New House Update \ Why We’ve Decided to Wait to Build

26 03

Hey hey, guys! Today I want to give you an update on our new home. We planned to break ground this summer BUT things have changed. There are SO many reasons and today I’m going to share with y’all.

Let me first say, if you are planning to build this year, the cards are stacked against you. I’d recommend waiting and here are the TWO main reasons: cost of materials and supply chain. AND when I say this, I mean in EVERYTHING!

Material cost for lumber, steel, stone… this list goes on and on, is at an all time high. To put it into perspective, Luke and I built a home 5 years ago, and today the cost is DOUBLE per sq. ft. Say whaaaaat?!! Yes, it’s absolutely crazy. We understand prices shift and things go up however the current market is insane. We’ve continued to ask ourselves, why would we build at the highest time in history?

The other huge piece of the puzzle is supply chain: appliances, hardware, fixtures, countertops, furniture, etc. Things now have giant lead times, are sitting on shipping containers and in some cases stopped production. A lot of this issue has to do with Covid. It is just going to take time for everything to be operating smoothly again.

I am in the middle of prepping for our current home kitchen remodel, which I started planning a year ago, and I’ve still run into issues. We may not have our fridge/freezer in June even though I ordered it last September! I’ve heard Subzero stopped taking orders at the moment. This alone made me rethink if it was the right time to build our new place. There are SO many moving pieces when building. If things get delayed it screws up everything, takes longer to build and inevitably spending even more money. Nah thanks!

We’ve come to the conclusion it’s just not the right time. We are in NO hurry, so ya, we are waiting and hoping we can break ground next year. We will most likely put our road in and start landscaping this year, preparing the land for our home. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Great content ! Looking to build my final home not in Illinois … not sure where but look forward to following your journey