try!  As always, leave a comment with any questions.

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combatting eye puff
combatting eye puff
combatting eye puff

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  1. Kasey Im obsessed with all facial products , and the gadgets .. I can’t really afford them .. being a single mom .. but I do Have a micro needle roller my sister bought me .. and I love 💕 it .. I’m going on 51 and I baby my skin .. washing with Olay of olay age defying cleanser and their new tinted moisturizer is the bomb .. I want To try the huge roller that u have .. and do a before and after one day …thanks for sharing .. I love Your Instagram been following u for some time now …