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I mean… this is a pretty Ah-mazing DEAL!!  Look at how good the Forever 21 version is??  I’ve been wearing this beauty around LA the past two weeks and I have never received SO many compliments on a jacket!  AND people can’t believer its F21.  This rose and studded beauty is on another level and the faux leather feels soft and lush.  If you’re wanting to put together a rocker-chic outfit , this is THE perfect addition.  Get it, girllllllll!


splurge vs. steal_rose jacket


My Givenchy BLUSH beauty is my favorite warm-weather bag.  Let’s be honest, you guys know I’m obsessed with BLUSH so once I saw this color, I knew I needed it!  It was the best SPLURGE worthy bag I’ve ever purchased – quality, color and size.  It’s ALL perfection!  I will say since I bought it over a year ago so many more brands have come out with blush versions of their own.  The good news is, YOU can get the look for LESS!  Yay!! Below is a Rebecca Minkoff version that is equally as beautiful!  Give her a whirl!


splurge vs steal_givenchy handbag


Alright, alright, alright… this blazin’ HOT jacket is EVERYTHING!!  It looks SO fancy, chic and BOSS ladishhhh 😉  OH and the DEAL version is $96!!  YAS please!!  Unlike a handbag, I do not usually splurge on my clothes unless it is a classic wardrobe must-have.  I tend to shop the deals and fast-fashion retailers so I can get new items every seasons.  BUT… I will say a Bailman blazer is SO worth the SPLURGE.  It will live in your closet and fashion history FOREVER!  If you’re not ready to make the jump (like me), grab this Palermo beauty to get the look for less! (also come in black)


splurge vs steal_blazer



Ok, if you have been living under a rock this past winter season, than you haven’t seen the OTK (over-the-knee) boot trend.  These babies have been everywhere and I’ve worn my DEAL version a million times!  The SW splurge version are beautiful but if you don’t want to break the bank and still get the look, check out Steve Madden.  This brand has THE best boot selection to get the look for less.  See below!

spluge vs. steal_otk boots


IRO (50% off!) || VEGAN JACKET

I just want to live in a land of BLUSH… like, pretty please!!!  I am ALL about leather jackets – they are THE perfect layering piece as you can wear them the majority of the year.  Since this pretty pink hue has been so popular and basically become the new neutral, I NEEDED to find a faux version.  This DEAL option is right around $100!  YAY!!

splurge vs steal blush jacket

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