We Bought An Airstream!

16 07

Airstream Details

Hey y’all! Yupppp, we bought an Airstream! For those of you who aren’t familiar, an Airstream is a brand of travel trailer. On today’s post I’ll be sharing the deets about our beaut and answering many of the questions you guys asked me on Instagram.

We are new to the RV life, however Luke has camped his entire life, and I grew up traveling with my Grandparents in their 5th wheel. We both have very fond memories of the great outdoors and this is one of the many reasons why we moved to Idaho too!

After having a baby AND Covid, we started to discuss ways in which we could explore different areas. With an RV we can essentially have a mini home on wheels with ALL of the baby stuff and stay safe! Luke and I love adventures and this is a way we can do it.

Having our own Airstream is a HUGE learning. We’ve currently been on the road for three days and have already figured out SO many things. I will be writing posts on specific topics: RV essentials, how to travel with a baby, boondocking vs. plug-in camping and more! Below I’ve answered a few of the general questions about our Airstream.

Airstream/RV Questions

Why an Airstream?

We first started looking at sprinter van options but came to the conclusion that we wanted a bigger situation for the baby to sleep, cook and hangout. We quickly moved to looking into travel trailers as we wanted something to pull, not a motor home. Luke started talking to friends who have Airstreams and he heard nothing but great feedback. We also did a bunch of research and liked the size options, configuration, storage, efficiency and the fact we could be “off the grid” for over a week+ (more about this below).

What Kind of Airstream do you have?

Flying Cloud 27FB w/ a hatch door at the back (new feature). More details here including the exact floor plan we selected. We went with the darker finish for seating – truffle ultraleather. I thought it would wear better.

Is it new or used?

We purchased ours new.

Where did you buy your Airstream?

We ended up finding the Airstream we wanted from a dealer in Seattle. Details here.

What are you using to tow the Airstream?

Unfortunately our current SUVs were not heavy enough and did not have the towing capacity to pull the Airstream. This is why we got a truck. Luke did A LOT of research to find a solid vehicle to tow the trailer. We ended up going with a 2,500 RAM truck with the extended cab. I will say, it’s SO legit!! Great for traveling long distances with a baby/kids, there’s A LOT of space inside the cab and we can barely even tell we are pulling a giant trailer. I suggest going with a truck vs. a SUV. This is because we throw SO much stuff in the back of the truck. You don’t want the interior of your vehicle to get beat up. Having the extended cab in the truck has plenty of room!

What is Ford’s sleeping situation?

I received this specific question A LOT. He is sleeping in his Nuna travel pack and play. This option is SO easy to use, folding up and down seamlessly! There is plenty of room in the trailer. It’s just like if he is at home in his nursery… well, kind of! 😉 We use a baby monitor (this one), turn on his portable white noise machine and pull down the blind to make it dark. He’s been napping/sleeping great! As I mentioned above, I will be doing a dedicated post about ALL THE THINGS baby when traveling in an RV.

How do you deal with waste, water, etc.?

The Airstream comes with three tanks: gray (shower/sink), black (toilet) and drinking. We (Luke lol) dump the gray and black water when they are full via a hose. It’s pretty simple. When it comes to clean drinking water, we bring back up water in the truck… JIC 😉

Where do you camp and how do you select sites?

As I said above, we are learning! So far, we’ve done both boondocking and plugged in camping. We’ve used a few apps to help select our sites. My most favorite one is Hip Camp! It’s essentially like Airbnb but for private land. We legit just found an apple orchard to put our trailer on! I’m SO excited! This app will give you all of the info you need: RV size, tent sites, pet friendly, drinking water, amp plug-in and more. The other two apps we have been using are The Dyrt and Allstays. These have both public and private campgrounds listed.

What is boondocking?

Boondocking means you are off the grid and not plugged into power. We can easily do this with our Airstream. It has a propane tank for heat, oven/stove, hot water and the refrigerator. The solar panels on the roof recharge the battery. This keeps our lights and power outlets operational. As I mentioned above, we also have water tanks. Depending on how much you use, this will dictate how long you can boondock. To use the A/C you need to be plugged into a power source. This is why we purchased two generators equalling 30 amps to run one of the two air units. This was important to us as we have baby Ford and need to make sure he stays cool during the warmer months.

What are RV essentials?

Well… the list is LONG! I am currently working on a specific post. Stay tuned!

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