My Nighttime Wellness Routine \ 10 Healthy Habits

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After the kiddos go to bed it’s ME time! Today I want to share my nighttime wellness routine and why I do what I do! And LBH, I have two young kids and it’s go, go, go the majority of the time, however I choose to make THIS a priority. I’m so grateful I do because I feel good the majority of the time! Give yourself the gift of healthy daily habits, y’all. It really makes ALL the difference.

You’ll notice many of my nightly habits help prepare my body for the best night sleep. If you don’t get adequate Zs it can effect EVERYTHING. I take mine VERY seriously (lol) and cherish every wink I get. This is also why I have an Oura ring to track it – see my blog post on it here!

Let’s get into it…

10 Healthy Nighttime Habits

[1] Dim/turn off lights in the house – I start to do this as the sun goes down. This sends signals to my brain that it is time to wind down, get ready for sleep and start melatonin production (sleep hormone). I’ve learned the benefits of using light to optimize health by listening to many podcasts. This one is my favorite: Huberman Lab – Using Light for Health.

[2] Hydration – I fill up my HUGE bottle with water and a Pique B-T Fountain pack (beauty electrolyte). I find that I am ALWAYS trying to drink more water so I make it a habit to have a pack every night in my water. It’s great for your skin, very hydrating for the bod and tastes yummy!

[3] Sauna OR epsom salt bath – I LOVE to heat up my body in preparation for sleep, release toxins and relax. This is one of my favorite things to do to wind down after the kiddos are asleep. If I’m taking a bath I make sure to use epsom salt (magnesium) to help release toxins and help sore muscles.

We created a wellness space about 6 months ago including a traditional sauna. I know, I’m VERY lucky! It’s the best thing we ever did! Details about the Finnleo sauna I have and the entire room on this post.

[4] Light face mask – before applying skincare, I use a red/blue light mask to help with redness, blemishes and fine lines. Only takes three minutes a night! This is the one I have: DRx SpectraLite Faceware Pro.

[5] Skincare – hydration is the name of the game in the evening. I have a blog post on what I do in the evening here!

[6] Red light in my bedroom – As I mentioned above I start to dim the lights at sundown. When it is dark, I turn on the red light in the lamp next to my bed. I try to stay away from bright lights so I get better sleep. These are the bulbs I have.

[7] Off of my phone between 7-8PM – this gives me at least an hour with NO blue light before bed. Yes, I go to bed around 9! So important to stay on the same sleeping schedule for your circadian rhythm.

[8] Typically NO TV – this allows Luke and I time to talk, connect on the day or listen to a podcast. If we do watch something we make sure to turn it off with time to relax before bed.

[9] Lavender roller – I apply on my nose and temple just before bed. I find it very calming. This is the essential oil set I have.

[10] Prayer/Gratitude – I LOVE this habit and it really puts me in a great space right before I close my eyes. Sometimes this is prayer and other times it is in the form of writing in my journal or a guided meditation. Do what works for you!

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