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Pregnancy Must-have Details

Hey there, mamas (or not)! I wanted to consolidate one list of my favorite top 10 pregnancy items, so it’s easy for y’all to reference. I’ve talked about all of these products on my Insta and other preg blog posts: First Trimester, Second Trimester and Maternity Fashion 101.

Let me break down my TOP 10…

1. Zoe Organics Belly Oil – I first tried a few balms and they were breaking out my tummy and chest area with little red bumps. I then switched to the Zoe Organics oil and I love it! I lather it on morning and night and anytime I feel a bit dry and/or itchy. Your skin is stretching, so don’t be shy with the oils!

2. Belly Bandit Band – A girlfriend of mine told me about this magical band. As you grow, the weight on your front side can take a toll on your lower back and put pressure on your bladder. As my bump has started to get bigger… and bigger, I’ve worn this band during the day. GOOD news, it also is designed with an ice pack pocket for your lower back area. In my third trimester, I’ve used this ALL THE TIME! This band is definitely worth it!

3. Boppy Pregnancy Pillow – So I’ve tried a few and come to find out, I do NOT prefer the Snoogle body pillow everyone raves about. It is massive and not comfortable for me. I switched to a smaller pillow to support my lower back and belly as I sleep on my side. I put a standard pillow in between my knees to balance my hips and continue to use my silk tempurpedic beauty for my head. Ya, it’s definitely a situation in my bed, but totally worth it! Being comfortable while sleeping is SO important for mom.

4. Thorne Prenatal – Throughout pregnancy it is recommended to take a prenatal. As I discussed in my first trimester post, I was so nauseated that I couldn’t keep a pill down. I had to cave and take gummies. Since feeling 99% better in my second trimester, I switched back to a prenatal vitamin. I found the Thorne brand I am currently taking from a podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She discusses her pregnancy and a lot of supplements. If you’re interested in having a listen, check it out here.

5. Magnesium Calm – It’s said a deficiency in magnesium during pregnancy may cause increased risk of hypertension and premature labor. I take a powder called, Calm Magnesium, every evening mixing it with warm water. It relaxes my mind, helps me sleep and stay regular. Ya, maybe TMI for some, but during pregnancy constipation is an issue! I haven’t had any problems thanks to my diet and magnesium.

6. Motherhood Maternity Bras – When I first found out I was pregnant, by boobs were outta control! They had already grown an entire cup size, and not gonna lie, they ached realllll bad. I needed some to support these babies ASAP! No lace bralets were in my future! LOL I enlisted all of you via my Instagram story to see what brands y’all liked. I tried a few standouts and found, the seamless nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity were the winners! No underwire, with all of the stretch required for my growing tatas. Since they are nursing bras, I can also use them once the baby arrives. A win-win!

7. Pink Underwear – If you’ve been pregnant or are, you know how important undergarments are. Comfort is key and my favorite thongs a la Pink are perfection. The material is uber stretchy and I love the thick band that sits on your hips. These are a great option as you grow.

8. BLANQI Leggings – Stretchy clothes for the bump while preggers is essential. Support is also important as your belly grows. I found that not only were these leggings perfect for everyday comfort, but they were designed with over-the-belly support and a built-in anchor to lift and redistribute weight. The back also has X-shaped support that reduces lower back pressure. YES please!

9. One Love Organics Face Wash – I’m obsessed with skincare and finding pregnancy friendly products that I liked, took a minute. The cleansing oil I’m loving is organic, clean and smells delishhhh! I think it’s so important to be using safe products while you’re expecting and I think y’all will love this! If you’re interested in more of my favorite pregnancy-safe products check out these posts: morning routine, nighttime routine, top 5 acne products.

10. One Love Organics Face Mask – A little self-care is much needed when you’re not feeling so hot. Each week I’ve done masks to look and feel good. My favorite one is a charcoal mask from the same line as the face wash I’m using. This mask is great for more acne-prone skin and that means GREAT while your hormones are outta wack.

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  1. Omg!! I just love your must haves! And your ideas are so fun and exciting! I cannot wait till your next blog! You are the best! My most favorite thing to do for Christmas? Is spending time with the family! And giving thanks and gratitude for everything I have in my life!

  2. Love the pregnancy posts since I am also pregnant right now. Thank you! What week did you stop feeling the morning sickness?