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It’s time for another gift guide, babes! I’ve rounded up my favorite HOME ideas from my all-time top 10 to entertaining, cozy and personal options! See below as I break down my faves and roundup everything in easy to click shops! Also, keep scrolling for the best GIVEAWAY everrrrrr! 😉

1. “Get Naked” Bath Mat – I love graphics and especially when it comes to floor mats. It is a fun way to liven up a space! This is a great gift to give during the holidays at only $34.

2. Knit Blanket – Alright y’all… this is THE most #splurgeworthy blanket everrrrr! I’ve had mine for 3 years now and love it! I’ve styled it out in my bedroom and living room. This is the perfect present for the COZY lover in your life. I have the standard size: 40×60″ in white. See below for my GIVEAWAY!! 😉

3. Black Candle – A candle is always a great gift. I love this chic black beauty. I have one in my office and it not only smells delicious, but it’s great to look at. When the candle is done burns all the way down, use it for a makeup brush holder! Two in one! 😉

4. Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers – You can’t really look anywhere in my home without seeing a buffalo plaid pattern goodie. It’s one of my favorite farmhouse must-haves and these pillow cover are under $11 for a set of two! Grab a few inserts and you’re all set to gift.

5. Silk Pillow Case & Pillow – Let’s just say everyone needs this in their life!! I can’t say enough good things about the Discover Night pillow case/pillow combo. Silk is SO good for you and this beaut is definitely worth it, supporting clear skin and shinier hair! And let’s not forget the comfortable memory foam insert – love it! Think about how much time you spend sleeping!? Trust me, it’s worth the $150 price tag. Give the gift of BEAUTY sleep this holiday season.

6. Letter Mug – If you’re looking for something cute, inexpensive and personal, this is it! I love the euro-style mug and it’s perfect for the coffee/tea lover in your life! Great stocking stuffer!

7. Marble Cake Stand – I love to entertain and I use cake stands all the time for appetizers and deserts. This marble and gold beauty is a great price at $39 and is an easy gift to take to a holiday party to give to a hostess.

8. Gucci Coffee Table Book – I display coffee table books all around my home and I think they are a great way to showcase ones interests/personality. This Gucci book would make a great present for any fashionista.

9. Rose Gold Bar Set – Shake it up!! The holidays are here and what better gift to give your cocktail-loving bestie, than a cayuuuuute rose gold bar set?! This is a great addition to any bar cart setup. Time for a drink!

10. Vintage Mirror – I mean, could these mirrors be any more gorg? I had my eye on them for over a year and finally got the large 7′ black option. I’m in LOVE!! These are perfect for a bedroom, living room, bath room or vanity setup. Surprise someone this holiday season with THE most chic mirror ever!!

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Knit Blanket Giveaway

Since y’all are SO amazing and it’s the holiday season, I wanted to do a fun giveaway!! I’m gifting one of my favorite knit blankets (from my top 10)! All you need to do to enter is, leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite thing to do during the holidays. It’s that easy! I will be selecting the winner at random on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019. If you win, I will email you with the details. You have 24 hours to respond. If you do not, I will select another winner. GOOD LUCK, babes!

*Please note entrant must be 18+ and reside in the contiguous U.S.  The winner can select the color of their choice in the “bed throw” size, 23×47″.

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  1. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to watch Christmas movies with my kids while we are all cozy in our Christmas jammies.

  2. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is give gifts and getting cozy with all my friends and family ❤️ As cliche as it sounds, giving is one of my favorite things to do year round – it’s just extra fun during the holidays! Merry Christmas to all!! 🎅🏻

  3. My favorite thing to do watch the look on my kids faces on christmas morning as they open their presents, it really is magical! Also, decorating my house and soaking in all the holiday smells and christmas songs! Plus, all the extra excuses to shop during the holiday season! Eek! 🎄🤗

  4. So I have 2 favorite things that I love to do during the holidays, the first is to go skiing. We barely have any snow in Alaska this winter yet, so I’m really hoping we get more soon so I can enjoy one of my favorite things to do. The second is to have my nieces over for a sleepover, we watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music and they decorate my tree. I live watching the joy this brings them as they aren’t allowed to do their tree at home 😄

  5. I love inviting all my girlfriends over for a jammies/Christmas movie/spiked hot chocolate night! It’s nice to just hang in and spend some quality time together. My husband and I always watch Elf and decorate our tree together too 🙂 both really make my heart happy around the holidays!

  6. What I like to do during holidays may not be an activity but it is an experince I always look forward to. Do you know the feeling when you are getting into your car, your radio turns on and they are playing holiday songs? I always have on a radio station that does that 24/7 during that time. No matter the weather, time of the day, if I am alone in the car or not it is the warmest and most uplifting feeling. So much is happening behind the window and I am grateful for all of it.

  7. My favorite holiday tradition is to make tamales with my mom and sisters. We also celebrate Christmas Eve with my whole family and stay up till 12 AM then do a big gift exchange.

  8. Favorite thing to do during the holidays…going home to my family for Christmas….let’s be honest… it may sound lame, but nothing gets better than being with your own family for the holidays!!! Cheers to a cozy holiday!❤️

  9. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate with the ones I love ❤️

  10. New to IG and happy I found you. I love your style and personality. My favorite with the holidays is just seeing everyone happy. It’s contagious, along with giving – giving to others in whatever ways I am able! It’s a magical time of year!

  11. It’s hard to narrow it down to *one* favorite thing – something we always did growing up was once Thanksgiving dinner and football was over, we’d put in the movie White Christmas and get out all the Christmas decor and watch White Christmas while decorating all together as a family. I LOVED it so much as a little girl and want to continue that tradition with our kids someday. ❤️🎄

  12. Every year, my mom buys matching pajamas for all of the grandkids. This will be the 7th year. I love getting all the kids in line and taking their pictures. It’s a yearly tradition

  13. Love all the items that are on this list. I do have some of those items on my Christmas list for sure! Everything really would go beautifully with my home decor. Already told my husband what I wanted. Will see if I have been a good girl or not! 😂

    • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is definitely decorate my home! It makes me so happy! Also, this year I will be hosting Christmas and spending time with my newborn and my in-laws.

  14. Favorite thing to do during the holiday is to take time off work and enjoy it with my family somewhere nice. We usually rent a cabin up in McCall, play with the snow and then warm up by the fireplace:)

  15. As kids we used to travel far to see family on Christmas Day so my mom used to tell us Santa would swing by when we were at my grandmothers for Xmas eve dinner because he knew we were traveling super early in the morning and wanted us to enjoy our presents. To this day my immediate family gathers on Christmas Eve, just the 4 of us, with our matching PJs from my mom — we sit by the tree with a firing burning and we all open our presents. It’s nice to be able to have family time like even when I’m now 30 and live on my own. Nothing like taking a trip back to childhood, even once a year 🙂

  16. My favorite Holiday Tradition is to get together with my family, make Christmas Cookies, blast Christmas Music, put all the decorations up. Especially all the ornaments from when I was a kid. Then afterwards light the fire place and put on Christmas movies and just spend quality time with everyone. I’m expecting a little boy in early January and I can’t wait to come up with exciting traditions to make our own for when he is here! Thanks for all the home and style inspiration and for all the pregnancy advice over the months!! Xo

  17. We just moved into our new house so this is our first Christmas in our home and our first as a married couple! We are creating new traditions together, like buying our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and getting new decorations to fill our home. Hallmark movies and hot chocolate are a staple too🎄 Happy Holidays everyone, xo!

  18. I love going home to Kansas City for my families annual candy making night! Miss them all so much. And miss my city.

  19. My favorite thing to do or the holidays is make lady locks and when the kids get together and decorate sugar cookies!

  20. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorate my home and traditions of shopping with my mom. We always seem to create time around the holidays that we don’t do regularly during the year. It’s truly the most wonderful time!

  21. My absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays is to have the fire going, decorate, make the house smell like Christmas trees and cookies and play the holiday classic tunes all while cuddling with my kiddos!

  22. Hey girl hey! Love these gift ideas & your home decor!!! I have my belly bandit on as well…. for the opposite reason. I just had a hysterectomy at 36 🙁 for medical reason of course…. do you enjoy that new baby all you can sister, what a blessing ❤️

  23. So many favorites…but just to name a few…our annual extended family Christmas party where Santa (same Santa since I was a baby) brings gifts for all the kids, Listening to Amy Grant’s “A Christmas Album”, the gift of giving, making sugar cookies for my grown up boys & my sweet little nephews, a warm cozy fire & some homemade Carmel apple cider. & if course following all my favorite bloggers post fun festive Christmas ideas 🎄❤️.

  24. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to spend time with my entire family! When we get together it’s like no other. Now that we’re all grown up, we all have busy schedules but we somehow make it happen. It’s literally the best time of the year!

  25. We love to drink hot cocoa while driving around to see all the Christmas lights! We also love to go to the Lighted Boat Parade!

  26. Favorite thing to do around holidays is basically everything. We move a lot as we are a military family. So we use the holiday season as a time to get to meet our neighbors. Usually baking goodies, playing secret Santa around our street, outdoor Christmas movies and roasting marshmallows with the kids.

  27. My favorite holiday tradition is watching all the classics starting from Thanksgiving on! Under blankets, cuddled with dogs and warmed by the fire. ✨💕

  28. Love this blanket! My favorite things to do during the holidays are make food, decorate, and play card games with my family!

  29. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with family! We live all over the US so it’s so nice when we can all come home and spend the holidays together! 🙂

  30. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is to head up to our beautiful Central Utah Mountains to hunt for the PERFECT Christmas tree. After finding “The one” we gather around a fire, on hay bales, and drink LOTS of got chocolate.

  31. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is wearing matching jammies and baking cookies with my 3 year old little girl on Christmas Eve and then snuggling up watching a movie together until she is asleep. ❤️

  32. My favorite thing to do is be with family, eating, and good ol fun with some family games!!! It’s def the season… thank you for you!!!
    Many blessings!!! Xoxo

  33. I love going to Naples in Long Beach, California and looking at all of the pretty lights. And also seeing all the decorations at Disneyland

  34. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is turn on my Michael Bublé Christmas album, warm up some hot chocolate, and decorate every inch of the house in a Christmas paradise 🎄 🎁 ☃️

  35. There’s so many things I love to do for the holidays, it’s just so hard to pick one favorite. One special tradition that I cherish each year is the days spent cooking with my Dad to prepare his infamous Christmas Eve dinner made for family and friends to share. The meal is mad of 14 of more courses of polish treats from multiple handmade pierogis to holiday salads and sauerkraut and peas (sounds awful but tastes so good) and halibut and so much more. There’s too many cookies and candy cane ice cream, poppyseed cake and more to top it all off for desert. The time spent watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music and enjoying such a loving act preparing Christmas Eve dinner for 30 to 40 of our family members and friends is something so special to share with the man that taught me everything.

  36. My favorite thing to do on the holidays is simply spend time with my kids. The are all grown up an living in different cities than me so I treasure the times we can spend together!

  37. Love this giveaway! So cozy! I looooove going on a date with my honey to go look at the Christmas lights all over town!

  38. I haven’t had much time to come up with a favorite thing to do over the holidays. I was always at work really. I worked retail and then I was a caregiver. I’m working in an office setting now. Hot chocolate, snuggles with my little boy, and holiday movies is something I’d like to get into. 🙂

  39. My favorite part of the holidays is COOKIES! I have a big Italian family, and my grandma is the greatest cook in the world. During the holidays, my brothers, cousins and I all go to her house for the day to bake cookies together. We bake tons of recipes and dozens of cookies. It’s such an awesome way for her to pass down her recipes and traditions to us, while also creating a day full of memories, with laughs, countless glasses of wine and full bellies of grandma’s best!

  40. I love spending time with family, listening to Christmas music, and watching the love of Christmas through my little boys eyes ❤️💚

  41. Love, love, love your posts, your home, basically everything you and your farmer hubs Larry do!
    My favorite thing during the holidays is choosing family Christmas pj’s with my girls. We all decorate our tree together while baking cookies and jam to all the Christmas tunes!
    We pick one night and drive around our favorite neighborhoods to see all the Christmas lights and decor.
    I could go on and on because we LOVE Christmas❤️😍😂.
    Cant wait to see your baby soon, best wishes from Boston! Xoxo

  42. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time in my onesie jammies with my boys! Make cookies, watch Christmas movies and sit by the Christmas tree! ❤️

  43. AH! This blankie has been on my wish list FOR.EV.ER! Ok, so favorite thing to do at Christmas…it is so hard to narrow it down to just one! I think it’s a toss up between three…1) we pick one night each year to surprise the boys–we tell them to get into their jammies and we load up in the car with hot cocoa and popcorn (dinner!) and we drive all around looking at the beautiful lights. 2) My hubby proposed on a sleigh ride in this adorable mountain town just before Christmas. Afterwards we picked out a sleigh ornament at cute Christmas store so now we go back every year and pick one out that represents something special that happened that year. And 3) Singing at Christmas Eve service. Brings me to tears every damn time. All the feels!

  44. Hi Kasey!

    My favorite things to do during the holidays are EAT, decorate, spend time with family and then eat some more! Haha! The holidays are just so cheery and ignite a spark in most to be happy and kind! ❤️

  45. FYI. The cake stand is now in sale with 30% off!! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorate the tree with my sons. They are in college now and they both made me promise not to decorate the tree until they come home for Christmas break.

  46. My favorite thing to do around the holidays here with my family is go over to this cute little town in Celebration, FL. and every hour or so in the evenings they have good ole Florida snow, aka, soap suds! Also other fun holiday activities to do in the town square. Light-Up UCF is also a favorite local fam thing to do around the holidays!!!

  47. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is curl up on the couch with my puppies (I have 5, so they have to take turns lol) and watch all the holiday movies. Also my mom and I get together every year and go get a new ornament for our trees. We’ve been doing this every year since I was 5. I love doing that with her and hope to do the same when I have children.

  48. Love this gift guide!!! Gives me all the cozy feels 🙂
    One of my favorite holiday “traditions” is watching Love actually and Home alone and eating leftovers on Christmas Day (we do Xmas eve dinner). It’s weird but I’ve been doing it for the past 7 years lol. Other than that is just being with my family and friends.

  49. I do loooooveee!!! e holidays!!!😍 I listen to Christmas music all the time and I love being with the people that I love the most during this time!!! 😍🎅🎄🎊🎄🎄♥️
    P.s. I love your blog🤗

  50. My favorite thing to do during the holidays are decorating my house, baking Christmas goodies, and of course watching classic Christmas movies.

  51. Such a great gift guide, thanks! I love EVERYTHING about the holidays! My favorite is looking at Christmas decor and just being with families! Also, putting together a Christmas puzzle!

  52. I love to sit on the couch with my children , husband, and dogs, snuggled up with blankets and hot chocolate while watching movies. I also enjoy cooking and baking, and getting inspired by you, my favorite blogger. Merry Christmas

  53. My favorite thing would have to be setting up the tree with my loved ones. I’m a big not Christmas until after Thanksgiving gal, and when the day after hits it’s full glam! Christmas music blaring, green and red everywhere. It truly is the most magical time! I enjoy my wine decorate and transform my home into a winter wonderland! Cheers Babe!

  54. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to go look at Christmas lights in all the different neighborhoods around me! It just makes me so happy!!

  55. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to sit in a clean and decorated home and take in all of the decorations!!

  56. My favorite winter things are ice skating, drinking hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies, singing Christmas carols, and Christmas mass!

  57. I love to cuddle up with my hub & our two puppies by our “electric “ fire place since we live in hot Florida watching Christmas movies !

  58. We have two things that are a constant when it comes to Christmas time! One: we get the whole family together and decorate Christmas cookies. It’s the cutest now that I have little nieces to help decorate their cookies. Two: lastly, since we were little kids we have gone to this cheesey drive through Christmas light show. It’s AMAZING! You get to tune into their radio channel and listen to Christmas songs are you enjoy driving through the magical lights! 🎅🏼🤶🏼 Good luck with your little babe coming soon!

  59. I have 3 boys (6, 4 and 1) and try hard to come up with something new and fun to do every Christmas. This year we thought we’d go big and are taking them on a Disney Merrytime Cruise…in 12 days!!! 🎉

  60. That blanket is amazing. And would be perfect for my favorite thing to during during the holidays! Cuddling up on the couch with my boys next to the fireplace with a cozy blanket! Good luck with your new sweet baby boy Kasey! Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄💙🎁

  61. Totally shopping this post for all the girlies in my fam! Fav thing to do during the holidays is go “Christmas light looking” with my hubs and our little in our jammies! We stop at Starbucks on the way for our fav hot drink and then watch The Polar Express when we get home! Tradition!

  62. Love your gift guide!! 💕💕 My favorite thing to do over the holidays is to take our dogs to the beach with family. They love to run around and we enjoy chatting and watching them play in the sand. Can’t wait to meet the babe so soon! Best of luck and enjoy every second! Xoxo

  63. My friends and I love planning a ugly Christmas sweater party a few weeks ahead of Christmas to play games and have some fun before the last minute shopping needs to be done. My family and I love going ice skating and getting hot chocolate and going home to watch a Christmas movie all together. Just love the holidays 💛

  64. Such an awesome thoughtful guide.

    We like to do Family Christmas dinner at my place. Haven’t decided what we are cooking this year. 🤔

  65. Oh goodness where do I start. I have 4 kids and we have so many traditions and we like to do as many as possible each year. We like to make a special hand made ornament one for each kiddo every year. Christmas tree lighting. Christmas parade. Go 2 christmas plays. Bake all month long and share with my elderly neighbors. We have big big family so lots of gatherings.

  66. My family visits Newport RI every winter and it’s magical! We stop in Mystic CT and get fudge then stop in Newport and watch the sailboats go by and visit some mansion. Another great tradition is Christmas morning, we make eggs Benedict and all other breakfast foods and munch out!

  67. Oh my goodness. I’ve only recently found you and love everything about you. Your home, style fashion, family, baby room tour and Q&A. All. Of. It.

    My favorite holiday traditions are all about making memories. We’ve always taken our kids and driven through the neighborhoods to look at lights. Every Christmas Eve the kids open their x-mad jammies, always acting like they have no idea what’s in the box. Baking and decorating ugly sweater cookies. Christmas morning is always cinnamon rolls. This is the last year that I’ll likely have my three kids and now son-in-law and granddaughter with us for Christmas. My husband is in the Air Force and we will be moving away from all of them for the first time ever and don’t know yet what future holidays will look like. BUT, we will make the most of this year!

  68. My fave thing to do during the holidays and find fun and creative things for the Elf on The Shelf. My kids love waking up and running to find him and see what he’s done over the night.

  69. Wow I came across this gift guide and totally fell in love with it! So many great ideas and amazing items. Love the vintage mirrors and would love a blanket like that! Awesome giveaway! My favorite holiday/Christmas tradition is making Divinity with my Mom and decorating a gingerbread house with my siblings. It’s become a big competition the past few years! (This year, I plan on winning!)

  70. Loving this post! But my favorite thing to do for the holidays… honestly everything! I’m obsessed! Baking cookies, buying presents for friends and family, listening Christmas music, decorating… haha I could go on. Can’t wait to see all of your amazing holiday decor!

  71. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spending time with family & friends baking cookies , sharing memories , listening to all my FAVORITE Christmas songs and living in the moment cherishing all the past Christmas memories. ❤️ 🎄 🍪

  72. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is watch Christmas movies while making cookies and drinking hot chocolate by a fire with my loved ones, and of course doing any Christmas activity I can! Best time of the year ☺️ 🎅🏻🤶🏻☃️🎄☕️🎁

  73. My favorite thing to do is turn on my Christmas jams, bake some cookies and wrap presents! Something so calming about that and knowing you’re going to make someone’s day 💕

  74. It’s so hard to pick one favorite thing! I love transforming my home with all the cozy things and twinkle lights. I love Christmas movies. I love our local Christmas village, visiting and seeing all the lights! There are just so many things to love about the holidays!

  75. Love your home! AND love this knit blanket!! Our favorite thing we do over the Christmas season is going to The Nutcracker Ballet (myself, my daughters and my granddaughters)! Wishing you a smooth labor and delivery!! Good Luck!! Excited to see your new baby boy!

  76. When I was little, around 15 family members would gather at my Dad’s house on Christmas Eve. The year before we all pick a name out of a hat and don’t tell anyone. We have a whole year to MAKE that person a special gift. We have to get super creative and it’s so meaningful. When it’s our turn to give our gift, we get fun with it and go up to another person (having them think it’s for them) and then turn and say “no not yours” lol and then end up giving the person we made the gift for “the special gift”. Everyone is so excited to see what we made.

    Oh and my mom turned vegan this year and she’s making a TOFURKY . Wish us luck lol

  77. My whole family lives in different states, so we come together in one to spend the holidays together. Christmas Eve is the night of Christmas movie watching, everyone makes their favorite appetizers and we just hangout. Christmas Eve is my favorite. We wake up Christmas morning and watch my niece and nephew open their gifts while listening to Christmas music. We have a special casserole of some sort for Christmas morning and then it is playing with the new toys and watching yet another Christmas movie with the family! Everyone got the stomach bug a couple of years back, so that went down in the record book for sure!

    Happy holidays everyone!

  78. I love getting the family in our Christmas jammies, making hot chocolate and popcorn and driving around looking for Christmas lights. We called it the polar express when they were younger now they are 15,14 and 12 and still want to do this. We add Christmas lights belt music and generally laugh our asses off. This blanket would be like a giant hug and could also protect me from Monday’s.

  79. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to turn on a movie or a show with a nice cup of hot cocoa in hand! Snuggled up in a cozy blanket surrounded by Christmas decorations 😌

  80. I love this gift guide for… myself 😁! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake cookies! Some new recipes, but lots of recipes from mom!

  81. My favorite thing to do during the Holidays is go get the Christmas tree! My family has a tradition where we go chop one down every year and then bring it home to decorate!

  82. One of my favorite things during the holidays 🤔 it’s really hard to pick because I love all the fun traditions! But the week before Christmas I have a “Grandma Cookie day”, all the grandkids come over and we decorate sugar cookies to leave out for Santa!

  83. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bake and cook lots and have family and friends over, then snuggle up with tons of blankets in front of the fire (insist on the fire, even though we are in Texas! 😂). Kids snuggle too and we read. It’s such a blessed and peaceful time! Enjoy your sweet baby! I had my middle son the day after Thanksgiving and it was amazing to be able to enjoy him with all the lights and Christmas decor! Made those late night feedings the best! ❤️👶🏻🌲

  84. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is a trifecta spectacular…cook, eat, nap…repeat! This blanket would be the perfect addition!!!


  85. My favorite is decorating for the holidays, but also love going to friends and family to see their decorations as well!

  86. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is going out shopping for Christmas gifts in the evening with my mom and my niece. There is just something about being out and about when it’s chilly and you’re all bundled up. I love seeing all of the Christmas lights around town and hearing the Christmas music in the stores…it really gets my in the spirit! It’s our little Christmas time tradition that we do together!

  87. I love just sitting by the fireplace after the kiddos have gone to bed & talking with my husband! Quiet moments = the best moments! Also seeing my babies faces as they see that Santa has come to our house! Best feeling ever!

  88. Ahh…First of all, I absolutely LOVE your home!!! I check your post daily just to see how cute you decorate each room! Your shopping ideas and list are so helpful too! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is baking cookies with my kiddos! 🍪🎄❤️

  89. My favorite thing to do during the holiday is wake up Christmas morning, load our family truck and go to neighborhoods in need or bridges and give away hot tamales, some winter kits (they include gloves, warm hats, toothbrushes and toothpaste, brushes and some snacks) to people in need. My kids appreciate what they have and they are learning that is not always about receiving BUT to give to others.

  90. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely getting a tree and decorating! Normally with mulled wine but this year hot chocolate will do 🤰🏼. Your house is absolutely gorgeous!! Hoping you have a smooth delivery and enjoy the holidays with your new family of three!! 💙💙💙

  91. My favorite tradition is baking goodies with my mom and sister. Then watching the Christmas parade the morning of all in our pjs.

    I have always wanted a blanket like this.

  92. Oh em gee! I am obsessed with this list. You angel. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is set up luminarias at our house. Luminarias for those who may not know are paper sacks that are folded and filled with sand and a candle, they give off a small glow and are something I cherish this time of year. They are super simple and kind of southwest vibe that I love. It takes me back to my childhood growing up in New Mexico and I know no matter where I go I’ll always be able to bring a little piece of home with me especially this time of year.

  93. Love all of your posts! One of our favorite things to do during the holidays is all like in the car and drive around the neighborhood and look at all the beautiful holiday decorations and lights!

  94. My favorite thing to do is to enjoy time with my family. I work full time but during Christmas I get 2 weeks off so it’s nice to relax and enjoy the time with my kids and husband.

  95. I love all your guides and recommendations. I’m pregnant and only in my first trimester. But I’m already looking at all your recommendations!!! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is walk around NYC (omg the pretzels!!!!). I also love watching my nephew’s open up their presents. Nothing like the joy kids have on Christmas … It’s contagious and I love it!!

  96. Our favorite holiday tradition is packing all our friends into a big SUV, making thermoses of hot cocoa, and driving around looking at all the lights. At the end, we come back to our house and sing 12 Nights of Christmas! It’s a blast!

  97. My favorite thing to do around the holiday is go to t he zoo lights with my fiancé! He proposed their last year and I can not wait to return this year !!!

  98. Family tradition of harvesting our tree whilst snowshoeing. Coming home; eating cookies, drinking hot toddies and decorating. And Christmas tunes is a must!!!

  99. I love spending time with my family. That is my favorite thing to do during the holidays. I also love all of the decor and food that goes a long with holidays as well!! There is nothing better!! ❤️

  100. My fave thing to do is make homemade pierogi with my grandma! We have a family recipe brought from Poland and we make them every year! Such good memories and yummy food!

  101. Ok, can I just say you’re the most beautiful momma to be! I hope I look this good when I’m pregnant. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is decorate the tree with family, eat and drink delicious wine. Talk about everything. Love spending time with family. I will forever cherish it ❤️

  102. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is baking! I love being home from college and being with family and friends! My mom always has a HUGE baking day where family comes over and we bake literally all day and listen to Christmas songs!

  103. Let me start by saying that I live watching you ! You are so pretty and funny !
    My favorite thing to do is to build a gingerbread house with my two kids and make hand made ornaments for the tree!
    I can’t wait to see your baby boy 🙏🏻.

  104. My favorite thing about the holidays is being home with the family! Being a military spouse can be really hard so when the whole family is together life is just 1000x better even if it is just for the day!

  105. Love all of this! My favorite thing to do at the holidays is have quality time with family and friends, eating around a table and laughing. I love shopping too 😉

  106. My favorite tradition that my parents passed down to me to do for my kids is, jammies from the elf on Christmas Eve! We couldn’t wait to get home from family Christmas parties to see if the elf would come. Then on Christmas morning my dad would all line the kids up to go see if Santa had come. all the Christmas lights would be on, the fireplace and Christmas music on. It was magical Now we do it for our kids and I love it! ❄️🎄

  107. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorating our home, playing Christmas music and wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies by the fire ❤️ Your home is seriously the coziest looking home on IG! I’m just so so glad I found you! What an eye candy your IG is ❤️

  108. This gift guide! 👌🏻👌🏻 I absolutely love giving gifts! It makes me so happy! Aside from that I love snuggling up with my dogs & hubs for all the cheesy holiday movies! ❤️🌲

  109. Favorite thing to do is spend time with my family on Christmas Eve wearing matching Christmas pajamas, listening to Christmas music, baking cookies for Santa with my kids, and soaking in all the holiday magic and excitement!

    Love your design style! Thanks for all the good recommendations! Best wishes for a safe & healthy delivery!

  110. I love baking cookies during the cold holiday month… then, more importantly, eat them while enjoying time with family and friends!

  111. I love it all!! Decorating, cooking, entertaining, socializing with friends and family. Love it all. I think though my favorite is finding the perfect gifts for those on my list.

  112. Great gift guide! Thank you! We are creating new traditions with our 2yo and 3mo. So far we really enjoy taking all the young cousins to meet Santa together. Super cute!

  113. Oh my goodness, you have me hooked! I have packages coming in the mail pretty much daily since I found your blog and Instagram page! So it might be obvious, but my favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with family and changing everything to Christmas decor! 🎄

  114. My favorite thing to do during the holdings is watch Hallmark Christmas movies and make ginger bread houses!

  115. I am so digging this gift guide, that black candle is pure perfection (probably buying for myself instead of a gift for someone else, whoops). My favorite holiday activities are (in order):
    1. Watching Home Alone. Best one-liners ever.
    2. Attending the annual Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl the gym I attend hosts. It’s a hoot.
    3. Planning all my festive looks…like I could have a closet dedicated just to December fashion, lol.

  116. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is bake with my 3 littles and then deliver baked goods to our neighbors!!

  117. Hi!! Thank you so much for putting together this gift guide! My favorite thing to do during the holiday is give. Each of my children choose one act of kindness and we do it as a family. They get so excited and they plan all year what they want to do. It is something we all look forward to❣️❣️

  118. There is absolutely nothing better than spending time with the kiddos off School and Hubby 💕off work..It’s a huge Gourmet breakfast around the tables and plenty of hugs and kisses.

  119. My favorite thing to do during the holiday is watch the snow fall outside with a warm cup of coffee in my hand with some Frank Sinatra playing in the background, and my pup snuggled up next to me. One of our traditions that I really enjoy for the season is making appetizers for Christmas Eve and opening one gift with my family ❤️

  120. My favorite thing to do is spending time with my family in Mexico, eat together and have a couple of glasses of wine, nice music and keep eating lol
    Your gift is the perfect blanket for the season! My husband and I just bought our first home and literally I’m buying most of the things you have, thank you for your great decor ideas, happy holidays!!

  121. So excited about this giveaway!! THANK
    YOU for doing this ❤️
    My favorite thing about the holidays is just being surrounded by family and eat good food! 😆
    Also, you can’t go wrong with the Hallmark channel during the holiday season!

  122. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is to decorate the tree with my babes and then my house. I love listening to Christmas music and lighting the fire while my kids get out there favorite ornaments and put them on the tree.
    Fingers crossed Boise gets snow again for Christmas. 😁

  123. Loving all the Christmas decor ideas and pregnancy friendly fashion . I swear I’ve bought so many of your recommendations for my bump 😁. And my favorite thing to do during Christmas is the decorating and shopping for a real Christmas tree with the husband . It’s tradition to set up the tree with hot cocoa and Christmas music and Harry Potter movies in the background every year.

  124. My fav thing to do is go see the zoo lights in Chicago! It’s been a tradition with hubs ever since beginning of dating. Now, we are sharing this tradition with our growing fam!! YAY🙌🏻🤗

  125. This blanket would be perfect for my 3 boys and I to cuddle under! Best wishes on a smooth delivery. I’ve done the basic 3 deliveries and will be thinking of you!

  126. Hi, I really enjoy following you and getting home and beauty inspiration! I am also excited to try your boozie drink! I love visiting family and friends for the holidays. I moved to a Colorado with my fiancé from MI so makes it even more special to get some time in. Also love giving gifts to people selfishly so it’s a good time of year for me!

  127. My favorite Holiday tradition since I was little was spending the day making Christmas cookies with my mom and 4 siblings, we’d each make a different type of cookie and enjoy decorating and baking together while listening to Christmas music surrounded by Holiday decorations it was always a bonus if it was snowing outside too!! Now my husband joins in on the fun and one day our little baby will too! Happy holidays love your blog and Instagram your style is everything I love!!!

  128. Favorite thing to do during the holidays is to take our annual drive though the ‘magic lights’ show at our beach! We make it as cozy as possible with hot chocolate and blankets while my hubby drives through! They even have their own radio station playing Christmas songs on replay! This year is extra special because it is our baby boys first Christmas (he’s almost one now) and I know he’s going to LOVE all of the lights and attractions at the end of the light show!

  129. My absolute fav blogger! 😍 My favorite holiday traditions are decorating the entire home with cozy holiday goodies, snuggling up to watch the grinch (Jim Carrey version!), and ice skating at the Hotel Del Coronado!

  130. My favorite thing to do for the holiday is hanging out with my friends and family by a fire place drinking hot cocoa and watching holiday movies.

    I also love to watch everyone one by one open up their gifts that someone gave them!

  131. Favorite thing is to spend time with my loved ones, dressed up or in pajamas, enjoying each other’s company, making new memories, and cherishing each and every moment 🥂✨

  132. Love this gift guide!! So many great ideas! Ever since my husband and I bought our house, this will be our second year hosting Christmas in our house and my absolute favorite tradition that I started was to play everyone’s favorite Christmas movies! Great way to bond with the family!

  133. My favorite thing to do during the holidays besides eating, is playing games with my family & friends (while eating & having cocktails haha.) I love just being together with my favorite people and hearing and seeing all the love, joy, thankfulness, and laughter. I also love seeing the excitement on my nieces faces on Christmas morning. I can’t wait until my little boy is old enough to get excited for Santa and to understand the true meaning of Christmas ♥️

  134. Absolutely love your gift guide because it has some truly timeless home pieces and decor! Fav thing to do during the holidays is go somewhere new every year to see huge Christmas light displays!

  135. I love all the decorations, pretty lights and christmas music. Time together with the family, enjoying warm drinks and warm fires.

  136. Your home is gorgeous! During the holidays, I love just spending down time at home with my husband and two boys-ages 2 and 3! Pajamas preferred 🙂

  137. My favorite tradition is Christmas tree cutting on the tree farm the Saturday after Thanksgiving! My husband surprised me and proposed to me there 7 years ago…he had lit up trees with lights, had carolers singing, the snow was falling and my family was there!! One of my favorite memories and I am so thankful my husband was so thoughtful to do it on my favorite day of the year and favorite tradition of the season!!

  138. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to go pick out our Christmas tree at the farm with my hubby and 2 dogs! And then bring it home, put some Christmas music on and decorate!

  139. Love being by the fire with family and some good Christmas movies and food. Last holiday as a family of two before little girl arrives. Soaking it all in, but so excited for the future traditions.

  140. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is pile the family up in the car after dark with cozy jammies and blankets, blast the Christmas music, grab a coffee or hot chocolate, and drive through the fancy neighborhoods done up big with lights and other amazing Christmas decor. 🎄🎅🏽❤️

  141. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is to buy special gifts for the ones that I love. Not only do I like to do that but I also like to do something special for someone in need. The holidays give me so much warmth in my heart !

  142. EAT!! Coming from an Italian family I love having a good meal with family and friends. Food brings us all together and having Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is something I look forward to every year ! Calories don’t count on the holidays right ? Lol. Xoxo

  143. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to watch Christmas Vacation with my family and sing karaoke! My family is all over Texas, and it’s the one time we all get to be together. We usually sing Robert Earl Keen or Dixie Chicks. I’m learning to cherish these even more as an adult and watching my grandparents/ great grandma age💛

  144. We love heading to McCall Idaho and loading all the kids in the horse drawn sleighs Brundage Mountain has. The the sleigh is vintage and was found in a local barn. We go at night and they light the trails with torches. The huge horses are amazing!

  145. My favourite thing to do during the holidays is to cozy up with a hot chocolate and watch holiday movies in the light of my Christmas tree.

  146. My very favorite thing to do during the holidays is wrap presents and put them under the tree. It’s one if my favorite activities and it adds extra decoration!

  147. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is to spend time with the fam at a college football bowl game. We take the entire week the team is there for practice and find activities in the area. For most of the fam that means no work, no school, no responsibilities just lots of time together and supporting our team.

  148. Ah that blanket is a dream!! My favorite thing to do for the holidays is to cozy up at home and spend quality time with my whole family (pets included!)

  149. Spending time with family and watching Christmas movies! Good luck with your beautiful baby boy on the way! Xoxo

  150. Seeing Christmas through my little 2 year old’s eyes 😍😍 Seeing her so excited about all of the decorations, presents, treats, being spoiled and loved by family, etc. It’s AWESOME.

  151. My favorite thing to do is bake (and eat) treats with my sister and my mom in my cozy clothes while watching hallmark Christmas movies and drinking cocktails! Preferable during a snowstorm!

  152. Hello, I also live in the great state of ID. Boise so not far from you! Oh my gosh I have been dying to have one of these blankets for the longest time! Thanks so much for the gift guide, there are some really great ideas. We have a 21 month old daughter and we are pregnant with a boy so the holidays are even more fun and exciting! I have always loved just getting together with family, making/eating sweets, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying all the pretty lights and decorations. My mom is very big into Christmas and has 4 different trees in the house that she spends hours decorating. Can’t wait for you to experience motherhood! It’s the best! Xoxo

  153. I love your blog and your home is so beautiful! Building next year and hoping to incorporate some of it!!

    My favorite thing to do over the holidays is get together with my entire family. We make cookies, have awesome dinners, and play football. ;). It’s a time to slow down and just enjoy!

  154. My boys are spread out now, graduated, in college, in high school so it’s great having them all home for the holiday…until the football games happen in my Living room! bodies flopped everywhere, excessive eating and drinking, long hikes, drives around the lake. At somepoint, I usually find a hiding spot in between meals while the dishwasher is running so I can just listen to my big boys reconnect after months apart. sure there are Gifts and things, but reconnections after months apart is the best part of the holidays!

  155. Love this post! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to decorate and see time slow down for a little bit to spend time with family and loved ones!

  156. I love baking cookies with my girls, and having the best gingerbread house decorating contest. Since the kids are grown, and live away from home, last year we did a train gingerbread and it was amazing. They travel amtrak a lot so thought it was very fitting.
    Happy holidays to you and yours.
    Love this blanket and your feed on instagram

  157. My absolute favorite thing to do is go ice skating downtown at night after a fun filled day of shopping and eating all the good foods with my hubby! We’ve done it every year since we’ve been married and we LOVE IT!

  158. My most favorite thing to do during the holidays is simple, I adore decorating and unpacking all of the decor and holiday hand me downs passed down over the years. I feel a little closer in my heart to my grandmas who are no longer with us by putting out and watching my littles now enjoy their favorite holiday pieces!! Every year my mom and I to this day put out my grandmas holiday village. We have over 20 houses now and it takes hours to set up and get perfect. I’m praying god sends me a little girl of my own to share some of these traditions with. That time spent under the twinkling lights snuggling my kiddos and hubs is always some of my most precious. Seeing my loved ones be so happy really just lights up my world. I hope this season brings love, new adventure and of course a healthy happy little boy wrapped in a bow for under your tree!!

  159. I absolutely love the holidays! There are so many traditions that we look forward to doing every year. I always take the kids to see the lights at “Christmas in the Park”. People travel here from everywhere to see the 100s of displays at Chief Logan State Park. The kids love helping me decorate! They each have their own tree that they can decorate anyway that want. We always make cookies and reindeer food to leave out for Santa and his reindeers. One of the best parts is going to my grandmothers for Christmas Eve. We have a huge Italian style dinner and all our friends and family come to eat, laugh, and reminisce around the fire.

  160. My favorite part of the holidays is family time! Baking cookies, playing board games, listening to conversation around the fireplace and helping my mom cook in the kitchen! After years of wishing and fantasizing- We are currently building our dream home and would love this blanket for our guest suite! Our family lives 10yrs away so we want this space to feel like a retreat when they come visit.

  161. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is all the old and new family traditions! Especially now, our sweet rainbow baby was born this October and he’s the best. Christmas is our absolute favorite so every single thing about it is my favorite. ✨🎄❄️

  162. Oh my gosh I’ve had my eye on this blanket this is so exciting!!! My favourite thing to do during the holidays has got to be Christmas tree cutting with my parents, siblings, husband, niece and nephew! After picking our tree we come home and my husband makes us all homemade hot chocolate made with our favourite chocolate from Greece! We play Christmas music and the kids all decorate the tree while my mom cooks up a BIG feast for us all to enjoy afterwards. It’s like a mini Christmas before actual Christmas, it’s just the BEST 🙂

  163. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is snuggle on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch hallmark Christmas movies.

  164. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to just be with family! I especially love the meal prep time with my mom for Christmas day. I love having that time with her just baking and enjoying the day. I don’t live by family anymore so I always look forward to going home for the holidays.

  165. Love this gift guide! Honestly I love planning gift exchanges and holiday partys. Love following you on Instagram for great little tips!

  166. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is to be home with my husband and our two dogs. I love my home all the time, but the holidays are so special when the house is all decorated. I love to have potpourri and candles of winter. Everything feels so snugly and the smell of the winter forest is all around. Sometimes it is music, Christmas movies, or Hallmark. Often we just sit and have conversations about Christmases that have past and dream of more to come as our doggies snooze.

  167. LOVE the gift guide ♥️
    My favorite thing to do over the holidays is Nest at home and make seasonal treats like homemade chai tea andChristmas cookies! Then tuck in early for all the classic Christmas movies!

  168. I love hearing holiday music everywhere, the spirit around the holidays is just contagious. Spending time with friends and family. Finding that perfect gift for someone is the best. I have festive Friday’s November and December in my classroom to get my middle school students in the winter spirit, they all like to sing along while working on projects.

  169. My favorite thing to do is decorate the house and watch Christmas movies with hot cocoa and my two little girls. We have a baby brother on the way so we are doing a lot of hanging out this year.

    • My favorite things to do during the holidays is make Christina’s cookies with my momAnd sister while watching Christmas movies and then do cookie exchanges with all my friends and family! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! ❤️

  170. I love the gift guide! Our favorite thing to do at Christmas is watch Christmas movies together with the tree on!! Even with older college aged kids, this has remained some of our favorite times over the holidays.

  171. Make sugar cookies with my brother and mom and listen to bad Christmas music. We always make a mess and drive her crazy but she wouldn’t have it any other way!

  172. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is visit my family in Montana! My grandparents are from Norway and we make lefse together, it is always so special!

  173. I love going to all of the winter festivals! Christmas tree feats, music fests, ice fests. Us crazy clevelanders still hang out in the cold outside 😊

  174. I LOVE Christmas and now that I have babies to share it with I love it even more. I love seeing their excitement for the little things and seeing it through their eyes. Brings me back to my childhood!!!

  175. Ok! First.. loving this gift guide!!

    Fav winter activity.. snuggling up with the hubby and my little Frenchie pup and drink coco and watch movies while looking at the tree all lit up!! Doesn’t get better than that! Merry Christmas and Wishing you and your fam a happy and healthy new year!!

  176. 🎄🎄🎄My very fave thing is to go skiing & come home to a cozy fire, hot cocoa, and a huge jigsaw puzzle that everyone helps with!!🎄🎄🎄

  177. My favorite part of Christmas is that my family comes over in the morning and we all open our gifts together and than we make a big breakfast and enjoy each other company 🥰

  178. Our favorite thing to do as a family every year is make popcorn and hot cocoa drive around looking at Christmas light on Christmas Eve. Been a family tradition in our family for as long as I can remember. Passing it down to my children in hopes they will keep it going one day for their families. This blanket is gorgeous and well as your home. I’ve only been following you for a little bit and wished I would of found you sooner❤️

  179. My favorite thing to do during the holidays… game nights with family while they are in town. Everything from board games to video games. For a few hours or tournaments that last days.

  180. Oh my goodness what to choose! All of Christmas is my favorite! But one thing I do love is finding places to ride around and look at amazing light displays. Whether it’s in neighborhoods or around the town square. We live outside of Indianapolis so we’ll go drive around the Indy race track when they have their light display up that’s really neat!
    I’m loving all you cozy Christmas decor you’ve got going on!

  181. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is curl up with a book and some hot chocolate or tea and read by the fire! Cookies and wine welcome too.

  182. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bake, decorate and spend extra time with family. Being a teacher, I feel grateful and forward to that little time off.

  183. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is make life xtra cozy for the people around me. Family, friends and even those I don’t really know very Well. It makes me feel good to help others feel like they can be cozy, relaxed and warm. Holidays invoke special memories of “home” and of days gone by, especially with those no longer with us.

  184. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is Christmas Eve festivities! Watching movies, drinking hot cocoa in our jammies and just making memories with the family 💛 it’s something I hold so close to my heart and makes me so so happy!

  185. My favorite to do is bake cookies with my toddler! He’s always been intrigued with the kitchen and this year we’ve already started practicing!

  186. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake Christmas cookies with all of the women in my family. We’ve done this since I was a little girl and I love being able to give cookies to loved ones!

  187. My favorite things to do during the holidays are baking and spend time with family!! I work in retail and this is the busiest time of the year for me and super hectic but I love it. Thank you for all the inspiration posts 🙂 I love getting ideas and reading your post because you always respond to your followers which sets you apart from other bloggers 🙂 happy holidays

  188. Baking cookies with my girls (3 and 1.5) on Christmas Eve for Santa. Even if they destroy the kitchen they still have fun! 😍

  189. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is 🎄 cuddle with my kids 🧒🏻👧🏻👶🏼 and hubby 👨🏻on the sofa and watch Christmas movies 🎥 while baking cookies 🍪 😋 Decorate the house together and cook something together ☺️🥰

  190. We love getting in as many Christmas movies as we can with lots of popcorn and hot chocolate! Plus mama has alot of bargain finding to do from the kids wish lists😏

  191. Hi gorgeous I already have purchased some of the home items and I love them. Can’t wait to see who will won’t the cozy blanket❤️

  192. My family gets together on Christmas Eve to Christmas Carol a few families who could use some Christmas cheer. There are about 25 of us who have been doing this for over 30 years.

  193. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is go over to my parents and just spend a relaxing evening all together eating food and desserts! Sometimes depending on what is playing, we go to a movie Christmas Eve! That’s always super fun 🎄

  194. My first and most favorite part of the holidays is family. Especially the fun, love and bonding my boys have with their cousins. There is nothing sweeter. We also love our tradition of driving up to the mountains to cut down a tree. We make a day of it! Yummy snacks, cozy drinks and the freedom to roam in the magical beauty of the trees. Then we come back home to decorate to holiday music and of course more food! That’s my top 2 favorites!🥰

  195. Snow Falling, Fire Blazing, Tree Sparkling, Hot Chocolate, Family, Christmas Movies, snuggled on the sofa with my kiddos. Best holiday tradition! ❤️Love all these picks!!

  196. The most important thing i like to do In the holidays is just have some quality family time 😊there’s nothing like having all the fam united during the holidays ❤️.

  197. I love giving gifts to people so during the holidays I LOVE wrapping presents! I’ve actually already started 🤷🏽‍♀️ My little babe is 14 months now so I’m so looking forward to Christmas with him this year! He is already going up to the Santas around the house and just starts giggling 🥰🥰
    I would love this blanket so we can just cuddle up by the fire together

  198. Ok if I had to pick just ONE favorite- it would be spending Christmas Day at my parents. It’s my favorite tradition and with the addition of my 2 littles, it makes it so much more special. 🎄 🎅🏻

  199. I love to sit in the dark and quiet with the Christmas tree lights on. It gives me l the warm and cozy feels. 🥰

  200. I’m obsessed with you and your blog! Thank you for always sharing your favorites! I am also preggo so I am so thankful for your pregnancy blogs. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bundle up with Mexican hot chocolate and watch all the Christmas movies I can! 💕

  201. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is to spend time with my family. Sharing special, simple moments with them in PJs, gathered in the living room. It’s the small things, y’all!

  202. My favorite thing to do during Christmas is baking cookies with my six and five year old. I ask each grandma to make their signature Christmas cookie with us and the kids also pick one cooking of their choice to bake. We have cute aprons we wear, and we blast Christmas music. The kitchen is a total mess by the time we’re done but our hearts and our bellies are happy!

  203. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is make Christmas cookies with my brother. Now that he has 2 kids it’s even more fun! But then again I love all things Christmas! Btw LOVE this blanket! ❤️🎅🏼

    • My favorite thing to do in the winter is building an igloo with all my girls and going sledding sipping on hot chocolate filled thermoses. Also decorating of course 🙂

  204. My favorite thing to do is to stay home and light fireside marshmallow candles and enjoy peppermint hot chocolate. Congrats on almost baby!

  205. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with family and friends! We lead such busy lives that it’s nice to pause for a bit and enjoy some QT.

  206. Decorate the Christmas tree and reminisce about each ornament as I unwrap it! I have a tradition where I get one new ornament each year and I have them going back to my childhood. It’s so fun to see all the different ones from the Mickey Mouse ornament I got when I was 5 to the ornament I got the year I was getting married. Holiday music and hot cocoa help to set the mood!

  207. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to just spend quality time with family and loved ones. I love having everyone together under one roof. My favorite part of Christmas is watching everyone else open gifts and seeing the joy on their faces.

  208. Favorite thing to do during the holidays is all the baking and cooking! I love becoming one with the couch with the family and eating sweets!

  209. Hey girl!! Counting down the days until baby boy Dixon arrives!! So excited and happy for you!

    So the holidays have been bittersweet for me. It used to be my favorite holiday growing up. My family would go all out with decor, food, friends, gifts, all the holiday classic tunes with Kenny G, Luther, Mariah, and Celine blaring on the stereo. Then my parents went through a nasty divorce while I was in high school and our first holiday as a divorced family was awful, we didn’t even get a tree.

    Every year after that I made it a point to not care about Christmas. I’m a nurse now and I’ve purposely worked the holiday. And I honestly hated Christmas until about 4 years ago. My now fiancé and I had been dating for 2 years and we had just moved in together. It was our first Christmas as a couple and his first Christmas in general! Ever since then we’ve started our own traditions. We go to the local farm, pick our tree have cider donuts and drink hot cocoa. we play holiday tunes and decorate our tree and just enjoy each other’s company.

    I’m now back in love with the holiday season as we’ve started our own traditions and I couldn’t be any happier! looking forward to this holiday season as it’s our last as an engaged couple because we get married in May! Yayyy!

  210. Looove your gift guides! Always such great inspo! My favorite things to do during the Holidays is bake (lots) of cookies, belt out some Christimas tunes and spend some much cherished time with the fam <3 Hope you have a blessed holiday season and warmest congrats on the soon to be baby boy :).

  211. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is get my self and the kids in jammies with mugs (lids of course) filled with hot coco and drive around to look at all the Christmas lights! We listen to Christmas music and just be together! 🎄Hope you and yours have a happy one!

  212. Eating, being with family and Shopping are my most favorite things to do during the holidays… stay awesome!! Wishing u a safe baby delivery ❤️

  213. I absolutely love your gift guides!! So helpful to keep me “up on” all the in things this year!! My FAVORITE thing to do during the Holidays is curl up in a blanket with my kiddos and watch holiday movies!! 💚❤I would LOVE to win one of those gorgeous knitted blankets!

  214. My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas our family meets in our pj’s (each year is different theme oh pj’s) have breakfast and exchange gifts. We also try to mix up the gift Giving ideas like last year it was “as seen on tv” gifts only. it was hilarious to see what everyone got.

  215. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is go with my mom and grandma downtown shopping all day, do lunch and we always see the early (grandma can’t hang late anymore ha!) show of the Nutcracker. Mimosas included and were in year 10 this year!

  216. Favorite thing to do during winter is sit near the fireplace or snuggle on the couch with hubby, drink hot cocoa and watch holiday movie

  217. My absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with my family. It’s hard to do usually because we all work and live busy lives. But definitely spend time with my family ❤️

  218. Christmas is my far my favorite holiday! I love to decorate the house early! Get that fire going and watch all the Christmas movies with my family. Christmas Eve service at my church 🕯 is my favorite thing we do! ❤️❤️❤️

  219. I can’t wait to pick my inspiration picture and decorate my front door lol. I’m really not good decorating so following all you bloggers and doing this one project is doable for me:)

  220. Hey! 👋🏻 Love following you and love that you have the same obsession for buffalo plaid as I do 🤗 The holiday season is something I truly cherish, I just love the feeling this time of the year brings. My favourite thing to do is get cozy, male a cocktail (hot chocolate or hot toddy 😉), through on a Christmas vinyl and spend time with loved ones. That feeling with Christmas all around is magical!

  221. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!
    Something about the holidays that are so magical! I love decorating, gift giving, spending time with family and preparing delicious food for when I host on Christmas Day. This year, like you, I have a little baby boy who will be having his first Christmas! So, I truly think that will be my favorite part of the holidays from here on out.. so excited!

  222. My favorite thing during the holidays is picking out our Christmas tree with my kids and coming home to decorate. Everything is magical this time of year!

  223. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorating the house! I love unwrapping all my old favorite decorations and shopping for new ones too 😉 We also make a whole night out of going out to chop down our own tree and then decorating it with a little charcuterie and wine sitch.

  224. I love having my 4 grandkids over to help decorate the tree with Xmas music play and bake Xmas cookies with them ,they love to decorate them all up.

  225. Obsessed with your decor and home! Love the holidays. now being a mom , living the holidays is like living your childhood over 🙌🏼❤️

  226. Holy cow, people love the holidays and this giveaway! 😁 Well, so do I! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is watching Christmas movies, driving around looking at the lights and spending time with family.

  227. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is SHOP TIL I DROP ⭐️💪🏼 I love a good deal and this time of year speaks to my soul in too many ways. Yes- my Christmas shopping started in October and no, I’m not ashamed. Black Friday is life and oh so is this gift guide. Pick me!

  228. We love getting out into the mountains to explore! The holidays allow a few extra days here and there to do that in WA. Hopefully it’s skiing or snowshoeing somewhere with views but most often it’s a soggy hike, HA! The best part is coming home to a warm shower and cuddle! Happy Holidays Kasey and Fam!

  229. Oh my; just one?!? I love the holidays and my most fave thing to do is drive around looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. I always hope for snow too.

  230. My favourite thing to do during the holidays is bake Christmas cookies and bon bons, and just cozy up in front of the fire.

  231. My favorite thing is to snuggle up on the couch, my favorite candle burning, enjoying the beautiful glow of the Christmas tree, while Christmas music softly plays in the background. And just soak it all in. Because, let’s be honest, the holiday season is crazy busy. In the famous words of Farris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Thank you for this amazing giveaway and your awesome gift guide. Friday Finds & gift guides, my favorite! 💖

  232. My most favorite thing to do during the holidays is to snuggle in our warm cozy bed with my family and watch “ it’s a wonderful life”. I love that me and my family used to do this when we were little as did my dad’s family. I love the meaning and story behind the movie. My girls are growing up so fast and I love that we have those memories. I hope that they continue this tradition with their families from years on end.

  233. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is attend our city’s tree lighting ceremony. Everyone comes out bundled up, the shops have wine and cookies and hot chocolate, there are reindeer and the lights are lit for Christmas. We love it!

  234. My favorite holiday tradition is spending time with my family. Decorating the tree, singing Christmas carols. Baking with my kids. Love your blog and appreciate all the details in everything you do. God Bless you and your family. Get alot of rest you are gonna need it momma to be. Merry Christmas! From another Idaho mom!

  235. Love all the things…seeing The Nutcracker, doing holiday home tours, making my Norwegian cookies 😋 but we gotta, just gotta watch Christmas Vacation . Classic!

  236. I love this gift guide! For the holidays, I love the part of setting up and taking down all our decorations and lights!..(only kidding!!) in all seriousness, I enjoy watching hallmark, we love watching the Macy’s day parade on thanksgiving day and overall seeing the Christmas spirit live though people. Everyone’s just so much nicer during the holidays, it’s a nice treat! That’s what I enjoy during the holidays!

  237. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is to listen to Christmas music and decorate for Christmas with my family 🥰 Also go to the River parade here in San Antonio for the Christmas lighting Event downtown. 🎄

  238. My husband and I spent a long weekend at my parents house! We eat tons of amazing food, mostly cooked by my sister. We all wear matching PJs and laugh and play games. Spending time with family is my favorite thing to do at Christmas!

  239. ONE of my favorite parts of the holiday is Christmas Eve. All the kids get to open ONE/early special present from Santa, which is always special cozy Christmas Jammies. 😊♥️ My momma did it for us and I made her do it through college, now I do it for my babies too!

  240. My favorite thing to do is decorate for xmas! I love having all my nutcrackers out and decorate all my house. Also, I love watching xmas movies in front of my fireplace with a hot chocolate. ❤️

  241. First off, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever! You look so relaxed and glowing for sure!! Ok anyway….. my favorite thing to do for Christmas is for me, hubs and my three little cuties to hope in the car with our Pjs on and drive around our neighborhood looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights while listening to holiday music on the radio. Their little faces light up and it really is such a joy to watch 🙂

    Feel good Mama!

  242. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with family, eat good food, and drink good drinks! This year is EXTRA special because we added a baby boy to our little family! I am excited to start some new traditions with him, and of course add him to the old ones💙

  243. I love to take my kids to look at Christmas lights but really just being together with our family and eating good food, drinking good drinks, and all getting along for once! Haha. I love the decor, the smells, everything! Can’t wait to see your sweet baby boy! Good luck!

  244. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is go to my moms house with all the family and bake cookies. It always ends up in a flour mess. LOVE your blog and your fashion/pregnancy tips. 🙂

  245. Favorite thing to do is go to Crown Center to see the light and go Ice skating in Kansas City!! The lights are so beautiful!!

  246. My favorite thing to do during Christmas involves our kiddos!…. decorating cookies for Santa, driving to look at Christmas lights, singing Christmas songs together, and snuggling by the tree and watching Elf! That was more than one thing, haha. I just love Christmas so much! What a fun giveaway!!

  247. My favorite thing is to spend time with my grandmother ( who is from Sweden ) and listen to her stories of when she grew up and what she did as a kid.

  248. All of these gifts are so cute! During the holiday season I love getting outside and going skiing or tobogganing! Afterwards it’s always nice to snuggle up under a blanket near the fire and watch a movie!

  249. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake with my daughter while listening to Christmas music! 🎄❤

  250. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to turn on the fireplace and snuggle up with my family and watch a Christmas movie. It’s the best!

  251. I think I posted the long post but can’t find it! Oy vey preggo brain here! But I forgot to add what my favorite thing to do around the holidays is! My husband and I have been living across the country from our families so we’ve really gotten to make our own traditions which I love even though I miss them! I love watching Christmas movies together, our fireplace on, snuggled with our pups and drinking hot cocoa. That makes me so happy and filled with gratitude!

  252. Thank you mama to be for sharing your pregnancy journey alongside all your home/beauty/fashion tips! I’m a mama to be (entering third trimester in 1 week!!) and I’ve loved following along and especially getting to see some of the things you liked and didn’t! Loved reading the top 10 preggo must haves and the Amazon pillow is in my cart as we speak. Thank you again for being you and happy holidays! 🙂 <3

  253. Love this blanket! So cozy!
    Favorite thing… gathering all 30 or so family members at grandma and grandpa’s house — there are now 9 great grandchildren to come along! It makes it such a special holiday for them. We are so blessed.

  254. Absolutely love your blog and Insta! Super excited for baby and boozie! My favorite thing about the holidays is friends and family that seems to come together more often!!! And of course all the Christmas shows!!

  255. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is pop over to the Grand Californian Hotel in Disneyland to grab a spiked hot cocoa and admire the Christmas decor! This is a bit more specific to SoCal friends but the Disneyland Resort knows how to do Christmas and that helps me get in the spirit. Thanks for sharing all of your favorite finds, I love reading and trying what you have posted. Now I just a blanket for my reading of your blog 😉

  256. Spending time with family, PSL’s and seeing all the Christmas lights around the holidays is the best! Who doesn’t love that?! Love the holidays for that reason 🙂

  257. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is shopping, shopping, and more shopping! My mother and I have an ongoing tradition of Black Friday shopping. Some years buying a lot of stuff and other years just going for the excitement and to spend time together. I enjoy shopping for friends, family members, and strangers trying to get each a perfect thoughtful gift. Our local church has little paper ornaments with children’s names, age and hobbies…those are the gifts I splurge on knowing I’m going to make someone’s Christmas wishes and dreams come true.

  258. Well the obvious is to spend quality time with family and friends, eating, drinking and playing games….but, I also love to do a little shopping. Especially with all of the great sales before and after Xmas!

  259. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is to crank the Christmas music and decorate the entire house inside and out! Each ornament brings back great memories ❤️

  260. I love love love putting up the tree and Christmas decor with the grinch movie on the background and the smell of my sister making homemade Spanish hot chocolate and cookies!

  261. I live across the country from my family now but my favorite thing we do is a “Christmas Tree Hunt”. We cut down a real tree every year and it was always a big debate as to who picked the best tree. We always have a family boil up (fire and hot chocolate in the woods). We’ve been doing it since we were babies so there are years of hilarious home video footage too. I join over FaceTime now but it’s not quite the same! Starting to make new traditions as this is our second year away for the holidays and it will be our first Christmas in our new home and first as newlyweds.

    Absolutely love following along with you – thank you for all the inspiration and tips ♥️

  262. Omg you are perfection… love your home , the decorations , the scenery etc etc etc !!

    My favorite part of the holidays is to decorate the house and turn off all the lights and sit with just the tree lights and a fire 🔥. I usually love when everyone comes to my house Christmas Eve , but I lost my brother in March and as much as I love Christmas ,this one is to hard to think about not spending it with him ❤️

  263. Mrs. Clause here!

    ‘Tis the Season for several of our Christmas Traditions! Our first one is to visit The Edison Ford Winter Estates. It’s never cold here, but there is something just magical about visiting Mr. Edison’s plantation property. It’s full of history and stunning vintage inventions, thousands of square footage of home and acres of lush native botanical gardens. He’s also invented the Christmas Lights! Which is just so cool to see the first stand ever made. Merry Christmas!

  264. Family time is my most favorite and we have a little Christmas Eve Eve boy who turns five this year. Makes the holidays even more special! 😍

  265. I love spending time with my family whether that be going for a drive looking at Christmas lights or cozied on the couch watching a movie.

  266. Great list, thank you! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bake with my girls! Christmas music, matching aprons and lots of snacking along the way ❤️

  267. Love your blog, great inspo! My favorite thing about the holidays is the time off work to relax, spend time with family, and go on a family + dogs hike. Love nature!

  268. I love having family over for dinner and then spending the night and waking up and having a lazy day watching movies together

  269. My fave thing to do during the holidays is bake/decorate cookies and give them out to neighbors with my family when I get to go home!!🍪🎁

  270. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is spend time with my family and make hot chocolate! It’s been a fun tradition I’ve done ever since I was young and it’s something I look forward to every year! 🙂

  271. My favorite holiday is eating all the treats and looking at Christmas lights. I also love decorating! My house is decorated November 1st for Christmas!!!!!

  272. My favorite thing to do during the holidays would be to bake sugar cookies while listening to Michael Bublé, sit by the fireplace, and watch Christmas movies ; the movie Jingle All The Way is such a classic with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  273. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to go to the store with my kids (5 and 7 years old), and have them pick out gifts to give other little kids who aren’t as fortunate ❤️

  274. I have three boys…on a random night in December we get them ready for bed and in their pjs, but surprise them by hopping into the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights! We also take them to a local glass blowing studio to make their own ornament each year!

  275. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is after the house is all decorated I put the kids to bed and get a glass of wine and lay by the tree and watch Christmas Vacation. This is the best blanket I could hope for to add to this tradition!

  276. I’m OBSESSED with your lifestyle posts and your BEAUTIFUL home!!!! It’s definitely goals. ❤️ I bought the Dior spray foundation your recommended and I’ve fallen deep in love with it. 😍 I cannot tell you how many tips I’ve used of yours. From beauty to home decor to your pumpkin bread. My absolute favorite thing to do during the holiday season, is to bake with my mother and grandmother. I’ve incorporated that tradition into doing it with my boys. We love to bake cookies, chocolate covered cherries, as well as chocolate covered pretzels. As a family, we live to spend snowy days inside cooking and playing card games, and board games. It’s a tradition that started when I was young, and we are still doing it. We help my 98 year old grandmother put her tree up every year and she still goes all out and designs a village under the tree with all extra tiny little details. Thank you for all your cozy little finds and all the amazing ideas you come up with. Your IG stories are my favorite to look for everyday. Hope that little baby comes soon. Happy Holidays!!!! ❤️🤶🏻🎅🏻❄️🎁🎄⛄️

  277. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is cook dinner and play cards with my family. We are soooooo competitive and it is the best time ever! I love all the food smells and laughter throughout the house.

  278. Love your posts! 😍
    I love forward to spending time with my family and loved ones during the holiday! ♥️
    But, I also look forward to bringing joy to someone I don’t know (I like to volunteer my time or donate to the less fortunate). I look forward to delivering meals w/ Meals on Wheels, to the elderly for Thanksgiving.

  279. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with family and friends. This Christmas I will be looking forward to spending our first Christmas as a married couple with my husband before our little one comes in January!!

  280. My favorite Christmas tradition is dipping chocolates with my family. It’s such a fun tradition. My grandma left us a letter that we found after she passed away and she asked us to keep dipping chocolates each year. Now that I’m older I realize why she wanted us to keep the tradition going!

  281. I am so excited for you to become a mama! I’m even more excited too see where the blog and Instagram account may evolve as your life will change. I love following accounts that share a good combination of lifestyle/ mommin/decor/beauty/ etcc.. one of my all time fav bloggers for sure!

  282. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is make hot chocolate and watch how grinch stole Christmas!! But this year is special because my finance and I will be spending it together in our new home. I cannot wait to decorate our tree and just be together for the Christmas season ❤️❤️❤️

  283. My favorite part of the holidays is having all my kids home from school and under one roof. They can sleep in, and do nothing. Mama is just happy to have them home! Xxoo

  284. This guide is amazing! I love to help my mom decorate for Christmas and wear matching outfits with my dorkie Belle !

  285. My favorite thing to do at Christmas is spend time with my family decorating the house and enjoying time together sitting by the fire watching Christmas movies; especially 25 days of Christmas 🎄

  286. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is all the family traditions 💕 Baking cookies, making pierogis for our Christmas Eve dinner & church service on Christmas Eve are just a few 🥰

  287. I love cooking during the Holidays. I enjoy entertaining friends and family with numerous meals. One of my favorite things to do is to fly to New York City and shop during the Christmas Holidays the energy is amazing!!

  288. I love love spending time with my daughter during the holidays. She lives 2 hours away and can come home for one holiday…Christmas!!!!

  289. My favorite thing to do for the holiday’s is decorating the tree while drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas Vacation!

  290. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is ride around town with my hubby with some spiked hot chocolate in hand (sans spiked this year for me since I’m due on 12/22 with our baby girl!) and look at all the gorge Christmas lights!

  291. So excited for you to have your baby in time to celebrate the holidays! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to create special traditions with our kids: unique holiday ornaments, special Christmas books, cookies, etc. Kids’ delight during the holiday season is contagious! Enjoy snuggling your little guy this Christmas! ❤️

  292. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is going Christmas Caroling, specially when we go to our senior citizen homes that don’t have their family with them during the holidays. They make us shuffle I to their home and give us the best hot chocolate and treats. The joy in their face is the best Christmas gift we could receive ♥️

  293. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is to sit quietly and really take in all the family times. The sites and sounds are the best! Love the gift guide!

  294. Love,love,love!!!!! Christmas shopping for my kids! To see their little faces when santa comes!! Priceless! Happy holidays🎅🤶

  295. My fav thing to do is put x mass music on dance around with my kids and decorate! I drink a little wine and they have hot chocolate. I let my kids decorate the tree eeekkk sometimes not so pretty, but I love it !!

  296. My new fave thing to do during the holidays since becoming a mommy 2 years ago, is taking my little guy on the Polar Express train. So much fun and such great memories. Second fave is Christmas Day skiing in Tahoe (my back yard) with the fam!

  297. My absolute favorite thing to do on the holidays is spend time with my 4 beautiful children and grand babies … my family coming together with love and laughter is all I could possibly ask for ♥️Xo

  298. My favorite thing to do in Winter is coming home after a day full of activities in the snow and then cuddling in front of the fire and drinking hot chocolate to warm up again❤️❤️

  299. My favorite thing to do is walk through the Christmas lights. I live near a mill town called McAdenville and the whole town and every house decorates with lights, it is called Christmas Town USA and it is so beautiful and joyful.

  300. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle during the holidays, my favorite thing is being with my loved ones, relaxing, watching Christmas movies and celebrating the true meaning of the holiday season ❤️

  301. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is drink hot chocolate around the fire with my family with the house all decorated for Christmas.

  302. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is get together with my family who is spread all over the world ❤️

  303. Making a big breakfast with my family on Christmas morning and opening presents around the Christmas tree with the fireplace going. So cozy!

  304. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is drive around and look at Christmas lights. Spend time with my family and friends ❤️❤️

    • My favorite things to do during the holidays are seeing the lights and spending time with my husband and cuddle 😍😍😍

  305. So cute!! Love all the gift ideas Kasey super adorable!!! Favorite thing to do during the holidays is go to little small shops and find unique little goodies! Also I like to sit in my cozy PJs by the fire and drink a glass of wine! ☺️

  306. Hey there Mrs. D!
    Love our family Christmas day breakfast. We literally whip up a buffet. Everyone has their own station. Eggs bacon sausages grilled tomatoes pancakes etc. And then, its white elephant time where we get the corniest gifts & wrap them up REAL nice😂😂.

  307. This gift guide is so perfect!! One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to go to the orchestra with my husband and mom! It’s such a special day with just the 3 of us!! ❤️📯

  308. Love this blanket!! And I love to cook with my mom and sister . My mom likes for everything to be freshly made so we girls will stay up all night the night before and make all the pies and yummy side dishes. We play Christmas music taste try everything and talk all night .. lots of laughter and good memories ! My brothers girlfriends also join in on the fun 😉

  309. My favorite thing to do is to during the holidays is spend time with my family. Although we all have different schedules it feels so good when we can all come together and spend quality time. The holidays are truly my favorite time of the year!

  310. My favorite thing to do during the holidays , well there’s two things. My mother isn’t well so she can’t make breakfast anymore so my dad is guided by my mother so that we can all come over in our jammies and eat our traditional Christmas breakfast. The other thing I look forward to is watching my favorite Christmas movie with my boys and husband (boys are 18&23) it’s nice to have that time with them. Love family traditions I’m sure your going to come up with a lot of your own 💕

  311. My favorite thing to do is take a random day off work, turn on Hallmark Christmas movies, and sit on the floor wrapping gifts with no other distractions.

  312. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday, so from baking Xmas cookies while Skyping my mom and sis (who live in Canada) to annoying my husband from playing Christmas music in November, I think my most favorite tradition that started about 3-4 years ago. Is going to the Rockefeller Center to see Tuba Christmas (which I also drag my hubby). Thanks for always sharing amazing finds. And your home is so dreamy. My mom and I both follow you and you definitely come up once a day lol. All the best on your pregnancy 😍

  313. Love everything about this blog! My favorite thing to do every year during the holidays is to visit NYC and the Rockefeller tree. Of course do some window shopping since every thing is just so sparkly!!! Christmas is my favorite 🌲
    Lots of good vibes going your way for a healthy baby and speedy recovery for mama 😘

  314. I think I need to treat myself with that mug! Love it. And, of course, I live to snuggle up and watch all the holiday movies this time of year! Specifically, the family stone and home alone.. my faves.

  315. Love everything! This time of year is definitely my favorite. It’s hard to narrow down what I like the most. We tend to hang around family and friends through Christmas and head to Montana for some skiing after (both favorites). Other than that, I love looking at lights, holiday parties, cozy nights at home – you name it!

  316. Favorite thing to do is eat all the food and get all fat and sassy! But mostly just eat all the holiday treats! 🙂

  317. Our favorite thing to do is pack up the kiddos in the car, go get hot cocoa and drive around looking at Christmas Lights! They love it! Oooo and ahhh lol so cute 🙂

  318. My favorite thing to do in the holidays is definitely having that EXTRA time with the family and of course the holiday pictures 🙊 The hubs and daughter are not too thrilled about the pictures but I LOVE IT ! Also to sit back and enjoy and cherish every moment and remember how blessed I am !!

  319. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to be in the same room with my four siblings and laugh until someone pees their pants. We are all in our 30’s now, and have babies (I have my first one on the way 🤰🏻- Your tips have been so helpful btw) that we hope will share the same bond as we do.

    Excited for you to meet your little man!

  320. Everything about the holidays is my favorite it’s truly my favorite time of year! I love sitting in front of the fireplace with the Christmas tree lights on I love spending time with family I love giving gifts I’m definitely a gift giver I love having parties there’s just nothing that I don’t love about the holidays! I especially love a good cozy blanket with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate sitting on my couch watching Hallmark movies or anything Christmas. I also honestly love church around the holidays everything is so beautiful and so spiritual.
    Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!!

  321. My favorite thing to do is different holiday activities with my kids…decorate Christmas cookies for Santa, make homemade Christmas gifts for their teachers, look at
    Christmas lights, decorate pine cones, cozy up to a Christmas movie etc. My goal is to do an Advent calendar of activities for them…each day is a different holiday themed activity.

  322. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to cozy up on the couch with a glass of red wine, Christmas tree lights glowing, Christmas candle filling the air, and holiday movies on tv.

  323. I love this home gift guide and this blanket! I love holiday baking and making beautiful packages of baked goods to give to friends and family. I just bought the most beautiful ribbon today! So excited.

  324. Love your home and style! As soon as I finish nursing school, I’m going to hopefully rent that Airbnb from ya! 🙂
    Favorite holiday traditions- looking at Black Friday ads while all the food is cooking on Thursday, watching White Christmas with my family (and inevitably quoting the entire movie) and fajitas for lunch at my moms on Christmas Day! (Yes, I’m from Texas) haha
    Happy Holidays y’all 🙂

  325. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bake cookies with all the ladies in my family which has been a tradition for my entire life.

    I love this blanket and I love your home style! My fingers are crossed that I win this one ☝️

  326. So excited for the holidays and my babes first Christmas!! I can’t wait to experience it through him! Also, I love holiday shopping, cozy days inside, and sugar cookie decorating is always a must in our family.

  327. My favorite thing to do is 👩🏻‍🍳 cooking the Christmas dinner for my family. It is a lot of work but it is worth it.

  328. Ahhhh yay!! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorate with my babies!! Also spend time doing crafts and building gingerbread houses! We have a competition. The kids love it. Thank you for all the things you share. Sending positive vibes your way with the pregnancy. Me and my daughter her on everyday to watch you. She is 7!💜

  329. I love to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, decorate the house (it just feels so cozy) and spend time with family! I’m super excited because next Christmas we will have a little one to celebrate with 🥰

  330. Well first of all I love Your page ❤️❤️❤️ Second you make me laugh with your car karaoke gig lol 😂.. and as for the holidays I love Baking and watching old movies .. I decorated my house with cute Xmas decorations and living it .. cozy is the goal this year .. 💕 you girl !!

  331. Watching my kids open up their presents on Christmas morning while sipping on coffee and lounging in my pajamas.

  332. Hey mama! My favorite thing to do around the holidays is go to North Park mall with the kids here in Dallas and see the Santa story time, he’s been there for over 30 years! We also love driving around looking at lights and of course decorating our tree!! 🌲❤️🌲❤️

  333. I just Love this holiday gift guide! So many wonderful finds I would love to gift and receive! My all time favorite thing to do during the holidays is to take it ALL in! Whether it is decorating the house, making cookies with my kids, driving the neighborhood at night looking at lights, I really make sure to be present and in the moment since the season goes so quickly!
    I really enjoy your blog as well as your IG account. I always look forward to what you have to share!

  334. Favorite holiday thing to do is make tamales with my mom! Unfortunately due to us being stationed across the country (he is a Marine🇺🇸) it’s SUPER expensive to travel. So we’ll have to FaceTime each other and cook at the same time. We’ll just make the best of it. OH & on November 20th I’ll be turning 30!!! It would be so awesome to win the giveaway. (& yes I can prove that it’s my b-day on Nov 20, obvi).

  335. My absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays is grabbing a warm cup of hot coco and driving around looking at all the lights while listening to Christmas music. My dad would take me every year for as long as I can remember. Now, my husband takes me but if I am able to get home for the holidays, it’s back to the good old times with my dad. It just makes my heart so happy! 🎄🍫☕️

  336. My absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays is turning on the fireplace while putting up the Christmas tree and watching endless Christmas movies with my family ❤️🌲 while drinking my favorite Starbucks drink lol

  337. Loving these gift guides! It’s just me my daughter and nana and we love to play Christmas music and drink got chocolate and decorate the whole house. Every year we take my daughter to go get a new Christmas ornament which she loves to do, hope she will keep the tradition going when she has her own children! We love watching old Christmas movies! Our favorite is a Christmas story and a close second is the original miracle on 31st!

    • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is snuggle up next to my tree & have a cup of hot cocoa while watching Hallmark Christmas movies! And decorating! And finding the perf gift for everyone on my list!

  338. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is this great light show I take my kids to every year. It’s perfect because you drive through the whole thing so even if it’s freezing (which it usually is) we are warm in the car watching all the beautiful lights that really make us feel like the holidays are here!

  339. Love your blog! It’s inspired me at home as I’m remodeling, and you’ve answered so many of my questions! And I’ve also purchased too many things lol!!! But LOVE them all!

    What I love about the holidays….
    I love the holiday music, decorations, baking, and shopping. The experiences in the stores, looking online brings me so much delight!!
    It’s all about a feeling, and sharing that with those you love!

    All the best to you, and I hope the baby comes soon!


  340. Love your style and everything you share! I love to take off to our home ski mountain, White Pass. Spending 5 days camping in the RV, skiing during the day and snowshoeing around the lake in the evening. Quality time with family and friends is the best!

  341. I love going to Leavenworth, WA for the tree lighting …it’s the cutest little Bavarian village in the Cascade Mountains. Great shopping, dining, etc and usually snow and beauty galore! Super festive 🎄

  342. Honestly, spending time with the whole fam damily, making memories, having fun together is the best and my most favorite! My husbands family started a tradition where we all go on a little/big getaway instead of all the gifts for Christmas! And matching pjs we open on Christmas Eve!

  343. My favourite thing to do over the holidays is cuddle my baby boy, drinking got chocolate and put up the decorations with him. It’s our own thing that we do together. Finally figured out by scrolling all your comments 100’s to see where your tree is from and ordered a similar one. Can not wait.

    I live in CAN but I have a PO Box in Washington state

  344. Love all of your stuff!! Christmas is just the best time to cozy up next to the fire with some girlfriends and hot cocoa enjoying laughs and holiday songs.

  345. My favorite thing is to crank up the Christmas music and decorate the house! My son is 2 and I can’t wait until he finally gets the concept of Christmas and we can start our own little fun family traditions!

  346. I started a tradition with my dad a few years ago where we get in the car at night, listen to Christmas music, get some hot cocoa, & drive around looking at Christmas lights.

  347. I absolutely love the holidays ! I’ve already been listening to Christmas music and making the longest holiday to do list ! I guess if I had to pick one thing it would be the cherished family time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Just being all cozy in matching pjs Lounging around all day together. Playing with new Santa toys , making holiday dinner and watching my favorite the Christmas story with a hot cup of hot coco . Oh I forgot how much I love watching my daughter write her letter to Santa and leaving out cookies and carrots for Santa and reindeers. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of my daughter is so precious. I truly feel blessed !! Happy holidays 🎄.

  348. I’m loving your gift guides! It has been making all my Christmas shopping sommuch easier! Thank you Kasey!

  349. I’m a new follower of yours and absolutely love your style and gift ideas! Can’t wait to give some of these gifts this year. My favorite part about the holidays is making homemade cinnamon rolls with my family on Christmas morning. No shame in loving cinnamon rolls over here! The moment brings us all together and warms my heart ❤️

  350. My fave is to ride along and see holiday lights in close neighborhoods, make Santa cookies and read The Night Before Christmas before the kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve. .

  351. Perfect gift guide! Just made this momma-to-be so excited for an easy time shopping this year!
    My favorite thing to do during Christmas time is to bake cookies & wrap Christmas gifts while enjoying fresh, warm cookies & holiday music! Ahhh favorite time of year! Xoxo

  352. My favorite thing to do is to decorate with my family, my brother lives in California and my hubby and I save all the decorating until he arrives home and we all do it together! We bake cookies, have cocktails and listen to vintage Christmas music, it’s the best!

  353. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with my family. My parents live in Florida and my brother and I live in Michigan. Every year we get together and watch movies and eat our favorite family meals. There is nothing like spending the most wonderful time of the year with those that you love the most!

  354. When my mom and I make sugar cookie dough from scratch and bake with my children. They choose the cutouts and decorate. She uses the rolling pin that her mother used when she was a kid!

    • My favorite thing to do around the holidays is cozy up by the fire, in my favorite rocking chair while sipping on hot coco and watching Christmas movies with my two boys and hubby. Best thing ever! I could do that all year long. 🙂

  355. I live in Arizona and winters aren’t so harsh. I love to take advantage of the weather and go hiking with the hubs ❤️

  356. Love this gift guide! Our favorite thing to do during the holidays is go to the Christmas tree farm with our whole family to pick out/cut down trees. We’re pregnant with our first (boy!) now and I can’t wait to take him next year! Wishing you a safe, healthy and beautiful birth and holiday season!!

    • Love, love, love the gift guide!! FAVORITE thing to do during the holidays is the Holiday Stroll! What is that you ask, our town puts on a Holiday stroll throughout the town of Ridgefield, CT, ice sculptures, gift shopping, music and horse drawn carriages! It’s so fun and absolutely the best thing.

  357. Always love to go home to see my family for the holidays (they all love in Germany), nothing can beat that! But Christmas cookies and movies get pretty close !!

    • Love love this blanket! My birthday is xmas eve so we love to have a traditional family breakfast at a local Mexican restaurant. Then we head to a relatives house for Xmas in pajamas (themed)

      I’m at home with a 1week old boy today and that blanket would be perfect for naps!!!

      I love following you Kasey! All the best with labor🥰

  358. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is definitely watching classic holiday movies with my family! Best accompanied by a nice cup of hot Cho late 😊

  359. I love your gift guide! My favorite thing to do is see my family all together, enjoying those moments you won’t get back. Laughs, good music and drinks ❤️

    • Hello!

      My favorite thing to do around the holidays is teach my daughter the real meaning of Christmas. We get so caught up in talking about how blessed we are, what we are expecting or how much money we spent that while that’s awesome for some families , let’s not forget it can be hard on others this time is year. We try to donate, give back and and always instill in her it’s about giving and not always receiving. It’s about quality time and traditions and not about how many gifts are under the tree with your name on it. I use this holiday in particular to educated my daughter on kindness and giving. Thank you!

  360. My favorite thing to do is travel! My birthday is Christmas Eve and it’s the best birthday present to get away!

  361. Going to someone else’s house for holiday dinner and NOT having to do any dishes


  362. Favorite thing to do during the holidays is soak in that extra family bonding time and bake with my mother and daughter ❤️
    This gift guide is so helpful and I am obsessed with your decor! So good 🤗thanks for all you do!

  363. You’re the greatest! Love your page. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is drink hot Chocolate and watch cheesy Christmas movies!

  364. Thank you for this gift guide 🙌🏻🙌🏻 My favorite thing to do during the holidays is cozy up by a fire with a warm drink and watch Christmas movies!

    • I love to go over my family home and eat. We love to sleep over and wake up and eat again together. I don’t get to see them to often so I love being with them for 2 -3 days.

  365. This gift guide is amazing! I just found some perfect gifts for my family and friends. Thanks, Kasey!

    So I’m 27 years old, and still to this day, my favorite thing we do during the holidays, specifically Christmas Eve, is we all go to my parent’s house to spend the night. I have three siblings, and we have significant others, so it’s a pretty full house. We get to open one gift, and it’s always matching pajamas that we’re required to wear all-day on Christmas! This has been a really fun tradition ever since I can remember. When we were all younger, not only were we required to wear our PJs, but we weren’t allowed to go anywhere on Christmas Day. We were able to spend all day together and enjoy the holiday. 🙂 Although it’s more challenging to do now that we’re all older, I know this is a tradition I’ll continue when kids come into play.

    Wishing everyone a happy and fun-filled holiday season!

    • My family does the same thing!! It’s so nice to spend that quality time together and to feel like a kid again, especially while rocking PJs all day!! 🙂

  366. LOVE your picks. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is our annual cookie baking weekend the ladies in my family have every year. We take turns hosting and baking our favorite Christmas cookies together. So fun.

  367. I love that the hospital 👩🏻‍⚕️is slower around the holidays so I can be home with the the kiddos and my firefighter 👨🏻‍🚒 hubby! I’m blessed to be able to visit my friends and family that I love🎅🏻🎄🎁🙌🏻
    Xoxo Sarah

    • My favourite thing to do is to just stop and appreciate life: friends, family, being together, Christmas music, tree decorating, great movies, sharing with others, holiday parties. The craziness of life stops for a little while and everyone enjoys what’s important!!

    • Love this gift guide! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is go to my dads house with my fiancé and brother and sister in law. We always eat good home cooked meals, drink wine and play games/watch movies. It’s just so relaxing and fun! I also love how my dad goes above & beyond when decorating for Christmas so I love how it’s a winter wonderland(well as close as you can get in TX) when we go over there. Really just puts me in the best mood!

  368. Hey Kasey….

    loving your holiday ideas. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is to escape Sant Monica and go to my home in Ketchum and spend the holidays with family and friends there. Love walking around in the cold weather and taking in all the beautiful lights around town, going to The Wine Company for a glass of wine and then Christmas shopping….. It truly is my HAPPY place, but especially at Christmas.
    Happy Holidays!!!!

    • Hi Kasey!

      My favorite thing to do during the holidays are EAT, decorate, spend time with family and then eat some more! Haha! The holidays are just so cheery and ignite a spark in most to be happy and kind! ❤️

    • I teach a lot of kids who are homeless so I love to buy a bunch of decorations for my classroom. This year I’ve definitely been inspired by your Christmas decorations and have gone with a more rustic buffalo print theme with my classroom decor for the kids to use. Then the week before thanksgiving break each class period has a task to come up with how they want to decorate a certain aspect of my classroom. The kids are really appreciative and say the room feels so much warmer and homier. We even decorate the outside of my door to spread the holiday cheer! We then (before Christmas break) exchange a positive and encouraging message to one another; sort of like secret Santa but free. There’s nothing like making their holidays even just slightly better.

    • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake and cook delish food with family and friends. AND DECORATING! It’s my favorite part.

    • The thing I love to do the most is decorate our tree all together. My kids are grown but we still do it every year. Fire place and snacks and laughter.

    • My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with the ladies in my family and baking sweet treats for the season! After our baking we snuggle in and watch the original Grinch – this knit blanket would be the perfect snuggle addition!

    • I love snuggling up to watch Christmas movies! My husband and I just bought our first house and will be creating new traditions now! 🙂 as well you with your new baby!

    • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to spend time with my family and enjoy all the Christmas lights, decorations, movies, and yummy food❤️ …Hallmark channel is life!!!

    • My fav thing to do during the holidays besides decorate is be cozy af and bake allllllll the things. First holiday season pregnant and eating has now become a new holiday tradition 😂

    • Omg you are the SWEETEST. Thank you for doing these special give aways and writing amazing blogs and gift guides. You’re my hero during the holiday season! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake cookies with my mama💓 I moved away almost 2 years ago and we still make it our top priority! We make everything from Italian cookies, almond cookies, cut outs and peanut butter blossoms and we watch Hallmark, Freeform and HGTV ONLY😍 Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and cannot wait to see your little guy!💕

    • Love your gift guide and all your Christmas inspo. My favorite thing to do during the holidays would be to get into cozy Christmas PJs, bake some delish cookies with the kids and sit on the couch covered in cozy warm blankets watching Christmas movies and sipping on some hot chocolate. It would be extra special if it would be snowing outside.

    • So stoked for this GIVEAWAY! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is a two-way tie; E A T I N G and watching people open their gifts. I love food! And I love to see the joy on people’s faces when they’re opening gifts. 😍

    • Hi Kasey! My favorite thing to do on the holidays is be together. My husband is a physician which means he is often working holidays. When he happens to have the holiday off and we can be together with our young boys and create these early memories of what holidays are ..it means the world to me! Seeing the joy in our toddler to sit by a warm fire and open presents is so fun. This year we get to witness our soon to be one year old experience Christmas!

    • I love starting a fire in our wood burning fire place, cuddling up with my hubs & watching movies! & of course eating some yummy snacks 😏 gotta feed this baby bump!

      • LOVE everything you share! Thank you! One of our very fav things is going to Rhema Bible School. They have millions of lights on display and it’s so magical to walk through and look at all of them. Also watching all of our fav Christmas movies – Tom & Jerry Nutcracker, Christmas Family Vacation, Elf, Home Alone, & Grinch just to name a few at the top of our list. Plus, decorating gingerbread houses AND most of all spending time with family! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to have a “Special Xmas week”. My husband and I started the tradition and now my 2 year old son loves it (so far). He enjoys participating in all the events. So every day we do something special to celebrate the week (take the polar express to North Pole, decorate cookies, decorate gingerbread houses, make new annual ornaments, etc). Every night we do something fun and generally play Xmas music or a Xmas movie! Makes it even more cozy and allows us to not rush directly to Xmas.

    • The thing DURING THE HOLIDAYS I look forward to and LOVE the MOST is GETTING ready for my kids to come home. Comfy guest rooms, fluffy towels and cooking all of their favorite things!! 🎅🏻 🎄🥰 love getting ideas from you and your beautiful home too!!

    • Omg!!! This Xmas is going to be amazing because, drum roll please…my daughter and I are moving into a new home that my boyfriend and I bought and he just asked my dad permission to propose. So…we are just a tad bit excited for this holiday season! We will be decorating with all the tips and styles Kasey shares. I’ve got about 70% of her top 10 gifts in my home already! Ready for more to make this the BEST season EVERRRRR♥️🎄🌟

      • My favorite things to do during the holidays are drink hot cocoa while playing Christmas music and decorating the tree, visiting the tree in nyc ( going to see frozen the musical on Broadway w my 5 year old daughter) can’t wait andddd a Christmas story 24/7 on Christmas Day!! It’s really about family and the joy of the season!!!!

        • My absolute favorite thing to do for the holidays is put my tree up with the hubby and kids. It’s such a great time just to disconnect from all of life’s distractions, and be together!

    • Favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorate our home (aside from Halloween, Christmas has the best decorations), Pig Out on all the delish baked goods my girls and I make (starting Thanksgiving lol), and lastly we love vegging out watchung Christmas movies. It really is the most wonderful time if the year!


      • My favorite thing to do for the holiday’s is look at Christmas lights, watch Christmas movies and enjoy family time!! 🎄🎅🎁

        • Your home is my dream home – layout, decor, vibe, location, ALL OF IT is spot on!
          Our family has a tradition of bundling up in winter fear and and venturing into the forest with a thermos of hot chocolate to find our perfect real Christmas tree. Once found, we sit around it and drink our hot cocoa and share our favorite memories of the year before cutting it down and hauling it off the mountain! Memorable family time and we look forward to EVERY SINGLE YEAR! This blanket would be so cozy and warm to come home to after after this day on mountain. 🎅🏻 🌲 ❄️ ☕️

        • My favorite thing to do for the holidays is come up with cute treats to make for students and my family. For example, pretzelxchocolate Christmas trees and marshmellow snowmen.🎄☃️

        • This gift guide is so so perfect! I kinda wanna buy everything for own home! Hehe. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is cozy up in some pajamas & fuzzy socks, grab a blanket and some hot cocoa and cuddle up while watching Christmas movies!

        • My favorite about the holidays is that I get to bring out all of my cardinal winter decor! Cardinals are special to me as they remind me of my dad who passed and when I bring them out I feel surrounded by love and warmth!

        • My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is to bake a bunch of goodies and send them out to my family members, especially my little brother. Baking was something I would do with my mom and grandma as a kid, and they are both celebrating Christmas up in Heaven. So baking holds a special meaning to me.

          • My favorite thing to do this holiday is to surround myself with my favorite people …. bake and cook most delicious food for them …. and enjoy the holiday season

    • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to take a trip to St. Augustine (we live about an hour and a half away near Orlando) and walk through the old part of the city seeing the lights and shop fronts all decorated. You can also walk along the waterfront and see all of the sail boats in the harbor decorated and lit up. Its truly MAGICAL!

      • Loving this post! But my favorite thing to do for the holidays… honestly everything! I’m obsessed! Baking cookies, buying presents for friends and family, listening Christmas music, decorating… haha I could go on. Can’t wait to see all of your amazing holiday decor!

      • All time fav christmas activity is to go around and look at Christmas lights while blasting some christmas tunes and drinking lots of hot cocoa. ❤⛄❄🎄🎅

        • Love spending time with our families, but especially making magical Christmas memories for my two kids. *Being* Santa is way more fun than getting any gift from him 😉

      • This would look awsome in my bedroom, I am all about cozy. I am retiring in 4 days,I will be able to cozy in for the winter. Good luck with baby!!!

      • My favorite holiday tradition in Cleveland is to take a Lolly the Trolley tour seeing all the beautiful Xmas lights and stopping at the Christmas Story House!

      • My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake cookies with my moms entire side of the family! It’s been a tradition going on for decades.

        • My favorite tradition… hmmm. How do you choose? It is a time full of all things wonderful, am I right?? I suppose it would have to be cooking and baking for the MANY gatherings we attend for family and friends. While I love the time spent with family, there is something so joyful and rewarding in creating food others will enjoy. The end result, happy family and friends, makes the work so worth it!

        • I love sledding and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace while wearing fuzzy socks with my hubby and dogs 💕

          • My FAVORITE thing to do is on Christmas Eve we ALL (cousins too) pile on the sofa to snuggle up and read one Christmas story and patiently wait for Santa to “pop in” Santa aka my father in law;) As the kids have aged they have started to read the stories to the rest of the family❤️When we hear the bells clanking on the roof we know it’s go time. Papa is dressed in Full Santa gear! We have done this since our kiddos were born…..My boys and my nephews are all a little older older now but the excitement still fills the air in the entire house. Santa passes out one small gift to each kiddos and chats with them. A tradition that will be passed on and on to a the kiddos❤️
            Thank you for allowing me to share ☺️